Pre-Tournament Euro 2020 Best XI: Cristiano Ronaldo or Karim Benzema? | ESPN FC 

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ESPN FC’s Janusz Michallik joins Kay Murray to preview Euro 2020 and everything surrounding the tournament.

0:00 Janusz’s pre-tournament starting XI (in no particular order): Kylian Mbappe, Robert Lewandowski, Karim Benzema, Nicolo Barella, N’Golo Kante, Kevin De Bruyne, Kieran Tierney, Antonio Rudiger, Ruben Dias, Fernando Llorente and Gianluigi Donnarumma
2:30 Kay runs through her XI, which included differences of Cristiano Ronaldo, Luka Modric, Robin Gosens, Joao Cancelo, Matthijs de Ligt and Thibaut Courtois.
5:00 Explaining why Rudiger makes Janusz’s lineup.
7:57 Why Donnarumma or Courtois is a perfect choice at goalkeeper.

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10-Iyn, 2021



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Alama Austin
Alama Austin 3 kun oldin
Same with cr7
Satvik Mohan
Satvik Mohan 7 kun oldin
After watching ronaldo's brace , he really does know how to make ppl who underestimate him into clowns ..
Tinashe Victor Sibanda
Espn font like Ronaldo at all
des2018 10 kun oldin
the GOAT about to deliver again in the big moments
JDDC 9447
JDDC 9447 10 kun oldin
The amount of disrespect on Ronaldo is just absurd picking Benzema over Ronaldo should be a crime also no Bruno on the the XI is stupid!!
Don 10 kun oldin
I love media and people when they see Ronaldo as finished. They will get answers as usual
Damon Ashley
Damon Ashley 10 kun oldin
Ronaldo > Pessi
Maddox Guy
Maddox Guy 11 kun oldin
Kat we all know u r Madridista... nothing to be ashamed of that...just say it
Disaster Artist
Disaster Artist 11 kun oldin
Donnarruma better than Neuer...seriously
Amazing One
Amazing One 11 kun oldin
Though Benzema is a great player, not superior than Ronaldo yet. And even there is no place for B Fernandes. It doesn't sound perfect squad.
sam sam
sam sam 11 kun oldin
in any best XI i put Benzema first and rest follow he is team player with talent and quality ,well complete player what u need in team football is team sport
Hen Of mayhem
Hen Of mayhem 11 kun oldin
These two’s chemistry is smitten
Midya Housepian
Midya Housepian 11 kun oldin
This is actually what CR7 likes. So he can shut up his haters again and again and again
noMirakuru 11 kun oldin
"haters" yikes
Saeed Khan
Saeed Khan 11 kun oldin
Why is it called EURO 2020??
Yxxngkid Tr7
Yxxngkid Tr7 11 kun oldin
exactly Cristiano will always be there for the big stages so let the haters chit chat 😤😈👊🔥🔥🔥
Zib Ndix
Zib Ndix 11 kun oldin
Ronaldo is an absolute beast.
One Piece
One Piece 11 kun oldin
niajs619 11 kun oldin
Both picking Lewandowski really he will play for poland not for Bayern Munich he needs a team that can build opportunity for him and this poland is not gonna do that
MarkanVaran7 11 kun oldin
Modric and Ronaldo >>> everyone
CVM Gaming
CVM Gaming 11 kun oldin
No shaw no bruno no stones no laporte no varane but rudiger is in the first guys..... what am i seeing. Plus gosens over shaw... 🤮
mohd ramish
mohd ramish 12 kun oldin
People make mistake when they don't count CR7 . Cristiano gone prove all wrong
Sabarna sarkar
Sabarna sarkar 12 kun oldin
Bro barella >Fernandes🤣
CBCV VMALKF 12 kun oldin
Benzema on the wing what?
Tushar Namboodiri
Tushar Namboodiri 12 kun oldin
I have no idea why pundits keep underrating ronaldo now a days.
Alex 1394
Alex 1394 12 kun oldin
When the tournament is over you will heare ESPN you can never rule Cristiano Ronaldo out because he score more goals and performance is better that the other they chose over him. Like always they want view mentioned Ronaldo in the title and you get it.
Anish 12 kun oldin
I don't know why Bruno is not in either of the eleven🙄
Abhinav Lal
Abhinav Lal 12 kun oldin
So I just came to know that Kate worked at Real Madrid, wo did Dan. So ESPN is hiring ex Real Madrid tv employees.
Sebastian Simon
Sebastian Simon 12 kun oldin
Lewandowski Mbappé Ronaldo / De Bruyne or Fernandes Kanté Kimmich / Gosens De Ligt Dias Cancelo / Neuer
Sebastian Simon
Sebastian Simon 12 kun oldin
Kimmich is missing in those XIs
Real Madrid
Real Madrid 12 kun oldin
Why not both? Put mbappe in the midfield
Bryson Frank
Bryson Frank 12 kun oldin
Not a single Kimmich?
Tymko C
Tymko C 12 kun oldin
Italian center backs aren't the youngest, could be their weak point. English ones, Maguire and Dier in particular, aren't mobile but they're good at raising their arms right away and shouting for offside to refs when they get beat by pacey attackers (like in the Belgium friendly recently). Lewy has been great for Poland in qualifying over the years but in big tournaments he's not nearly been even good so it's his chance to shine in this year's Euros.
MrMishal03 12 kun oldin
He’s low-key flirting with her
Luke Watchorn
Luke Watchorn 12 kun oldin
How Modric makes it into this team is beyond me.
MarkanVaran7 11 kun oldin
best midfielder of 2021
AKhanal2 12 kun oldin
Why is kimmich not in
Amith Tatineni
Amith Tatineni 12 kun oldin
The disrespect to Muller and Cristiano is outrageous
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
I think people are allowed to choose their own line-ups without having to include an ageing has-been who's way past his best (Ronaldo). Muller I don't think has a god given right to be in someone's best 11 either. Which country do you live in? Is it a dictatorship? Do you like dictatorships?
stevie best-ferreira
That line up shows he ain't got a clue about football
Petya Klipo
Petya Klipo 11 kun oldin
And you do, gtfo.
kanish shyam
kanish shyam 12 kun oldin
Giroud will be starting for them instead of benzema who hasn't played with them for 6 years + and this moron is saying he's gonna have great tournament... Right now there is no competition or players in Real Madrid so he is the main man but he isn't main man for France come-on what kinda stupid argument is that.... He was in service or second fiddle to Cristiano Ronaldo because of somebody scored 451 goals in 438 games for Real Madrid let's not mention ucl campaign heroics every season... He wasn't playing second fiddle to some random guy it's Cristiano Ronaldo..... Giroud will get pick over benzema let alone cr7
Ali Babar
Ali Babar 12 kun oldin
In some videos Kay Murray is thin while in some videos Kay Murray looks really fat on ESPN UK and ESPN FC.Can anyone tell me why?
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
She was pregnant, as MrMishal03 said, and she recently gave birth to her new child.
MrMishal03 12 kun oldin
She’s just come out of pregnancy
Ali Babar
Ali Babar 12 kun oldin
Janusz looks like the hero of Back To The Future trilogy.
Ali Babar
Ali Babar 10 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker Shut up.Only you commented no one else.Therein lies a clue Mr Know It All.
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 10 kun oldin
@Ali Babar What do you think I was looking at, his hands? They look nothing like each other, and nobody else agrees with your comment either, so there lies a clue.
Ali Babar
Ali Babar 12 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker Look carefully at their faces.There lies the clue.
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
suraj Kumar
suraj Kumar 12 kun oldin
This guy should be featured more talks sense
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
Russel Stephan
Russel Stephan 12 kun oldin
I think she the only one that picked Ronaldo out of all the whole ESPN pundits
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 10 kun oldin
@ratikant rout How do you work that out? I have nothing to cry about. You'll be crying because your precious idol is on his way out of top level football. He will not have a good season next season, mark my words.
ratikant rout
ratikant rout 10 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker why would I be crying kid.i think u are the one who cries urself to sleep
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 10 kun oldin
@ratikant rout You will be crying so hard next season when Ronaldo proves to the world he's finished. He is on the deline, it's so obvious, he's done.
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 10 kun oldin
@Zib Ndix Nope, he scored 36 goals and a third of those were pens! You'll see next season, his decline is real and very obvious. It will soon be time to for you to find a new idol to worship.
Zib Ndix
Zib Ndix 11 kun oldin
Brandon Harker 40 goals this season, past what exactly
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 12 kun oldin
Giroud is better
Be Humble
Be Humble 12 kun oldin
They just made sure CR7 is in contention with Benzema to put his name on the title for more views . We know you ESPN FC.
Thee Elite
Thee Elite 12 kun oldin
It’s shame people said Benzema over Ronaldo like why y’all so want Ronaldo’s downfall
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 9 kun oldin
@Sebastian Simon I agree, Italy have some great players and the national team is doing very well at the moment which obviously has lots of players in it from Serie A. However, the gulf between how good the league used to be and how good it is now is massive. Italian teams used to dominate European competitions, every year. They haven't done that now for 10 years. Check the history, no Italian team has won any European Trophy for years now. It is sad but the league has been in decline for some time, today the Italian game is widely regarded as a slow-paced and very defensive game. you just have to look at the AC Milan teams of the past, look at Inter of the past, Roma. These teams are quite easy to beat now and do not strike fear into their opponents the way they used to do, not even close. I'm not gloating because I like Italian football and have nothing against the league and would like to see Italian football reach the heights it is historically known for but everyone inside the game knows Serie A is not what it used to be, it's miles off it.
Sebastian Simon
Sebastian Simon 9 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker I get your point but I think it's not fair to say this about Serie A. Look at those players who play in top in Italy. They are world class players. Lukaku, Immobile, Donnarumma, Ronaldo, Chiesa, Dybala, Lautaro, Hakimi and so on
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 10 kun oldin
@Sebastian Simon Sure, Ronaldo could still perform fairly well in a retirement league like MLS or Serie A (sad to say that about a once-great league like Serie A). Just like Ibrahimovic though, he can't still do it at the top level. It's all about perspective. A player from Doncaster Rovers can look like Maradona in a pub league team, and have awesome stats by the end of the season.
Sebastian Simon
Sebastian Simon 10 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker Ibrahimovic played greatly at age 39. I don't see why CR wouldn't if he maintains his determination and if he stays injury-free
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 10 kun oldin
@Sebastian Simon Yes he's done, and it we will be very obvious next season.
Liam Firkin
Liam Firkin 12 kun oldin
This some sort of joke.
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
Maybe you're just taking it way too seriously.
Ryan Welling
Ryan Welling 12 kun oldin
Kimmich over kante or modric
MarkanVaran7 11 kun oldin
First Plays
First Plays 12 kun oldin
De bruyne is always there and never does nothing, never wins anything elite, and no, Premier league is not elite and he was also never the reason for city winning it. Did he play the FA cup semi final? Champions League final?
Hitokiri Battousai
Hitokiri Battousai 12 kun oldin
Playing Kante as the only holding midfielder, horrible choice
Nina 12 kun oldin
Benzema not even better than Giroud
Ryan Maragh
Ryan Maragh 11 kun oldin
Do you even watch futbol? lol
Benj James
Benj James 12 kun oldin
Gk- neuer Lb- shaw cb- Dias cb - Varane rb- cancelo mid - de bruyne mid - kimmich mid - kante fwd -lewandowski fwd- Kane fwd - mbappe
Samuel Ricketts
Samuel Ricketts 12 kun oldin
One of Ronaldo’s worst seasons is the same if not better than one of Benzenas best that’s all I’m saying
Benj James
Benj James 12 kun oldin
Luke shaw without doubt is better than tierney and goosens. Neuer is better than courtouis and Donnaruma. And picking rudiger is just mad
Nader Manna
Nader Manna 12 kun oldin
Jordi Alba as Left back
A P 12 kun oldin
dont call me a hater but i personally dont think ronaldo will have a good tournament , if portugal goes far bruno fernandes and diogo jota will play an important role , its my thoughts , would love to hear ur thoughts as well
Pratik Chiku
Pratik Chiku 12 kun oldin
They won't add ronaldo in the XI but put a big thumbnail of him...ESPN Clowns..
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
@Quipfire Absolute nonsense. Ronaldo can't even dribble past players anymore! You're delusional.
Quipfire 12 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker A 36 year old Ronaldo is better than each nad every player they put there
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
Yeah so that all you Indian plastic fans who worship him like a god will watch the video. Your fault for being idol worshippers of narcissistic football players. You are enjoying Kaliyuga too much 😂
Mauricio Ramirez
Mauricio Ramirez 12 kun oldin
FW: Benzema LW: Ronaldo RW: Mbappe CM: Barella CAM: Debruyne CDM: Kante LB: Chilwell RB: Walker CB: Dias CB: Stones GK: Donnarumma
Schokobär Japo
Schokobär Japo 12 kun oldin
Donnarumma better then Neuer ?
JAMES JOHN 12 kun oldin
😂😂😂 this is a joke .I'd pick GIROUD over Benzema and I'm a fan of Benzema
Arun K
Arun K 11 kun oldin
@Leude 99 I don't think so Giroud is a better match to that team than Benzema.And CR in international level is not consistent. Every tournament two good games below average in rest.
Jean-Yves Martin
Jean-Yves Martin 11 kun oldin
France played much better with Benzema until he got hurt in the last match than they did when Giroud came in...but then..Giroud scored 2 goals..so i dont know anymore....
Leude 99
Leude 99 11 kun oldin
Picking Giroud over Benzema is even more stupid than choosing Benz over Ronaldo
Shuvxm 12 kun oldin
The disrespect to Ronaldo. ESPN disrespect him any chance they get
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 5 kun oldin
@Shuvxm They do work hard, I agree, but they are still privileged to do what they love to do and to get paid more in a week than an average person earns in a year while they're doing it. Players of the past also worked very hard and did not get the silly wages they earn today and so were less privileged. I work hard too like many other people who are not fortunate enough to be multi-millionaires for being good at a game! They're just footballers, playing a sport at the end of the day, they're not real heroes. Good for you if you support a team, just seems like many Ronaldo fans only support him, which I don't think is what football is all about really.
Shuvxm 5 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker first of all just because I support my favourite player doesn’t mean I don’t support a team I’m a big fan of Real Madrid even after Ronaldo left and athletes are not over privileged they worked hard to get to where they are today
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 5 kun oldin
@Shuvxm You should support a team not a player. Football is a team sport not a celebrity worshipping platform! You can enjoy the sport without idolizing privileged and vastly overpaid athletes!
Shuvxm 5 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker u can clearly see that I am a boy and being a fan and supporting a player doesn’t make me a fan girl
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
The fangirlism is real! Cry baby cry.
Jude Titus
Jude Titus 12 kun oldin
Cristiano compared to a fraud like Benzema!!!
Priyank Shah
Priyank Shah 12 kun oldin
Guys always ingnore espn FC crew's comments on Ronaldo because they hate him like crazy and they will never show any respect for him if he plays one game bad they will criticize him like crazy and when he wins seria a top scorer no one has even mentioned it in any show they are just******###🤬
Quipfire 12 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker Ronaldo is better than all of the player in this euros except Mbappe. You hate to see the truth because of the hatred you have for him. Ronaldo is more than just goals. Benzema, Lewondoski and griezmann are just goalscorers.
Quipfire 12 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker you are a cold blooded Ronaldo hater. The problem is that Ronaldo is a Alpha male. People like you are frustrated with yourself as you can't get a GF and that you will die a virgin. Ronaldo is quite clearly the best player in the Euros after Mbappe. Ronaldo is a Far better player than Benzema, griezmann or any other player. Ronaldo is not what he used to be but he is still a top 3 player in the world. Ronaldo is a better dribbler and creator than mbappe or griezmann. He is better than Lewondoski as Ronaldo is a very good dribbler. People like you are the reason Ronaldo is hated so much. Spreading false agenda. If Ronaldo is not in your best 11 then you are not worthy to have a opinion.
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
@Quipfire No, you don't care about his football performance because clearly he is not as good as he used to be and everyone knows that except you idol worshippers who will never admit it because you have to 'defend' Ronaldo, not even from criticism, merely just because someone chose not to pick Ronaldo in his best 11. Stop to think about that. How pathetic, right? And I think the guy in this video can choose who he wants, it is not the law that he has to select Ronaldo, and all the Ronaldo fangirls crying about his choice are not proper football supporters. They turn this sport into a soap opera with all this pathetic emotional attachment to players. This is not part of our beautiful game, it did not used to be like this, it is a product of plastic fans who do not understand our sport properly. We grew up having our favourite players but it was never like this. Football is a team game, not a celebrity worshipping contest. People are missing something deep from their lives to pour so much adoration into f****** football players. Something is deeply wrong.
Quipfire 12 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker we don't care if he is the most arrogant human in history. What we care about is his footballing performance. And he is quite clearly the greatest there.
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
I read your name and I knew your comment was going to be about Penaldo. It's a team game, you're not meant to worship individual players like gods, that's not what the sport is about mate, sorry you didn't get that memo. This is not a new religion for you, or some weird celebrity worship platform, it's a sport where men kick a bag of wind around a field. And of all the footballers, you worship the most nacissistic one of them all! Horrible choice young man. You are another one who is enjoying Kaliyuga too much!
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson 12 kun oldin
Notice De Bruyne is included in both but Harry Kane is not
Roy Pontes
Roy Pontes 12 kun oldin
CR7 Lewandowski Benzema would be lethal too
Ayturk Efendi
Ayturk Efendi 12 kun oldin
Neuer llorente varane hummels shaw kroos modric Kdb lewa mbappe Ronaldo
Saiyan Prince
Saiyan Prince 12 kun oldin
Brace yourself for angry 3rd worlders,complaining in the comment section why he chose Benzema over Ronaldo.
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
@Quipfire Who the "best players in the world" are is subjective, down to personal opinion. Most sensible people would agree Messi is the best because it's obvious, but after that, it's about personal opinion. You put Mbappe 2nd, a lot of other people wouldn't. It's opinion, not fact. Ronaldo _was_ the one of the best players in the world but he's not even the best in his position anymore. He's still consistently good but not the player he was. If people could see past the idol worshipping they would recognize this fact, therefore he should be rated based upon his current abilities, not what he could do yesterday, that is logic. Otherwise we may as well say Pele is still the best footballer alive today, but clearly Pele is very old now and cannot do what he used to do, and nor can Ronaldo.
Quipfire 12 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker if it was logical then it would have been OK. Ronaldo even at 36 is a more talented players then griezmann, Benzema or anyone. Ronaldo is currently the third best player in the world after Messi and Mbappe.
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
@Samuel Ricketts It's not about giving respect, it's not a charity for elderly football players! They're trying to pick the current best players in their positions from the Euros teams. We do not yet fully live in a dictatorship where everyone has to all agree on the same thing, people are still allowed to have their own opinions mate, enjoy it while it lasts and grow up.
Samuel Ricketts
Samuel Ricketts 12 kun oldin
No it’s just anoying when ppl don’t give a legendary player the respect he deserves
Ayturk Efendi
Ayturk Efendi 12 kun oldin
Modric and kroos start. Varane and Hummels at centre back
Steffen Ljosheim
Steffen Ljosheim 12 kun oldin
This guy is pretty goated at ESPN
Jaime Garcia
Jaime Garcia 12 kun oldin
You could make a pretty good XI using a combination of France and Portugal.
noMirakuru 11 kun oldin
@Tespri don't forget penandes to score the pens after penaldo dives
Tespri 11 kun oldin
I want to use penaldo in case we need a diver
JordanKnowsWell 12 kun oldin
I'd still have Ronaldo over Benzema and Griezman in my opinion but Griezman for France is a different animal to, so depends on the context
Danny DiLullo
Danny DiLullo 12 kun oldin
Would you have Cristiano in it? Just simply curious
F. K. Tribe
F. K. Tribe 12 kun oldin
How do you not include Kimmich in any Top 11?
Dazza 12 kun oldin
Are Portugal gonna get out that group? Who's more likely to drop points against Hungary? Portugal?
Rohan Campbell
Rohan Campbell 12 kun oldin
You a bet😏
Johnny English
Johnny English 12 kun oldin
Put this one in Extra Time!!!
Vipul Sehgal
Vipul Sehgal 12 kun oldin
Tierney really above lucas Hernandez raphael guerreiro Ben chilwell luke shaw gosens my god janusz really need to think about his team
Vipul Sehgal
Vipul Sehgal 12 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker yeah no doubt but from recent form i said but yeah Robertson also Is in the category
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
Andy Robertson is better than all those second rate names you just rattled off!
Vipul Sehgal
Vipul Sehgal 12 kun oldin
Janusz puts benzema over ronaldo I know benzema has been brilliant no doubt for the past 2 seasons but really ronaldo carried juve for 2 seasons scoring almost 40% of their goals and in such a team that creates almost nothing whereas real madrid still has kroos modric ascensio who create much more for their forwards. And cancelo also should be there so kay selection was better
sam sam
sam sam 11 kun oldin
since Ronaldo come to Juve , Juve has become average team and lost its DNA Juve its big team as team not 1player team there is bigger player who passed through Juve and were great than him because they were team players
Vipul Sehgal
Vipul Sehgal 11 kun oldin
@im a worm before i am man I am not saying that but even chiesa and kulu had many times taken their chances on goal when they had ronaldo in free space its about decision making in final third if one has confidence then he will try a shot but juve were not able to plan anything on the arrival of ronaldo they sold great players so it's not his fault. If messi takes huge money from barca so these players pay every penny by giving their best but u have to have a structure behind every decision u make. But I was talking about ronaldo should be included in the squad that's it.
im a worm before i am man
@Vipul Sehgal dude, Im not hating Ronaldo. I've been a juve fan for more than 2 decades and had never seen player this dominant playing for our club. But Ronaldo tend to try tonfinish the chances himself when other players were in much better position. He often lost possesion during the counter and i cant tell you that Chiesa and Kulusevski, also Cuadrado tried their best to serve him. He only made 2 assist in Serie-A (correct me if im wrong). This is not related to technical or statictic but his salary is waay too big for Juve in this pandemic condition. He better leave so Juve could star over
Vipul Sehgal
Vipul Sehgal 11 kun oldin
@im a worm before i am man ego its confidence and players are not playing for him every player plays for the club if u ask ronaldo he will say I want to win collective trophies benzema has been great and great means for him 30 goals a season ronaldo scored 40 and its bad season for him acc to his standards even messi had a bad season acc to their standards so u can see who's better and one plays for a team who hardly creates and other plays with creative players in midfield.
im a worm before i am man
Benzema has been brilliant cuz the absence of Ronaldo. Now Juve players have to play for him. And his ego is as big as the fooking moon. I hope he leave for good next season
Ybier Nie
Ybier Nie 12 kun oldin
A lot of Ronaldo haters here....wow
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
It's a response to all the penaldo fangirls in the place, crying tears of bitter (perceived) injustice. Boo-hoo!
Neymar the golden boy
Courtois, Cancelo, Dias, Rudiger, Lucas Hernández, Kante, Kimmich, De Bruyne, Griezmann, Mbappe, Lewandowski. Diamond formation.
Schokobär Japo
Schokobär Japo 12 kun oldin
Thank you
Raisul Islam
Raisul Islam 12 kun oldin
Ronaldo Lewandowski Mbappe De Bruyne Kimmich Kante Alaba Rudiger Dias Cancelo Neuer
Jacob Bekele
Jacob Bekele 12 kun oldin
Mate don’t just go off the best players you have to say who will go far in the tournament. There is no way lewandowski will be in their
JC 20
JC 20 12 kun oldin
Next year Bruno will probably have 60 GA and still get disrespected
noMirakuru 11 kun oldin
He'll ghost as always
Thomas Wu
Thomas Wu 12 kun oldin
Probably didn’t get picked cuz he has a poor streak in international competitions. Looking for him to be the focal point of the Portuguese attack this year
Benfica Eusebio
Benfica Eusebio 12 kun oldin
True, unfortunately. He was incredible yesterday.
Tabher Khan
Tabher Khan 12 kun oldin
Espn pundit naming Lewandowski in best XI as he's going to play with Bayern Munich players in Poland team 😂 stupid media
EMST3N 12 kun oldin
It’s about individuals not teams 😂 stupid ppl on the internet
malcolm tanhamira
malcolm tanhamira 12 kun oldin
i feel like Janusz is flirting with Kay lool
Luis Guzman
Luis Guzman 12 kun oldin
My man's is going to risk his job 😂😂
Rajeep Thapa
Rajeep Thapa 12 kun oldin
Comparing Interplanetary Rocket ship 🚀(Ronaldo) with Field Tractor 🚜(Benzema)
Itachi uchiha
Itachi uchiha 12 kun oldin
These idiots after one week will be praising Ronaldo again 🤣🤣
S S 12 kun oldin
Cancelo> llorente CR7> Benzema And where is Bruno?
S S 10 kun oldin
@noMirakuru Bruno wont take the pens for Portugal
noMirakuru 11 kun oldin
practicing pens
matthew jennings
matthew jennings 12 kun oldin
More anti English on here how is Shaw or Chilwell not at lb or James or walker rb. Foden should be in there also.
Jluyoungzone 11 kun oldin
It's not anti English to think other players are better, calm down. Kay Murray is English so I doubt she's anti English. I am a bit surprised by their left/right back picks though, I agree with you there. Llorente isn't even a proper right back, and I think I would probably have Shaw/Chilwell over Gosens/Tierney
Gs 7
Gs 7 12 kun oldin
Lewandowski is most overrated player ever.. He is not at the same level as Kane lukaku aur benzema.. He never scored for Poland in big stage...
mohammed sani ayaz
mohammed sani ayaz 12 kun oldin
i mean rudiger.... seriously
mohammed sani ayaz
mohammed sani ayaz 12 kun oldin
most rubbish best XI ever seen
mohammed sani ayaz
mohammed sani ayaz 12 kun oldin
@Neymar the golden boy already done
Neymar the golden boy
Pick yours
James 12 kun oldin
Where is Kimmich best midfielder and and RB in the world
Warren Odukoya
Warren Odukoya 12 kun oldin
Wait did he put Marcos Llorente at RB. Is this guy high ????
ojas singh
ojas singh 12 kun oldin
@Brandon Harker ok so why are u commenting on football like a boss. If u dont anything about laliga then stfu and dont put shitty comments like this. Laliga was better than pl this year by miles. Tho its ur opinion hoever stupid it is
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
@ojas singh Can't blame people for not watching shitty La Liga matches! Some people have lives.
ojas singh
ojas singh 12 kun oldin
@rmzidann bro do u realise that marcos llorente is originally a right wing back for athleti? watch laliga ffs
rmzidann 12 kun oldin
No, he’s not. Luis Enrique is using him as a RB! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
ojas singh
ojas singh 12 kun oldin
haha do u even watch football, he plays at rb for spain for like months now.
Amit 12 kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣penaldo 17 years 0.goals against France Italy Belgium England Brazil Uruguay Chile Germany 100 goals vs Lithuania Estonia andora Luxembourg Latvia Qatar israel
Ebens Wise
Ebens Wise 12 kun oldin
Chile? You’re so dumped. Zero understanding of who you’re trying to talk about. Shut up 🤫🤐
More K
More K 12 kun oldin
Funny how you didn't mention spain, just scared to put holes in your argument troll
ERI 619
ERI 619 12 kun oldin
Meanwhile pepsi couldnt even score a tapin for last three years 🤣🤣🤣
Drake Geralds
Drake Geralds 12 kun oldin
Janusz really picked personal favorites No Bruno? But modric?? No Varane? But De ligt?? No Neuer? But Courtois??
Ayturk Efendi
Ayturk Efendi 12 kun oldin
@Rishi V 😂😂😂 Modric has been real Madrid’s best player and bruno doesn’t show up in big games. Modric is miles cleae
Rishi V
Rishi V 12 kun oldin
De Ligt and Courtois make sense. Modric over Bruno doesn’t.
Ayturk Efendi
Ayturk Efendi 12 kun oldin
Probably neuer but modric is miles ahead of Bruno. Varane is clear of de ligt I agree
Cully X
Cully X 12 kun oldin
Yet more ludicrous content
Brandon Harker
Brandon Harker 12 kun oldin
call the cops dude, major crime.
Kimmich The Warrior
Kimmich The Warrior 12 kun oldin
Stop disrespecting Kimmich!
gary lake
gary lake 12 kun oldin
hes nowhere near kante don't even try
gary lake
gary lake 12 kun oldin
Yusef Taylor
Yusef Taylor 12 kun oldin
Lol. If I went to war.
Jerry Dboss
Jerry Dboss 12 kun oldin
It's a script, they know people will react pls don't play into it🤣
Emeke Onwugbonu
Emeke Onwugbonu 12 kun oldin
Kane though!!
o_blackstar 12 kun oldin
Benzema what??? Dude got injured so fast didn’t have time to rate lol what are you doing espn????
ojas singh
ojas singh 12 kun oldin
he isnt injured, man just got a knock ffs
Proteinhead92 12 kun oldin
Cr7 loves when ppl underestimate him!!!!
Tespri 11 kun oldin
@Satyam Singh dead overrated player vs fake maradona that can't leave barcelona vs master of diving and harassing girls, who is the real goat of loser?
Satyam Singh
Satyam Singh 12 kun oldin
@Ashil Maradona will always be the best player for Argentina!!
Satyam Singh
Satyam Singh 12 kun oldin
@Amit It's better to score and win euros against anyone....then to shoot penalty at moon ....and cry and announce fake retirement!!!
Siddharth Roda
Siddharth Roda 12 kun oldin
@Amit better than drawing with chile at last moment😂😂
ehsan_iq 12 kun oldin
@Ashil mighty *Panama 🔥
rmzidann 12 kun oldin
Ronaldo is better goal scorer but Benz is a far better footballer. with respect to hold up play, link up play, creation of the attack, dribbling, passing, and team play, Benz is better. Benz is a 9 1/2, not a no. 9 or 10!
Fancyslimshady 12 kun oldin
Donnarumma >
Piyush K
Piyush K 12 kun oldin
I liked both teams and logic for having certain players 👏🏻 very decent discussion
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