Paulo Fonseca not even Tottenham Hotspur's 4th option for manager - Julien Laurens | ESPN FC 

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ESPN FC's Julien Laurens and Steve Nicol chat with Kay Murray about reports that former AS Roma manager Paulo Fonseca is in advanced negotiations with Tottenham.
0:00 Laurens says Paulo Fonseca has a strong football identity which Tottenham desperately need.
1:20 What hiring Fonseca would mean for Harry Kane's future with Spurs.
2:14 Nicol says the days when the manager ran the show at clubs seems to be over and players seem to have more power and influence.

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10-Iyn, 2021



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Abay Kozybayev
Abay Kozybayev 7 kun oldin
He is Zorro
Anik 8 kun oldin
What is Julien Laurens got to say now lol
Slayer & Liverpool
Slayer & Liverpool 10 kun oldin
I finished 3rd in FIFA Career Mode. I'm ready for my next step... MANAGING A PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM!
The Video Shot
The Video Shot 11 kun oldin
All people laughing don't actually realise that this guy actually has an attacking play style and proper system that he likes to employ. Watch United vs Roma 2nd leg and you will realise how good Roma where (with average players). Needed a super human De Gea to save United. Suits perfectly to Spurs. Let's not act like Spurs is a big club🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ this guy will fit well at Spurs and do good things.
Plus One
Plus One 11 kun oldin
can fonseca compete with the likes of tuchel's, guardiola's and klopp's? NO. Good luck to tottenham! seems like a club with no ambition.
RG _Nald
RG _Nald 11 kun oldin
I’m a Spurs fan and I’m so tired of the way this club is being ran
Rudi Alfian
Rudi Alfian 11 kun oldin
Jose: let see who's gonna get 1st trophy Foncesa : trophy is not our target
Steve N
Steve N 11 kun oldin
Roma got the better end of this swap deal
Patrick Lenihan
Patrick Lenihan 11 kun oldin
They should have moved heaven and Earth to get Bredan Rodgers
Patrick Mulvey
Patrick Mulvey 11 kun oldin
Stevie made the same exact comments that Mourinho made on a recent interview on the SUN website
Pedro Catela
Pedro Catela 11 kun oldin
It's amazing how many people don't know anything about football. Tottenham's problem was not or is the next coach. It's the quality of the players you have.
Marlon Blade
Marlon Blade 11 kun oldin
Stan Gable
Stan Gable 12 kun oldin
Tottenham will finish between 8th and 12th Gauranteed. 60 Mill for Kane, take it or leave it. Otherwise might as well sign Hartland
Lzk_Yungking 12 kun oldin
Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo
This is horrible.. Tottenham should be going for a top coach.. so sad the situation that spurs are in.. ideal coach in my opinion.. (in my opinión).. lol conte or nuno
Black Mamba
Black Mamba 12 kun oldin
Yall underrating Fonseca, he's pretty good.
Pears Morgan
Pears Morgan 9 kun oldin
Jean Jacques Lundi
Jean Jacques Lundi 12 kun oldin
Man these PL fans are pathetic. Zero clue about anything outside their league. But Spurs fans are even worse. What kind of coach do they think they are gonna get exactly? Conte was defensive....wasnt that why you sacked José? I thought you wanted an offensive manager that played beuatiful football.
OBG 12 kun oldin
Anybody can coach spurs
Sam Jerome
Sam Jerome 12 kun oldin
Spurs should go for Eddie Howe
Ricardo Del Rio Govea
Sergio Conceçao a better alternative if they looking for something in that area
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 12 kun oldin
Roma and Spurs are so crappy lol. No ambition. Nuno or Ranieri might end up at Spurs
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali 12 kun oldin
They should just appoint Harry Kane
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali 12 kun oldin
Who is this guy ?
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali 12 kun oldin
Spurs really become a joke of team Kane better leave with bale to Madrid
Juan Louis
Juan Louis 12 kun oldin
Well it seems as if it'll be another circus season for the COYS
T & T
T & T 12 kun oldin
How long until they get to Roy Hodgson?
Themba Wulana
Themba Wulana 12 kun oldin
Mybe spurs should ask Jose back
Andres Linares
Andres Linares 12 kun oldin
Harry Is going away 😂
Signore Santino Burnett
Good move for Spurs. His style suits them.
Ziyad Karim
Ziyad Karim 12 kun oldin
Levy have lost his mind. Sacked Poch and Mou to bring Roma's manager? dud
MS 12 kun oldin
Kane should leave before its too late. By the time his 30s his body wont last. Look how Bale career went from key player to a golf player. Then he even injured himself during golf.
cal c
cal c 12 kun oldin
Great point by Stevie Nichols. With advent of free agency, big money, data analytics, video, and the globalization of talent acquisition, the power has really shifted upstairs.
Arghya Roy
Arghya Roy 12 kun oldin
Why not Dyche
Arghya Roy
Arghya Roy 12 kun oldin
Lavy out🤪🧐😠
veiledheart 12 kun oldin
Spurs has spent so much money to be in the exact same place they always were
he'll do what Levy tells him to do...
Chirpy Wiggins
Chirpy Wiggins 12 kun oldin
Spurs go from one disaster to another! It’s a horrible time to be a supporter of this once great club. The owners are a DISGRACE to football !
King Kong
King Kong 12 kun oldin
Great club ? Huddersfield have more league titles than Tuttingham Snubspuds
AB G 12 kun oldin
Honestly, Fonseca doesnt deserve so much abuse. He is a very good manager, but this is not his fault!!! Spurs should have got in someone else already and Everton or Crystal Palace should have got him by now, both of which didnt happen!!!
Sudays Abdullah
Sudays Abdullah 12 kun oldin
Fonseca is a good manager I mean it
Jay Selby
Jay Selby 12 kun oldin
ESPN London correspondent, your background has a crease on the RH side 🤐
Maxim125 12 kun oldin
Get this woman off the show
It doesn’t matter What your name is
Suck in that oxygen French guy. Breath dude.
warren atherton
warren atherton 12 kun oldin
Ryan mason was the worst caretaker since ian huntley...😂
Mi 1990
Mi 1990 12 kun oldin
With an idea a project and ticks what spurs want. IE cheap and need to continue to work with this dross club as levy does not want to spend. Until enic are removed and levy spurs will do nothing. Disgrace
Tim Ntim
Tim Ntim 12 kun oldin
Regardless of the coach spurs hires Harry Kane will still want to leave. He is 27 and was part of a project which yielded no title winning results. So I doubt he would want to stay for another project which will ultimately yield no trophies.
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington 12 kun oldin
Kane is stuck at Spurs. He will leave to Real Madrid in 2022 with Mbappe as Haaland goes to Man City. But I would have kept Jose if I was spurs and then let him leave naturally with Kane before getting someone new.
King Kong
King Kong 12 kun oldin
@Sara Elmi They can sign him next season
Sara Elmi
Sara Elmi 12 kun oldin
Are you mad man city is not going to sign mbappe and haaland
UnbiasedOpinion 12 kun oldin
Tottenham are headed down a very dangerous path. The type of path we’ve seen Arsenal head down the last few years. I really hope this manager does a great job however I believe he is in for a shock surprise and will get sacked within a season or two max. Reminds me of the Juande Ramos signing…..
Wai Chong
Wai Chong 12 kun oldin
I will support Harry kane and his new team until ENIC fucks of .been laughed at for 20 years wearing my spurs shirt. 60 pounds to see a dusty trophy cabinet. I've had enough.
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin 12 kun oldin
Just go and get Ten Hag or Benitez
American Toff
American Toff 12 kun oldin
This process Levy has dragged us through shows us two things, regardless of if Fonseca does well: First and foremost is that our only ambition is not to be relagated. We have turned into Newcastle, Crystal Palace, we have fallen down to a middle of the table, bottom of the table club. No ambition to win a trophy, not going to compete for titles anywhere, except maybe the Audi cup. Second thing it shows is that Levy is 100% in control of Spurs from top to bottom. The spurs are exactly what Levy wants - average players, average manager that are cheap. We are the 8th most profitable club in the world and we get average players at best. Because Levy knows the spurs fans will accept this farce. Please Spurs fans, DO NOT ACCEPT this. A $2 billion dollar stadium for a average team is not acceptable. Tear up your season tickets, protest.
King Kong
King Kong 12 kun oldin
Lilz Bottleham were never a big club Huddersfield have more league titles than you
Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris 12 kun oldin
This has got to be a joke. Another Juande Ramos journeyman manager. Levy you have lost your mind
Triple A 12LB
Triple A 12LB 12 kun oldin
There was a solar eclipse this morning ...
Miguel 12 kun oldin
Levy seemed pretty pragmatic but not he just looks impatient and all over the place. What's up?
Achyuta Pitale
Achyuta Pitale 12 kun oldin
Rafa Benitez would be brilliant for either Spurs or Arsenal. Especially Spurs. Rafa builds squads, improves youth setups and wants to return to the Premier League.
Christian WAG
Christian WAG 12 kun oldin
Mike mm
Mike mm 12 kun oldin
Spurs should Harry go and get cash plus 2,3 players But Levy, we all know would always think short term..so he will keep Kane and after 2 years Spurs would even fall down further...
PirateRadioDude 12 kun oldin
The only reason why Spurs is talked about as if theyre a big team is because of Poch. He made them into regular CL football contenders but fell short of winning a trophy. We can see Arsenal’s steady decline from a big club to mid table mediocrity in the last 10 years, Spurs on the other hand are just showing their true nature. Now without the players that made Poch’s team great and without Poch himself, Spurs are back to the days of Redknapp’s, Sherwood’s and Villas-Boas’. They’ll be back challenging for 5th to 8th. I can honestly see either one or two of Leicester, Everton, West Ham and Villa overtaking Arsenal and Spurs in the Top 6.
John Macaroni
John Macaroni 12 kun oldin
The 8th Richest football club in world football
D M 12 kun oldin
Hire Klinsmann!
cyrille g
cyrille g 12 kun oldin
I am not so sure that Spurs is the winner… there… mamma mia
gazamidori 12 kun oldin
I kinda understand now why levy sacked mourinho. Levy is very hands on and I'm certain mourinho was having none of that so they didn't have a great working relationship. Levy not happy with the teams performance and mourinhos refusal to listen to his input had decided to sack mourinho at the end of the season in his mind no matter what. But then mourinho reach a final and levy realized that if mourinho won and he sacked him, he might actually be run out of the club so he sacked him before he got to powerful. Unfortunately levy didn't think it through properly and now we are seeing the consequences
John Macaroni
John Macaroni 12 kun oldin
The Boy Hotspur channel goes into detail about the running of Spurs by E-Nick
Blink41 12 kun oldin
This is not spurs first choice, but it seems to be Paratacis first choice (outside Conte) so the two might work well together.
JoeSat88 12 kun oldin
No way Spurs are signing Fonseca
Justyn E
Justyn E 12 kun oldin
Fonseca is a very spursy manager..should fit in perfectly
harsh s
harsh s 12 kun oldin
Spurs will end up as Harry kane as manager
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin 12 kun oldin
Daniel Levy as Manager
Nicholas Filardo
Nicholas Filardo 12 kun oldin
I'm a Roma fan, we won like one game the entire season against teams competing for top four lol I hope he does well, but he doesn't seem to win big games, unless he had Roma playing way above capability, which is also possible lol
Winter Rising
Winter Rising 12 kun oldin
The Spurs fan are going to miss Mourinho very soon
John Macaroni
John Macaroni 12 kun oldin
The Boy Hotspur channel goes into detail about Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and what it's run for.
Mark Gibbins
Mark Gibbins 12 kun oldin
I miss him already. I support spurs. But not levy
McTapoutos 12 kun oldin
J Morgan
J Morgan 12 kun oldin
Just reannounce Ryan Mason ffs, tired of hearing about this bottle job of a club and their stupid stadium
Ola 12 kun oldin
Conte wasn't down with spurs when he saw that budget. Spurs reject Conte before he could. He wanted to spend big so he can compete in champions league. Inter are willing to sell Hakimi. If he left when inter is only going to sell one player, he overreacted. But if they selling 2 or more, then ill understand. But spurs got to look for a coach who is okay with having little to no budget. Its a lose-lose for the coach. This sends a message they're not going to compete. Roma under Paulo was an attacking team, and had bad defense. They conceded the most goals in the top half of serie a
Dumfries Spearhead
Dumfries Spearhead 12 kun oldin
They need a Jurgen Klopp like manager when he was at Dortmund.
Angela Joseph
Angela Joseph 12 kun oldin
BIG SAM is the guy ! Tottenham should go all out for him !
Marcus Clark
Marcus Clark 12 kun oldin
Gazza the man for spurs...Bielsa would have been good ,but him and levy fall out in 5 minutes
Zumzo Z
Zumzo Z 12 kun oldin
We might survive relegation if we get him hehe ahhhhhh
Make Money Online 2021
I love your sarcasm and I am a Chelsea fan lol.....🤣
Ayub Mohamed
Ayub Mohamed 12 kun oldin
clean00 12 kun oldin
Fabio paratchi knows Fonseca very well.well have to wait and see how this goes.
ants84 12 kun oldin
Was Christian Gross not available again? 🤣
Dumfries Spearhead
Dumfries Spearhead 12 kun oldin
Or Juande Ramos? Martin Jol?
John Quinn
John Quinn 12 kun oldin
Spurs should go for Marco Silva if this doesn't work out
SohailSAyed 12 kun oldin
Spurs should go far Gerrard
Kieron Spiteri
Kieron Spiteri 12 kun oldin
Can we just forget about kane he's staying at spurs end off story
Jr 12 kun oldin
@Chaitanya k.n. No one can afford Kane. Get that through your head. Not even City.
Ayumi索倉 12 kun oldin
City should spend that money and invest on haland
Kieron Spiteri
Kieron Spiteri 12 kun oldin
@King Kong no you stfu and your the one who said poch is coming
King Kong
King Kong 12 kun oldin
@Kieron Spiteri Stfu you're the same guy who said Naglesmann will be new manager of Bottleham 😂😂
Kieron Spiteri
Kieron Spiteri 12 kun oldin
@Phil Demetriou yep btw it's 150 not 120
Leith Bouacida
Leith Bouacida 12 kun oldin
Fonseca has won Braga their first trophy in 50 years!! He is great
Chaitanya k.n.
Chaitanya k.n. 12 kun oldin
they won the league cup just 3 years before fonseca won the National cup. In the decade from 2011-2021 sc braga has played 10 finals, including europa league. They won 4 finals.
Samu Vilppola
Samu Vilppola 12 kun oldin
Cmon man use your brain not that hard cba
mrcybervish 12 kun oldin
Guy looks like the manager model from PES
Leith Bouacida
Leith Bouacida 12 kun oldin
well actually he is the 4th option but the best realistic one! Poch and ten hag would cost too much money and take so much time! As for Conte, no need to get him if we are not able to back him. I am happy with Foncesca. DID U KNOW. Roma have had the highest and best chances created in the whole of Europe up to January, where they got so many injuries after!
Wayne Gage
Wayne Gage 12 kun oldin
Tottenham are no longer a football club. They are a merchandise and arena corporation. As long as they sell tickets and merch for anyone of their ventures (Football, NFL, Concerts, Pantomime, …..) they don’t care. Just bring the cash.
Steve Nicol
Steve Nicol 12 kun oldin
Spurs are completely skint. They gambled on a big stadium and COVID hit. Feel sorry for them really.
John Macaroni
John Macaroni 12 kun oldin
King,, 8th 9th does it really matter.... The club put 240 million into a new stadium but haven't won hardly anything.... Can you do the maths?
King Kong
King Kong 12 kun oldin
@John Macaroni 9th richest but after last season their valuation will go down significantly.
John Macaroni
John Macaroni 12 kun oldin
Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is the 8th Richest Club in world football.. The Boy Hotspur channel goes into detail about what Spurs are run for.
Khairul Azmin
Khairul Azmin 12 kun oldin
time to start singing about the stadium then
jordizee 12 kun oldin
Skint? Maybe sacking mourinho and paying him 40 million pay off and 20 million fine for the super league wasn't the best idea.. Bad management!!
bobbywrtm 12 kun oldin
This is Andre Villas Boas 2.0.
Denis Suholitco
Denis Suholitco 12 kun oldin
Glazers out!!!
1 Alamby
1 Alamby 12 kun oldin
total mess Levy is an embarrassment....Poch was a total fluke and he carried this club, Levy did very little, Kane was youth, Bale was Redknapp...Levy is a useless fraud
noMirakuru 11 kun oldin
Bald fraud
With Witt
With Witt 12 kun oldin
I’ll be waiting for Tottenham to call me once they find out what a superb job I did in FIFA career mode
Fábio Godinho
Fábio Godinho 12 kun oldin
@John Doe André Vilas-Boas, started to get data for Sir Bobby Robson because of football manager (they were also neighbors)
Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
@Seth Next Door Yeah that's what I was thinking, it's just a few folk saying they've never heard of it. Then again I'm 41, maybe some younger lads don't know about it 👍
Seth Next Door
Seth Next Door 12 kun oldin
@Tharcisse Bro, a full paragraph to explain the game, I respect you dedication. I'm more OG than OG, played since CM2.
Seth Next Door
Seth Next Door 12 kun oldin
@Luigi's TheBetterPlumber I'm pretty sure anyone, anywhere can get it via Steam.
joker G7
joker G7 12 kun oldin
Me too brother..
Benj James
Benj James 12 kun oldin
Kane won’t stay he can’t give them anymore of his time
Kieron Spiteri
Kieron Spiteri 12 kun oldin
@Dregio Ramos exactly
Dregio Ramos
Dregio Ramos 12 kun oldin
Its not up to Kane at this point. He recently signed a new long term deal. Lmao
Kieron Spiteri
Kieron Spiteri 12 kun oldin
@Mlungisi he knows that
Mlungisi 12 kun oldin
it's not up to him you know that right?
Kieron Spiteri
Kieron Spiteri 12 kun oldin
Kane is staying mate
James McCarthy
James McCarthy 12 kun oldin
As a Newcastle supporter, I look forward to the relegation battle with Tottenham in seasons to come.. Well done Daniel Levy, you're making Mike Ashley proud!!
King Kong
King Kong 12 kun oldin
@Christiano Pulinaldo From India on sale
Christiano Pulinaldo
Newcastle i relegation battle? Not when you have 🐐 willock
Terry 12 kun oldin
No one will pay £120 million for Kane, so it looks like he’s staying at Spurs.
TZ TØMÎ 11 kun oldin
@WorldIsFilledB Kane is 28 man, how can you say he's not in his prime😂😂😂😂
WorldIsFilledB 12 kun oldin
@BigKahuna Burger 120 mil for Kane is not a lot of money he’s not even in his prime yet
Spooky Pencil
Spooky Pencil 12 kun oldin
@biniam mersha it’s not like levy will spend hat money to good use anyway he’s just gonna build another stadium or something
burlhorse 12 kun oldin
because he's not worth that
Chirpy Wiggins
Chirpy Wiggins 12 kun oldin
He won’t stay if this guy comes in ! He deserves much better
Malabu Souldjah
Malabu Souldjah 12 kun oldin
He's actually a good manager. If you don't press him, he will make a good job if he has the right players. I think he'll be a good surprise.
King Kong
King Kong 12 kun oldin
@Malabu Souldjah Hahaha a midtable Serie A manager perfect for spuds
Malabu Souldjah
Malabu Souldjah 12 kun oldin
@Seth Next Door Just trust portuguese agents. Don't worry.
Seth Next Door
Seth Next Door 12 kun oldin
And where is he going to get these right players? When Kane leaves, what do you think someone like Son will do?
Siii R
Siii R 12 kun oldin
This is officially telling everyone that spurs is not a big Club and whats even worse, they dont really care (Levy)
WorldIsFilledB 11 kun oldin
@Siran424 no it’s not, it’s a second tier tournament, Man U are a bunch of bums lol
Siran424 11 kun oldin
@WorldIsFilledB Europa League is no joke. It is becoming harder and harder to win it.
WorldIsFilledB 12 kun oldin
@Sir Alex Ferguson Man U couldn’t even win the Europa league lol
Tjaz Milano
Tjaz Milano 12 kun oldin
@Sir Alex Ferguson I mean they do have some history
Hala Juventus Y nada mas
Medium size club with nice stadium that’s it
C J 12 kun oldin
That fact that spurs rejected conte is like me rejected beyonce
Steven Perren
Steven Perren 12 kun oldin
@Daniel Perez fair enough ! But aren’t they all lol ?!
Ayumi索倉 12 kun oldin
Conte is ambitious
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez 12 kun oldin
@Steven Perren For me to say no to a woman she has to be incredibly over weight and unattractive, so na I’d say yes. I’m just saying she’s actually a bit over rated.
Mark Gibbins
Mark Gibbins 12 kun oldin
Steven Perren
Steven Perren 12 kun oldin
@Daniel Perez you’d say no ?
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts 12 kun oldin
This guy makes Arteta look like pep😂😂
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin 12 kun oldin
@Bayern München, Trash Club
k tom
k tom 12 kun oldin
@Bayern München Of course not. They aren't the greatest even in England, not to mention Europe.
Bayern München
Bayern München 12 kun oldin
Manchester United is the Greatest football club of all time
Fontaneish 12 kun oldin
As an Arsenal fan, I'd take Fonseca over Arteta
k tom
k tom 12 kun oldin
Fonseca is a very decent manager.
Debaditya Duttagupta
At this point just hire me.
Seth Next Door
Seth Next Door 12 kun oldin
@Debaditya Duttagupta Do you remember Simon Davies and Matthew Etherington? I groomed them from youngsters at Peterborough United to Champions League winners. I've since retired from coaching, so I guess the job is all yours.
Debaditya Duttagupta
@Seth Next Door I just won the Champions League with Brighton Hove in Football Manager. Levy should contact me instead.
Adam L
Adam L 12 kun oldin
@Seth Next Door i did that already...just waiting for a call back now...! LOL
Seth Next Door
Seth Next Door 12 kun oldin
Please send in your Football Manager CVs to Levy.
Adam L
Adam L 12 kun oldin
me too....!!!
Veck 12 kun oldin
So Tottenham and Roma end up swapping managers. Time to see who gets the short end of that deal.
jeffry leandre
jeffry leandre 8 kun oldin
@Chaitanya k.n. you clearly didn't watch him play but ok. I don't see why I entertain y'all on here
Chaitanya k.n.
Chaitanya k.n. 8 kun oldin
@jeffry leandre was he not "amazing" when playing under jose? Bale is selfish and injury prone, he chose not to play until euros were nearing
jeffry leandre
jeffry leandre 10 kun oldin
@Matty Mc 😂😂😂😂😂 you really believe that. Bale played well every time he played specially after October. Mou didn’t care to play him
Matty Mc
Matty Mc 11 kun oldin
@jeffry leandre he was warming up for the euros, didn't care who the manager was this was always his plan and who can blame him, take the money from the corrupt nobs and play his best for Wales
jeffry leandre
jeffry leandre 12 kun oldin
@Chaitanya k.n. and bale was amazing when Jose left
Sub if You hate Bryce Hall
Lmao, Typical Spurs
Joao Santos
Joao Santos 12 kun oldin
Great manager! The BPL fits his style of play way more more than the serie A, now he will show that his teams are a threat
Joao Santos
Joao Santos 12 kun oldin
@Seth Next Door It´s not, last years bank holiday in thailand I went to a Mc Donald´s and your girl served me. Go and watch the sunset and leave me alone
Seth Next Door
Seth Next Door 12 kun oldin
@Joao Santos didn't know McDonald's are closed for Bank Holidays too.
Joao Santos
Joao Santos 12 kun oldin
@Seth Next Door Today it´s a bank holiday in Portugal ;) I guess when you have 4 days for yourself what´s taking 5 min to reply to some comments? It´s only good manners even if someone else was rude to you. Real man play football manager, you´ll know what I mean one day kiddo
Seth Next Door
Seth Next Door 12 kun oldin
@Joao Santos Btw PES > Fifa. Trust this kiddo.
Seth Next Door
Seth Next Door 12 kun oldin
@Joao Santos well, having a life and doing important stuff refers to replying to comments on UZblock. Wouldn't want to be you old man.
Motivational Messages
Spurs really not an ambitious club like my Chelsea.
Siran424 11 kun oldin
@clean00 That's not the only thing. Head to head stats and record say ever since these two clubs faced each other since the early 20th century, Spurs have never been better than Chelsea.
Siran424 11 kun oldin
@Joshua Kwon Spurs do have the money, they just don't want to spend it on managers and players.
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin 12 kun oldin
@Seth Next Door, 🤣🤣🤣 🙌
clean00 12 kun oldin
It's only the money that separates your and my club
Seth Next Door
Seth Next Door 12 kun oldin
Your club since 2 weeks ago?
Neel Banerjee
Neel Banerjee 12 kun oldin
Where's Dan?
Rehan 12 kun oldin
Maybe he is pregnant
Sean Mullin
Sean Mullin 12 kun oldin
Guess he’s using his holidays before the euros start
PokemonGo Fanatic
PokemonGo Fanatic 12 kun oldin
He’s a good coach he’s better tactically than mourinho in 2021 was. He will finish top 4 if he keeps Kane
Paulo 12 kun oldin
@Loftus Blake Your probably right however I didnt think Liverpool were going to almost miss out on top4 this season so stranger things can happen it all depends on the transfer market
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake 12 kun oldin
@Paulo If United doesn't finish 2nd there's still 3rd and 4th. Tottenham not making top4 again anything soon
Steve Nicol
Steve Nicol 12 kun oldin
Jose is done that’s not difficult
Bayern München
Bayern München 12 kun oldin
Manchester United is the Greatest football club of all time
Paulo 12 kun oldin
@sachin devprasad Well it all depends on what happens in the transfer market if they sell Kane they will get a lot of money for him and possibly buy some good replacements. By the way I’m not a spurs fan but do think they have a squad with potential.
kontakt4561 12 kun oldin
Spurs will end up with Ryan Mason as their HC at this point lol
Jay cee
Jay cee 12 kun oldin
I’d rather that than any of these managers
American Toff
American Toff 12 kun oldin
You mean Levy as our head coach.
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