Kevin De Bruyne wins second-straight PFA Player of the Year | ESPN FC 

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ESPN FC reacts to Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne winning the PFA Players' Player of the Year award after his teammate Ruben Dias won the top-player award voted on by the writers.
0:00 Steve Nicol reacts to De Bruyne winning and questions who was also deserving.
1:30 Alejandro Moreno says he would have voted for Dias.
2:54 Craig Burley makes the case for Ilkay Gundogan as another Man City player who could have won.

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7-Iyn, 2021



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Lucian 7 kun oldin
Because Kane was playing Chess. Absurd.
GilzSoDownBad 10 kun oldin
Kane? Bruno? Gundogan? Dias? Why tf did KDB win again
Shane W
Shane W 12 kun oldin
Bruno or Kane
Paulinho K
Paulinho K 12 kun oldin
Bruno robbed smh
Jasper Conner
Jasper Conner 12 kun oldin
Any answer other than Harry Kane is utter nonsense.
8647-Imran 12 kun oldin
The best midfielder on the planet. Hth
Michael 12 kun oldin
Kane for me
Sneaky Way
Sneaky Way 12 kun oldin
Im a chelsea fan but Harry Kane was robbed
Ezinne Ebele-Adinnu
Ezinne Ebele-Adinnu 12 kun oldin
He didn't even win poty in his club Absolute ROBBERY
Guinness 12 kun oldin
He wasn't the best player at City but ok
peterhaslund 13 kun oldin
De Bruyne is right on for MVP or Best Player on Best Team or just plain Best Player. Van Dijk coming back to claim all titles again next season though if he can reclaim form prior to injury. A big if
Richard Bryan
Richard Bryan 13 kun oldin
De bruyne deserves it
NoxiousRob 13 kun oldin
I have to agree with Craig. Dias would have been my choice, with Gundogan as second choice.
Awoken 11 kun oldin
Gundogan waas our best player...
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 13 kun oldin
I swear Stewart sounds smart but talks a lot of nonsense.
Dax2424 Elvis
Dax2424 Elvis 14 kun oldin
Kdb wasn't even the best player in City(Gundogan) let alone the premier league,System is broken
Ola Williams
Ola Williams 14 kun oldin
Someone is being very dumb here...Look again at the stats for HARRY KANE!
Robert Sammy
Robert Sammy 14 kun oldin
How was this descision made , Harry Kane scored 23 PL goals to De bruynes 6 and had 14 assists whilst De bruyne had 12 . In European Competitions Kane had 8 goals whilst De bruyne had 3 . It is true That Man City won PL and Caraboa but isnt it that player of the year is based on the individual stats. ????
Amrit 14 kun oldin
This is a robbery. In that case Bruno should have won it. Kane was robbed
Farshan 14 kun oldin
Most undeserving.... This is a scam! What the flick he's getting this award for?....
SufamiDan 14 kun oldin
Bruno was superior
Paul Stewart
Paul Stewart 14 kun oldin
Craig once again, an astute observer of the game. Always interesting perspectives.
Russell ward
Russell ward 14 kun oldin
Players dontbwztch games so they just vote for names. KDB was Citys 3rd best player. He. Issued 6 weeks of the season. Gundogan deserved it more but Dias should have been the Clea choice.
Seb Horton
Seb Horton 14 kun oldin
Ridiculous that Kane isn't getting these awards
Kwame Agyei
Kwame Agyei 14 kun oldin
I don't think footballers watch much football. I imagine once the form(or whatever) gets to them, they just pick which player they rate and hope he's on the shortlist, with no perspective of how the season actually went. As far as individual outstanding performance goes, Kane and Bruno are 1st and 2nd(in whichever order makes sense to u).
Farshan 14 kun oldin
Jason Steel
Jason Steel 14 kun oldin
When people would ask how Harry Kane become from a footballer to axe-murdering psychopath this video will be used
Prince Varughese
Prince Varughese 14 kun oldin
ESPN should stick to NBA.
Rocky 14 kun oldin
If mount had bruno's stats we won't hear the end of it
S 14 kun oldin
De Bruyne and Messi’s passes are magic.
Maulik Garg
Maulik Garg 14 kun oldin
lols can’t believe de bruyne won
Anton 14 kun oldin
I think Ruben Dias had a larger impact on the team this year. But I can see why the players voted for KDB. If I were a player, and I had to pick between having KDB or Dias on my team, I'd choose KDB all day
adidas 76
adidas 76 14 kun oldin
Gundo was city's best player this season
Taal Boss
Taal Boss 14 kun oldin
This is the greatest public robbery I've ever seen mane....Kane or Bruno should have won. The goals and assists
MF10COMPS™ 14 kun oldin
He deserved it what an amazing midfielder he is.
Badmus Kaybee
Badmus Kaybee 14 kun oldin
People dont realize what Chelsea have done for football. If not Imagine city with Quardruptule
Lewi Yonas
Lewi Yonas 14 kun oldin
Ima a city fan, and yes you could make a better argument for Ruben Dias winning both the pfa and fwa poty (tho as a de bruyne fan I’m happy he got 1 and Dias the other) but tbh Harry Kane shoulda had both, I don’t think we’ve seen a forward be that prolific in an attacking sense since Henry and the fact no ones even talking bout him is kinda disrespectful
Abel Makori
Abel Makori 14 kun oldin
Bruno Fernandez deserved it more than him, the closest person who should have won other Bruno is Ruben Diaz
Nik Sur
Nik Sur 14 kun oldin
Bruno Penandes deserved to win the award in my opinion.
anil bodar
anil bodar 14 kun oldin
Awards are joke in PL . So baised
Drake Geralds
Drake Geralds 14 kun oldin
Kane was robbed. He deserved this more than Dias and Kevin
VoodooChaos 14 kun oldin
Congratulations to KDB he's a class player BUT imo Bruno Fernandes deserved it, the same can be said on Mason Mount getting the young PFA
Nik Sur
Nik Sur 14 kun oldin
Me too. Bruno Penandes was easily the player of the season.
Darren Redden
Darren Redden 14 kun oldin
As much as I like KDB...this season he wasn't as good as last year! Kane was robbed
mothusi mashigo
mothusi mashigo 14 kun oldin
Unnecessary award
Brian limo
Brian limo 14 kun oldin
I'd go for Harry Kane coz hes done it all as a player in a mediocre team.
Tkay ✔️
Tkay ✔️ 14 kun oldin
All these idiots in the comments you realize players vote for these right?
Tilak R
Tilak R 14 kun oldin
This should be Kane...
Zaki Yare
Zaki Yare 15 kun oldin
Gundogan is Turkish but was the best Oil City player this season Lool KDB not even top 3 at City .. Foden, Dias, Gundogan
Mullapudi Lakshmi Sai Viswanadh chowdary
It’s close between all 6 of them because all 6 have been superb. But it should’ve been between Gundogan and Kane imo
Joshua obaga
Joshua obaga 15 kun oldin
KDB was robbed when Salah won it, this is what balance looks like.
Sim Stander
Sim Stander 15 kun oldin
But Harry Kane?
Charles Apana
Charles Apana 15 kun oldin
Yeah kudos to Kevin De Bruyne
Lethuxolo Kunene
Lethuxolo Kunene 15 kun oldin
Classic Premier league compensation. Should have given it to him in 2018 and they giving now. Hasn't even be the best in our side this season. Still the best CAM around no doubt though.
Ziphelele Khumalo
Ziphelele Khumalo 15 kun oldin
lovesh r
lovesh r 15 kun oldin
KDB easily the best player in the premier league. A joy to watch on the pitch
malcolm tanhamira
malcolm tanhamira 15 kun oldin
So is the United Stand bigger than ESPN FC ?
Nik Sur
Nik Sur 14 kun oldin
astrofiger 15 kun oldin
Players don’t look at other players’ stats or who has been instrumental to other teams or who has had a transformational season, etc. They don’t have time for that. They only have one thing in their mind when casting their vote, which is “who was the most amazing player I played against this season”
Adam Chillingsworth
Adam Chillingsworth 14 kun oldin
More like how fast can I fill this out before i can bump some blow and get hammered.
raunvivek 15 kun oldin
It's player of the year award not best player in the premier league
hamzah 13
hamzah 13 15 kun oldin
If you wanted to give it to a city player it should have been gundogan or Diaz. However the one who truly deserved this was Kane. I feel he was robbed
#E Football short's special
Sam the saviour
Sam the saviour 15 kun oldin
Bruno by far the POTY
Nik Sur
Nik Sur 14 kun oldin
I think so too. Bruno Penandes deserved to win it.
wandile.dlamini _
wandile.dlamini _ 15 kun oldin
They didn't even mention Kane's name💀
II Rhetorical II
II Rhetorical II 15 kun oldin
Uhh...Kane?...Gundagan?...Mount?...even Penandes. No offence to Kevin but..Common...Even Mount was robbed with the younger award. Smh
Nick M
Nick M 15 kun oldin
Trent Alexander Arnold played way more clutch than Kevin this year.
Femi 15 kun oldin
Wonder why. I really like him as a player but he did nothing special this year. It was just a consolation after losing the UCL.
L .
L . 14 kun oldin
The award was given before the UCL final
Romarick Romarick
Romarick Romarick 15 kun oldin
I'm surprised no one mentioned kane Highest goals scorer. Andost assist in a poor spurs team mind you
sandesh rayamajhi
sandesh rayamajhi 15 kun oldin
apparently the players think KDB is the POTS so i will take their opinions over every salty bit***s in the comment section anyday so ya'll can stop crying now about whoever tf got robbed. FFS this was decided by their vote & not some corrupted org like FIFA/UEFA.
Akash Thomas
Akash Thomas 15 kun oldin
Best passer in the world? He should watch la liga as well.
El Camino
El Camino 15 kun oldin
A decade from now we'll have to check the stats cause most of us would assume it was Kane and someone would have to remind us it actually wasnt and it was actually Diaz and De Bruyne...
Githin V
Githin V 15 kun oldin
Absolute nonsense..KDB is a WC player but this award wasn't deserved. Kane/ Dias/Gundogan got robbed. Who makes these decisions? Do they even watch the league? Plus the bald headed guy in the discussion is deluded. He says he is the best passer the game has ever seen. Then why don't you give him the award every season. What a dumb justification.
Abhinav Lal
Abhinav Lal 15 kun oldin
Kdb the best passer in the world, Messi plays cricket! Good Robbo.
Basudev Basnet
Basudev Basnet 15 kun oldin
Why didn't they even mention the name of kane.
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts 15 kun oldin
The most negative pundit I've ever seen CRAIG BURLEY OUT NOW
Ritesh Kumar Mishra
Ritesh Kumar Mishra 15 kun oldin
Why are there guys talking like harry kane doesn't even exist
Asha Singh
Asha Singh 15 kun oldin
KDB was not even in the top 3 players for city this season. Phil foden, Ruben and gundogan were all better than him. It's a joke of award.
Asha Singh
Asha Singh 15 kun oldin
Its not fair on others. Kevin missed 13 games. Kane and Ruben were better than him. It's a steal.
Vargas 15 kun oldin
De Bruyne should have won
James Kannan
James Kannan 15 kun oldin
Surprised Harry Kane didn't get the award. Apart from goals and assists, his dribbling and passes and controlling of the game were awesome to watch.
Marvel Watkins
Marvel Watkins 15 kun oldin
What more does kane have to do to win the PFA because wow how did he not win it
SufamiDan 14 kun oldin
These awards are notoriously corrupt. The Eurovision song contest of awards.
RV YAMZ 15 kun oldin
Kane sud have won it. This is absolute robbery.
Chris C
Chris C 15 kun oldin
KDB did nothing this season so stupid
Jason Wright
Jason Wright 15 kun oldin
I just find it weird that Kane with most goals and assists in a struggling team gets snubbed,. How is this even the slightest bit fair?
Winston Beckford
Winston Beckford 15 kun oldin
Ruben and Kane was criminal robbed😭🥲
Bablu hajong
Bablu hajong 15 kun oldin
I'm not agree with this..🙅‍♂️☹️Why not kane Or bruno 🤷‍♂️this two is better than Dias and de bruyne
Pekham Ngoruh
Pekham Ngoruh 15 kun oldin
Ruben Diaz deserve a lot
UltimateGamer 15 kun oldin
Mount > Foden FOR YPFA cos thats just city bias at this point
Parth Sharma
Parth Sharma 15 kun oldin
Just look at kane and Bruno stats unreal Absolutely unreal 💥💥💥💥💥
Vikram Bhat
Vikram Bhat 15 kun oldin
I think this season KDB was out of crucial moment of time, so either Gundogan,Kane or Ruben Dias should have won this.
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele 15 kun oldin
Kane should've got it. He wasn't that outstanding this season. And was injured.
Nathanael Morrison
Nathanael Morrison 14 kun oldin
@Claude Makelele Shoot! I misunderstood your comment bro.
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele 15 kun oldin
@Nathanael Morrison nope..even Ikay was better than KDB
Emmanuel Stephenson
Emmanuel Stephenson 15 kun oldin
KDB is the best passer in the premier league not the world. There is still someone called Lionel Messi playing for Barcelona in La Liga.
Suzan Luitel
Suzan Luitel 15 kun oldin
He dont deserves this
Daniel Joseph
Daniel Joseph 15 kun oldin
KDB didn’t have an open play goal for half the season. Kane robbed and I’m a Chelsea fan
Pallanti Akb
Pallanti Akb 15 kun oldin
Kane or Bruno robbed imo
KDB winning it is a robbery
Kendy Japri
Kendy Japri 15 kun oldin
Let be honest, KDB is a botler in big game..
Casey Miller
Casey Miller 15 kun oldin
KdB face of the League 👑
They are buying awards now 🙄
javier book shadows contributor du
284th comment
ANONYMOUS The Last 15 kun oldin
Honestly no one other than Harry Kane deserved that award. Nearly 35 G/A in a very terrible spurs team is incredible. You shouldn't forget that they were on top for a few weeks because of him
Nemophilist 15 kun oldin
Kane getting robbed here.
Johno 15 kun oldin
Laughable I swear all the City players/manager crying over these awards has led to them getting all these awards. De Bruyne was the 4th/5th best player at City THIS season
ManCity1 15 kun oldin
He deserved it!!🤫🤫To all of haters and jealous KDB one of the greatest of all time, stop crying like children 🤣🤣
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