Jack Grealish to Manchester City? How Guardiola could land both him AND Harry Kane | ESPN FC 

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ESPN FC’s Mark Ogden and Alexis Nunes address the transfer talk surrounding Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish and a potential move to Manchester City.

0:00 Does Emiliano Buendia arriving to Aston Villa mean Jack Grealish is gone?
1:12 What transfer fee would Grealish fetch from Man City?
2:27 How City could line up with both Jack Grealish and Harry Kane.

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7-Iyn, 2021



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Onyx Core
Onyx Core 5 kun oldin
Beast 🔥🔥🔥
Iwang Wibowo
Iwang Wibowo 11 kun oldin
Welcome to Manchester City 💙 Jack Grealish & Harry Kane 👍
Kirk Tongue
Kirk Tongue 11 kun oldin
Paper talk again grealish isn't leaving villa this year
Michael Bruce
Michael Bruce 12 kun oldin
Villa aren't selling. UTV
Palestine Exists
Palestine Exists 12 kun oldin
Grealish will continue to flop for free kicks wherever he goes, because he’s English commentators drool over how “smart he is”. If he’s brown, black or foreign then they say “the game is gone”, “there no place for diving in our sport” blah blah blah.
Ben Abbotts
Ben Abbotts 12 kun oldin
@espn it is highly inappropriate for these two presenters to be discussing Harry Kane given their previously leaked off camera ridicule of Kane. Please take both these unprofessional ‘journalists’ off of Kane speculation.
Mark %
Mark % 13 kun oldin
Glenn F
Glenn F 13 kun oldin
The premiership is going to end up like the Scottish league soon it’s just going to be a battle of the oligarchs Chelsea and City who will just buy all the best players from around the world anytime there’s a transfer window!!!!! Something needs to be done what happened to FFP??? Oh yeah they just bought the people who run that too 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼a load of 💩
Terry 13 kun oldin
Don’t forget Ilkay.
Melad Kareme
Melad Kareme 13 kun oldin
Fire these two please, cant believe they are still allowed to cover Kane stories
sld1776 14 kun oldin
Phil Foden plays best in Grealish's position. Kane makes more sense.
Nanu Miah
Nanu Miah 14 kun oldin
Grealish would not suit city got foden there he needs to go Liverpool or mufc
AML86 14 kun oldin
Halaand and Grealish to man city will be nice
Mohith Das V
Mohith Das V 14 kun oldin
Can't wait to see grealish in blues..!
Samuel Osei Bonsu
Samuel Osei Bonsu 14 kun oldin
Pep only knows about spending
ki yoon
ki yoon 14 kun oldin
If he goes to Chelsea, he'll be a beast 🔥 💪
dre santorini
dre santorini 14 kun oldin
FFP Proven cheats shouldn't be allowed to buy anyone,
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 14 kun oldin
@dre santorini So you're saying they bribed off CAS cuz they're rich?😂 lad you make for some good laughs
dre santorini
dre santorini 14 kun oldin
@Jake Manning what a load of bollocks , money is all city have to offer, cheats
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 14 kun oldin
@dre santorini no cuz CAS have actually looked at the evidence and found nothing wrong unlike dre santorini on the internet
dre santorini
dre santorini 14 kun oldin
@Jake Manning lol wonder why 😂😂😂😂😂$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ big old bribe
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 14 kun oldin
CAS cleared them
True Blue
True Blue 14 kun oldin
That bird has the weirdest accent. I can't tell if she is American or if she is a wannabe American, who is English.
Katlego Manne
Katlego Manne 14 kun oldin
Grealish for 100 million, that's madness
adidas 76
adidas 76 14 kun oldin
I think lfc would be a better fit for jack After losing Gini , jack would be the ideal replacement Jack wouldn't really have much competition either because he would be the only creative midfielder
Rapto 14 kun oldin
Aw it’s the happy couple that were caught slagging off Harry Kane last year
Unapologetically BLUE
Jack Grealish is a waste of space and money. Man city should not go near this player.
somebodyelseuk 15 kun oldin
City aren't paying 100M for any player. It's all paper talk. Grealish is a big fish in a small pond, by the way. I live near him. He's regularly getting caught doing stupid stuff. Doesn't have the mentality to represent a big club.
mui ke
mui ke 15 kun oldin
Man city have to be Cautious in SPENDING because of Pandemic?!!!!! Nice joke, ESPN!
Sara Elmi
Sara Elmi 15 kun oldin
They are doing a swap deal sterling to villa and grealish to city.
Sara Elmi
Sara Elmi 15 kun oldin
They are going to do a swap deal Jesus to spurs and kane to man city.
Saibot 15 kun oldin
Still they wouldn't win UCL, But PL will become extremely one-sided
mike heap
mike heap 15 kun oldin
That'll do for every City fan..... CTID 💙
Z Kdls
Z Kdls 15 kun oldin
Man Utd targets 😂 tables turned now
mike heap
mike heap 15 kun oldin
utd were looking at Harry Kane but bought Harry Winks instead.
Adimasu Biruk
Adimasu Biruk 15 kun oldin
myb haryy kane & jake grealish most importante so pep he is not meiss
Ravi Chavan
Ravi Chavan 15 kun oldin
Man city.. And Pep.... they only buy finish article.. And some people think he is the Best manager in the world.. In my opinion klopp is great manager with limited budget.. He made so many players in to worldclass. ..
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 15 kun oldin
Agreed on Kane and Grealish tho
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 15 kun oldin
Lmao Pep makes average players worldclass. No one gave Sane, Sterling or KDB a second glance before Pep
benbelap 15 kun oldin
Grealish moving in with Pep would be the best thing to happen to Gareth Southgate
Nine Ball
Nine Ball 15 kun oldin
Pep want all the best players in the league and ppl praise him of being the best coach.. psshh a good coach utilises the resources he has... pep is playing fifa
Jake Manning
Jake Manning 15 kun oldin
Ah yes, since Sterling, Stones etc were the best in the league😂
The red side of Madrid
and then with his hybrid squad , he will still , somehow , someway make tactical mistakes just like in the ucl final .
e6o 15 kun oldin
Grealish is going nowhere.
Matthew Herny
Matthew Herny 15 kun oldin
How much u bet city doesn't sign him these pundits say the most foolish thinks first messi,haaland, Kane and now grealish 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ its like they take every rumor to heart
Vinny Andriolo
Vinny Andriolo 15 kun oldin
With the pandemic and FFP… I highly doubt they’ll get both Grealish and Kane unless they offload a player or two.
Trueno AE86
Trueno AE86 15 kun oldin
Alexis looks like she just came from a Chem lab
Marjanovic SBM
Marjanovic SBM 15 kun oldin
I don’t think they’ll generate anywhere near the amount needed to fund both or even the Kane deal. Not many clubs are buying and are looking for cheaper loan deals or just waiting until the players are free agents. I mean winning the league is just as good as the UCL no? 😂
Lehlohonolo Abel Maleka
Based off of how much he's been twerking for us we actually might land Grealish. I rate we'd sign Grealish only if Pep is onto something. I'd honestly prefer Kane over Grealish. Kane gets the goals. Would be a good investment for CL next season.
Phillip Harriott
Phillip Harriott 15 kun oldin
Sterling out! Grealish in!
Headboy 15 kun oldin
City already have a master diver in Sterling, they don't need another master diver (Grealish)
dethanos _jk23
dethanos _jk23 15 kun oldin
Nuno Mendes- £55m Harry kane- £ 100m+sterling or jesus Jack grealish- £80m
Kuku Nase
Kuku Nase 3 kun oldin
then epl boring.
Coffee one sugar
Coffee one sugar 15 kun oldin
It helps when city have infinite state oil money to buy whoever they like. Fantastic for the game of football
T & T
T & T 15 kun oldin
@Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago yes. I'd say it's the same in both cases. The English -- especially football fans -- are xenophobic. Partly this comes from living on an island, and partly this comes from being English. But everyone loves foreign billionaires who make their particular team a success!
Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago
@T & T do they hate them because their owners nationality
T & T
T & T 15 kun oldin
@Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago oh, plenty of people hate Chelsea, and for much the same reason. Owned by a Russian criminal.
Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago
Chelsea spend as much as city and no one hates them
V for Villan
V for Villan 15 kun oldin
Villa are building a squad to challenge the likes of Man City - the ownership have repeatedly stated that they are going to make Villa 'elite' in a five year plan. We're hardly likely to be selling our best players to our competition. We have billionaire owners, who simply aren't interested in other people's money, and Jack has four years left on his contact. Emiliano Buendía is a right winger and Jack plays on the left. Villa are also interested in James Ward-Prowse, who plays down the middle. So what? The premise of this video is based on arrogance and BS. If Man City spend the summer chasing Jack, then they'll just be wasting the transfer window. We're coming to get you Pep! UTV
Nick Fox
Nick Fox 15 kun oldin
Love to see Alex crying when City Sign Grealish and Kane, she thought they’d be going to her Man U Shited.
Debaditya Duttagupta
Call them Salford United FC and see them melt😂
ThatGuy 15 kun oldin
Spell it correctly mate it’s Penchester Unishit 😁😂🤣🔥😂🤣🔥
Tkay ✔️
Tkay ✔️ 15 kun oldin
The way I don't even want freakish City need pact wingers if they get Kane
Thulisa Grootboom
Thulisa Grootboom 15 kun oldin
Mark Odgen is probably the most nonchalant football journalist 😂
Digital Communist
Digital Communist 15 kun oldin
Lmao. U guys crack me up, why do u think Guardiola wants slowpoke Kane.
T Mall
T Mall 15 kun oldin
How much money/help does Pep need? Lol, what a clown.
Matthew Herny
Matthew Herny 15 kun oldin
If u think this story is real then your a 🤡
Abu Khalid Ali
Abu Khalid Ali 15 kun oldin
80€ mill max if they realy want him
Abu Khalid Ali
Abu Khalid Ali 15 kun oldin
Man city wontpay 100£for any player prriod
Warrandpeace 15 kun oldin
City should not be allowed to buy both of them… why can one team own half the good players in the league
Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago
There are way better players in the league than grealish
Omar Gutierrez
Omar Gutierrez 15 kun oldin
*Bayern has entered the chat*
Anthony M
Anthony M 15 kun oldin
Hahaha....Grealish isn't leaving Villa...period. Move on lol.
jj mushoz
jj mushoz 15 kun oldin
Instand of going for j felix and haaland they are chasing not so good players. if they are going to break their transfer record fee and pay 100M/more. why not go for haaland and j felix (not grealish and kane). if they sign kane and grealish that would be the worst transfer window ever. pep will not stay forever and the idea is to change the club`s style of play which is easier with younger players not 28/25 olds.
A T 15 kun oldin
Harry kane is not a good player?
yolo 1690
yolo 1690 15 kun oldin
William Senior
William Senior 15 kun oldin
Nobody signing grealish... end of
The effects of games on world history
Mark Ogden doesnt really know anything about Jack Grealish does he? Grealish was away to Spurs, then ManU, now Man City. Sure , wake us when the 100M bid comes in.
G -13
G -13 14 kun oldin
Spurs fan called the management mad when they went after grelish in 2019 lol now look
Morrie's world
Morrie's world 15 kun oldin
Alexis you beauty
Terry 15 kun oldin
At last Oggy talking sense.
Mahad Bahad
Mahad Bahad 15 kun oldin
might aswell get messi to .
Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago
Lol why would we get A 33 years old player
Mark Styler
Mark Styler 15 kun oldin
You're not having him
kosmikz 15 kun oldin
You’re actually stupid if you think Jack Grealish is leaving Aston villa this summer
anil bodar
anil bodar 15 kun oldin
They can buy any player but question is they are improving ? Like people saying pep is improve team 😂😂 i think he buys improved players .. buy whoever you want but its about mentality that pep lack in CL
zola1282 15 kun oldin
Am a city fan.. but I think we need to stop buy too much big players at the moment, too much rotation kills the team chemistry
Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago
@G -13 who beside mahrez
G -13
G -13 14 kun oldin
@Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago lol name 1 avarage player who became a big star at man city .. u always buy big players
Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago
City fan too, in my opinion we have too Bec we always buy good players who came became stars but never bought a star except mahrez
King of Kings
King of Kings 15 kun oldin
espn should get more attractive lady hosts.. Neither she nor another one are attractive 😪
Murugan PS
Murugan PS 15 kun oldin
Is graelish better than sterling?? This transfer doesn't make sense to me. even if say graelish is better, city already have Foden.. selling mehrez buying someone on right wing sounds more reasonable.
Ali Babar
Ali Babar 15 kun oldin
What has Nunes done to lose weight?
Lucas Cordeiro
Lucas Cordeiro 15 kun oldin
The answer is very, very simple : money, from oil
xDarkxez35 14 kun oldin
Everytime i heard people making joke about oil i just wanna puke🤢🤮
Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago
In my opinion the salt come from the salty people like you
Federal Gaming
Federal Gaming 15 kun oldin
As a city fan I can only see we completely focusing on acquiring jack grealish only when we sell one of our winger. Bernado is linked away to a move to athletico so if he leaves(really hope not) we might land both grealish and kane in same summer. But other than that if we dont reshuffle any players we wont sign grealish. I am certain about that
Jack Susanin
Jack Susanin 15 kun oldin
Villa didn’t sign Buendia is a Grealish replacement. They signed him to pair him with Grealish
ottawasenspb 14 kun oldin
Yes, people forget Barkley is gone and there is an opening to fill at attacking midfield. Grealish or Buendia can both fill that role or play on the left. People just want to talk about Man City...
Souvik Dey
Souvik Dey 15 kun oldin
T bb
T bb 15 kun oldin
Alexis i love you
Jaslyn Sims
Jaslyn Sims 15 kun oldin
She looks good 👀👀👀
Richmond Cornelius Thabah
Grealish will bring new dimensions to this City team
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 15 kun oldin
Loses Fernandinho and signs an attacker. Lol Pep is insane
Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago
Rodri is the dm
Richmond Cornelius Thabah
Better sell Sterling
Darav Hajo
Darav Hajo 15 kun oldin
he will not be the same player in a top team
Disaster Artist
Disaster Artist 15 kun oldin
arsenal sign no one again
Greatgoku4 15 kun oldin
I hope they buy grealish so that they leave haaland alone
Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago
They need Kane not haaland
Ashley Hallows
Ashley Hallows 15 kun oldin
So many plastic fans on here.
Putri Rizkie
Putri Rizkie 15 kun oldin
Salty like ur face.. oh ur face so bland mate.. jealou much
Colani Tsabedze
Colani Tsabedze 15 kun oldin
Why new players if we reached the finals of champions League, semifinals of FA cup and then won everything else and those we didn't win it's because of Pep's stupid tactics
Devon Carter
Devon Carter 15 kun oldin
Because u need new players buddy u think u can stick to the same players every year lol🤣
Alvee J
Alvee J 15 kun oldin
Can't believe these two clowns still got a job after mocking someone's disability.
Young Legend Beng Beng
We don't need jack or Kane tbh....
Young Legend Beng Beng
@Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago in my opinion. Play false 9 with Jesus on the left.
Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago
We need Kane tho
mcLOVIN 15 kun oldin
They both been twerking for us
Steeve Cantave
Steeve Cantave 15 kun oldin
I think City getting Kane is overrated, as they just had Aguero-people are acting as if Kane is next level, prime R9-but getting Grealish would definitely be overkill. Kane, Grealish, and KDB would arguably be the three best players in the league. It doesn’t mean they’d necessarily run away with the league-it could unbalance the team in different ways-but they’d batter the small teams.
Devon Carter
Devon Carter 15 kun oldin
kane is scoring 20 goals a season at a side who has no ambition imagine what kane could do at man city u need to think bruh
Jawo Lamin
Jawo Lamin 15 kun oldin
Pep really want to win the Champions league at City. pursuing both Grealish and Kane. City land both EPL is wrap up.
Lucas Dunn
Lucas Dunn 15 kun oldin
Mac city ?? Haha the team we demobilised in the champions league final
Lucas Dunn
Lucas Dunn 15 kun oldin
@Devon Carter dream, champions league is dark blue 🔵👊😁
Devon Carter
Devon Carter 15 kun oldin
@Lucas Dunn man city will win it soon enough 🤫🥱🥱🐜🐖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😚🤩🥳🥰🥳🥰🥳🥰🤗
Lucas Dunn
Lucas Dunn 15 kun oldin
@Devon Carter never champions league 😇🤫🤫
Devon Carter
Devon Carter 15 kun oldin
@Lucas Dunn man city will take the premier League in the end 🤫🤫🤫
Lucas Dunn
Lucas Dunn 15 kun oldin
@Devon Carter yeah I will do just to beat them again 😂😂
Justin R sangma
Justin R sangma 15 kun oldin
Grealish and sterling fall down even when 🐝 fly past them. English players are way way overrated
Mamba Kroko.
Mamba Kroko. 15 kun oldin
Just that you know that's a bee..so what is a beefly...but what do I know am piano playing Croc
Rhizon Haze
Rhizon Haze 15 kun oldin
With respect to Grealish, we are stacked at midfield. I fail to see how he would fit into the system, as he would need a team to build around him I feel. Also, I'd prefer to spend that money on Erling Haaland or Kylian Mbappe since the former has a release clause for next year and the latter has 1 year left on his contract
LuckyGee 15 kun oldin
Maybe sell Mahrez and play foden at rw and grealish at Lw
Jorge Castro
Jorge Castro 15 kun oldin
Could you imagine Grealish and Foden on City’s left??? That would be insane!
Onyx Core
Onyx Core 5 kun oldin
We having Haaland too , Chelsea's deal totally flopped , they're paying 110 million euros in a 170 million euros deal 😂😂😂
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 15 kun oldin
Both are english. Overrated can't do anything outside in England.
Abdula Aiiol
Abdula Aiiol 15 kun oldin
Yeah I see goals leaking everywhere
Colby McDowell
Colby McDowell 15 kun oldin
@Tony Jofenig grealish or Foden could play left CM, they’d work it out
Tony Jofenig
Tony Jofenig 15 kun oldin
Don't they play in same position then? They would have to run one of them through the middle, then you don't play Gundogan, it's a good problem to have, but none of those guys want to sit on the bench.
George's Opinion
George's Opinion 15 kun oldin
Alexis wearing expensive construction goggles 🥽
Mitch Sorenstein
Mitch Sorenstein 14 kun oldin
They’re nice stop:|
Tha BanG
Tha BanG 14 kun oldin
Lol 😅😅
Nuel Holand
Nuel Holand 15 kun oldin
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grateful 15 kun oldin
Yes I can believe that, I got victory with him, I was so sad after receiving the first try knowing I invested so low with fear😓😫
Tommy Larry
Tommy Larry 15 kun oldin
I've got 12th winning thanks to Mr David Wayne he's really the best, I've made £16,400 in 18 days working with him
Luke Samuel
Luke Samuel 15 kun oldin
I'm from the UK, I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment, Thanks Mr samuel stone
Franklin 15 kun oldin
My first investment with Mr David Wayne gave me the assurance that have made me invest without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with him already
Mr raw
Mr raw 15 kun oldin
@Triple Son Thanks , placing my trade with expert David Wayne
Akmp Anil
Akmp Anil 15 kun oldin
City will be unstoppable. Whatever happened pls don’t sell Bernardo. He is our gem 💙
Abdi 14 kun oldin
@MrKaravaj Psg were favorites against Bayern last season and lost. It means nothing.
MrKaravaj 14 kun oldin
@Abdi I still think ManCity were the favourites (as usual lol) in august, with all due respect Chelsea werent the favourites till ending of the tournament. Im only saying ManCity always thinking they are bigger than they actually are. Chelsea are a great team, but as I said most players werent in their prime like in ManCity (and City were slightly ahead as favourites) yet Chelsea beat them 3 times. SOrry for calling you average, meaning they havent even reached their full potential yet
Abdi 14 kun oldin
@MrKaravaj It was 50 50 and we won. So what ur saying?
MrKaravaj 14 kun oldin
@Abdi Dont get mad, my point was that the Chelsea squad wasnt the best on paper and the players are still developing while City were favourites and in their moment, yet they failed
MrKaravaj 14 kun oldin
@Akmp Anil You are right he overthought and it was a bad formation - however you guys have said the same thing last 4-5 years, how come you suddenly now will dominate Europe for 4-5 years? Im not sure, but maybe
ChocoPaid 15 kun oldin
If City pull-off Jack and Kane I might not watch football next season
Charlie Chaplin • 132 years ago
@darius hills well Chelsea and united will get haaland and Sancho so they can compete tho and Liverpool has a very good squad Btw
darius hills
darius hills 15 kun oldin
Especially pl leagues over😂
Ab Agha
Ab Agha 15 kun oldin
If City get 'em both, city would become the inevitable force.
Kuku Nase
Kuku Nase 3 kun oldin
but they are..
Max Heimann
Max Heimann 9 kun oldin
... what would be the difference? they`d win the pl and fade out in the cl...
Kalata Oblivious
Kalata Oblivious 12 kun oldin
@Abdula Aiiol I mean City was the strongest team in england can’t deny it (I believe even chelsea knows city is better) but they screwed the final but except for the CL final they trashed everyone
ThatGuy 15 kun oldin
@King Kong he’s laughing about Man U being trophyless again for 4 seasons straight 🤣😂🤣🔥
King Kong
King Kong 15 kun oldin
@Abdula Aiiol What're you laughing about?
Joel F
Joel F 15 kun oldin
Take a shot of vodka everytime this guy blinks
Joel F
Joel F 15 kun oldin
Just tried it I'm on my 167th and on the floor
S1LVAW0LF 15 kun oldin
Would be dead 🤣
khan naved
khan naved 15 kun oldin
Dis clown I knew is paid pundit of man city
Craig Fisher
Craig Fisher 15 kun oldin
He's a Man Utd fan actually!!!
amuudi abdullahi
amuudi abdullahi 15 kun oldin
Jack is not natural winger, city still need full winger, striker,and left back
bledar zogaj
bledar zogaj 15 kun oldin
Hahhahahahah whats his price a 100 mil ????? Pathetic english media
Garry Galloway
Garry Galloway 15 kun oldin
Would Aston Villa even survive in the Premier League without Grealish? From midtable to relegation contenders? Also would Grealish actually want to leave the city of Birmingham? He is highly regarded by Brummies and enjoys a similar notoriety that Steven Gerald does in Liverpool. He's so popular, that he could stand for the Lord Mayor's position. Also would he be disciplined enough to follow Guardiola's tactics? At Villa Grealish is like a free spirit playing his football.
Orane Larmond
Orane Larmond 15 kun oldin
Alexis baby you getting finer by the day. I remember you looking the same when we went to high school together
Lucas Dunn
Lucas Dunn 15 kun oldin
Fashel Fut - فاشل فوت
😂 your creepiness is probably why u were never friends.
Paul C
Paul C 15 kun oldin
City has a good team. They should use the money to bring in Harry Kane, and a player like Ruben Neves to strengthen the midfield. Keep Bernardo Silva, and sell Mahrez or Sterling to bring in Grealish.
Rushyan King
Rushyan King 15 kun oldin
Grealish would be a good signing for manCity this summer
Blue Viper
Blue Viper 14 kun oldin
@Shaw Farrow 🙈
Blue Viper
Blue Viper 14 kun oldin
@Shaw Farrow bunch of fence sitters
Blue Viper
Blue Viper 14 kun oldin
@Shaw Farrow I don't answer people who sit on the fence
Blue Viper
Blue Viper 14 kun oldin
@Shaw Farrow oh your one of these lol guy's, so tell me are you really laughing out loud? What's funny?
Kee Fergo
Kee Fergo 15 kun oldin
@Shaw Farrow what?
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