Harry Kane transfer news: Could Manchester City offer Raheem Sterling to Tottenham? | ESPN FC 

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Could England teammates Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling be part of a big-time swap in the Premier League this summer? While the pair prepare for the Three Lions' Group D finale at Euro 2020, ESPN FC's Dan Thomas, Julian Laurens, Craig Burley, Don Hutchison and Steve Nicol discuss Kane's efforts to leave Tottenham and a reported offer from Manchester City.

0:00 The latest on City's initial offer to Spurs.
1:27 Could Sterling really be offered to Tottenham in order to strengthen Man City's offer?
3:00 What kind of offer would entice the guys on the FC panel if they were in Daniel Levy's position?

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21-Iyn, 2021



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pip dog 2020
pip dog 2020 Oy oldin
Kane should have left spurs five years ago
pip dog 2020
pip dog 2020 Oy oldin
they will not swap sterling lol
Gian Oy oldin
Dembele out with knee injury. In related news, the grass is green.
Anthony C
Anthony C Oy oldin
RS is arguably worth £75-100 himself and would need to take a pay cut probably half of what he earns just now so it ain’t happening he goes to Spurs
sandra_ogeh_ Oy oldin
What can they offer him
sandra_ogeh_ Oy oldin
No way
Linda Linda
Linda Linda Oy oldin
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Linda Linda
Linda Linda Oy oldin
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JMAC MCFC Oy oldin
No way on planet earth…. Sterlin is worth 100m himself….
Gaucho Oy oldin
Sterling is England's best player. I don't know why he would be swap with Kane. He's worth and more valuable than Kane and any other English overated player you will like to mention
epec20 Oy oldin
I'd take Sterling for kane straight swap. Why not? Serial PL winner. And putting the goals away for England. Kane struggles to lead. - spurs fan
Joe Kamau
Joe Kamau Oy oldin
I like harry Kane and hes a baller of a player , but eff Tottenham they can keep him. Football is going mental with money. Too much greed infact I advocate for wage and price ceilings(wages at a max of 300k and price at 80mil) . This free market is becoming garbage now
Roberto Santopadre
English like to boost there players…only thing good about England is the league. The national team has been over rated and hyped since they cheated in 66
Roberto Santopadre
Kane isn’t worth 50 million!
Nick Fox
Nick Fox Oy oldin
Kane is worth no more than £120m
Emon Oy oldin
120M and Riyad Mahrez that will be proper deal for Spurs 😘
Putri Rizkie
Putri Rizkie Oy oldin
yeah keep dreaming
Gianmarco Katz
I hate this question of “do Spurs even want sterling?” Not does sterling want to go to Spurs which is a big no . The anti Raheem agenda alive i c
Dillinger Sam
Dillinger Sam Oy oldin
Waste of money He can't even score for England in the Euro 20/ 21 😊
Tkay ✔️
Tkay ✔️ Oy oldin
No no no not my bernardo Such an underappreciated player ever since that "racism" incident with mendy He carried the team when KDB was out full season
Ahmed Omar
Ahmed Omar Oy oldin
I dont know who levy thinks kane is like hes not prime messi take 100m max and sterling stays at city too
Tilak R
Tilak R Oy oldin
Laporte is of Madrid calibre not spurs.
Nemophilist Oy oldin
Why would Sterling consent to a move to Spurs? He'd just laugh at them.
Russell ward
Russell ward Oy oldin
"they could ask for Benjamin Mendy" lol FFS
Astroid Roach
Astroid Roach Oy oldin
Sterling doesn’t have to go no where he doesn’t want to. And Tottenham is a step down in premier league terms. Can’t go from winning the league to not even cl footy
Jovan Ludaic
Jovan Ludaic Oy oldin
@wordsinahandle Ofc
Wait players in pl can deny trades? Clubs cant force players to movie?
tom affolter
tom affolter Oy oldin
Harry Kane. The next great English hope also ran.
EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup
You mean those plastics want to exchange garbage for garbage?
AJ Oy oldin
if it gets too expensive wouldnt they just go for haaland
Foreign Currency
If city buy harry kane guardiola will have spend 1 billion
carljoseph Oy oldin
City should just sign bamford or vydra
D R Oy oldin
From the famous white shirt of REAL MADRID to Spurs Lilywhites ? 😂🤣😅 Yeah good luck Raheem 😆😆😆
Flossy Oy oldin
Watch city not get Harry and somehow end up taking Andre Silva from Arsenal 😂
paco pro
paco pro Oy oldin
Harry Kane is a franchise player. He will destroy the chemistry of Man City. He should stay where he is.
Robbie Wizz
Robbie Wizz Oy oldin
Stupid discussion because Sterling is on £300k a week Spurs pay peanuts. Also Swap deals are rare in England contractually.. Sterling is a class player despite this hate campaign has a poor 6 months people go back to treating him like he’s rubbish... He’s an elite player who has one multiple titles 60 plus England caps ... This stinks of how John Barnes was treated back in the day.. by muppets who know nothing about football who get on the hate brigade bandwagon...
K Juan
K Juan Oy oldin
offer sterling for kane? this julian guy knows absolutely nothing. how stupid do you have to be to get on this show?
FutMazing Oy oldin
KDB and Lukaku connection is something. City need to realise this before you go buy kane. Same age, goals ratio but Lukaku has pace and power.
BANYHU123 Oy oldin
I’d scrap both and go for Haaland next summer for 75mil. City definitely have more pulling power now than ever before and can offer him the best financial package. Lukaku and Kane just aren’t worth their price tags.
Karatee Oy oldin
No Ake pls
Scott Jones
Scott Jones Oy oldin
No player unless a constant bench warmer would go to Spurs. Other bigger clubs would swoop in and destroy any deal.
Derek Anstey
Derek Anstey Oy oldin
Sterling do not care Play Greedy player I like £
Aron Roberts
Aron Roberts Oy oldin
100 million for kane fuk that I would get lukauku for 60 70 mill.
Johno Oy oldin
Why would Sterling go to Spurs their a train wreck
Nomadic Zak
Nomadic Zak Oy oldin
Man City posted around 100m losses, and they're spending big.. that tells you the power of petrodollar state owned clubs...
dendenn Oy oldin
They're relaxing FFP rules this summer, no problem for city
Lok Sabha
Lok Sabha Oy oldin
Id rather Aurier sign a new contract then sterling joining us. Any player the club can swap but please don't include sterling.
Michael Reay
Michael Reay Oy oldin
Sterling won't drop down to a team that doesn't compete for trophy's
Michael Reay
Michael Reay Oy oldin
@Caleb Yeargain I'm dense? Tottenham last competed a fa cup final in 1991. Do some homework bro
Njabulo Dludla
Spurs objectives are finishing in the mid-table😂😂
Caleb Yeargain
They literally played Man City in the FA cup final a couple of months ago. Champions League Final a couple of seasons ago..you're dense
Rudi Alfian
Rudi Alfian Oy oldin
If you ask Harry Kane personaly,i think even free transfer he will love to join Man City to fill his empty trophy cabinet
Kieron Spiteri
Kane is going nowhere simple as that you can put 3 players in the deal it still won't happen
David Marins
David Marins Oy oldin
@BANYHU123 yeah that sucks he’ll probably be the next Alan shearer.
BANYHU123 Oy oldin
@David Marins he should’ve been demanded a transfer request already. I think his love for Spurs will prevent him from making the move ugly. If he was really ambitious tho, he’d do everything possible to leave. I just don’t see it happening imo. His window to leave passed the moment he signed an extension.
David Marins
David Marins Oy oldin
@BANYHU123 Kane will have to force his way out and if levy won’t allow it things could get ugly, you don’t want a disgruntled football player in your team.
BANYHU123 Oy oldin
@David Marins oh 100% agree with you. Kane sealed his fate by signing that contract extension. But the point was that Kane isn’t leaving, Levy just won’t allow it 🤷‍♂️
David Marins
David Marins Oy oldin
@BANYHU123 oh yeah lmao 🙃
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Oy oldin
Don makes my ears bleed.
Hyper Borea
Hyper Borea Oy oldin
Bunch of fake alphas with council estate brains, can they fight?
Chaitanya Divate
Dembele is a joke. Has more injuries than goals
Jacob Sauers
Jacob Sauers Oy oldin
Cant stand all the hate sterling gets. Sterling is on par with Son, Salah, and Kane most seasons in the prem. This year wasn’t his best, but doesn’t mean he can’t get back to pumping out 20 goals a season. Sterling has always gotten stick since he started his career, yet players like Timo Werner or Christian Pulisic will perform worse than sterling numbers wise, yet they’ll give them slack
Jacob Sauers
Jacob Sauers Oy oldin
@F G just saying sterling produces more than he’s given credit for. He’s always been undervalued even though he really isn’t as bad as everyone makes him out to be.
F G Oy oldin
@Kabelo Ntsala its not all about stats you fool. Anyone can get good numbers playing in that city team. Maybe actually watch football and you'll realise Sterling is decent but not comparable to the elite level players in the premier league.
Kabelo Ntsala
Kabelo Ntsala Oy oldin
@F G 2019/20 season he had 31 goals 10 assists in 50apps. 2018/19 season: 25 gls and 18 assists in 50 apps 2017/18: 23 gls and 17 assists in 46 apps. So yes Sterling is on par with Kane, stats wise is better than Son and on par with Salah as well. Werner is nowhere near sterlings level.
F G Oy oldin
Sterling is on the level of Werner/Pulsic. Don’t ever compare him to Salah and Kane looool
Ice Ice
Ice Ice Oy oldin
That's because Sterling isn't a genuinely good player. He looks good because he got so much good players around him. City's true genuinely good players who can make the club tick even with weaker players by their side are De Bruyne, Aguero, Mahrez, etc.
Surya Chidri
Surya Chidri Oy oldin
Take 100 mil and go
Boughatii Lovren
I swear UNITED should buy Sterling we dont need him to score just make those runs and pass
shaneo man utd
Daniel James!. Faster too
J Oy oldin
Spurs fans would take Raheem in a heartbeat😭😭😭 Stop the cap! *in BLou Voice* Think you’re forgetting he contributed to City’s last league and domestic cup success quite significantly over 3 years 😭😭 So like... he’s actually won stuff, might be of SOME value for you
Klat Er
Klat Er Oy oldin
We don't need Sterling, if anything we need Laporte cause we don't have a solid CB
Putri Rizkie
Putri Rizkie Oy oldin
@Klat Er poor harry.. never get any trophy for the rest of his life.. some of fans and levy really keep him hostage..
Klat Er
Klat Er Oy oldin
@Putri Rizkie I think we won't accept the deal, clearly you don't know Levy 😂 he just wants the cash no additional players 😂
Putri Rizkie
Putri Rizkie Oy oldin
U will end up with mendy or ake.. nobody in the right mind wanna join spurs.. especially Laporte... he wont downgrade 🤣
🤣😂Why would Sterling want to go to Spurs. It ain’t gonna happen.🤨
Evangeline Wangari
He ain't going
@Mox Mustafa He’s to good for Spurs. Mark my words, teams like Villa and Leicester will finish higher than Spurs, especially if Kane leaves.
Mox Mustafa
Mox Mustafa Oy oldin
He'll get to play
mandla veyi
mandla veyi Oy oldin
It is the wishful thinking of "Anti Sterling Brigade' the english press and their racists pundits
Marco Oy oldin
Kane should’ve never sign that new deal 😂🤦‍♂️
SKYFUNDS Entertainment
Exactly it’s his own fault
Roger H Werner
Sterling has a contract and given the present state of Totenham there's not a chance he's going to agree to a transfer.
Ben So
Ben So Oy oldin
Stop disrespecting Raheem Sterling. That's your opinion not a fact.
Brian Kemp
Brian Kemp Oy oldin
Please get rid of Sterling. Lazy and has no first touch. He is a liability for City. There is a reason Pep would not play him.
ChrisMeerkat Oy oldin
Pls, not Sterling. It's embarrassing enough for Spurs fans at the moment.
ChrisMeerkat Oy oldin
@Jacob Sauers Bruv, look at his performances for England where he is expected to lead the way and take responsibility as he would be at Spurs. He ain't what Spurs need, Spurs can't afford to buy a billion £ team to carry anyone. He's over rated, over paid and his hipocrisy off the pitch is cringe-worthy. I'd prefer Foden or Jesus if a swap is on the table.
Red Timez
Red Timez Oy oldin
@Jacob Sauers you forget the part where sterling misses 20 goalscoring chances per game. If son, Salah got as much chances as Sterling then trust me they would be having Messi and Ronaldo numbers every season
Jacob Sauers
Jacob Sauers Oy oldin
Bro look at his stats… how are those embarrassing. Sterling is on par with Son, Salah, and Kane most seasons in the prem. This year wasn’t his best, but doesn’t mean he can’t get back to pumping out 20 goals a season. Sterling always been the scapegoat since he started his career.
AJIN LAL Oy oldin
No way Sterling is moving to Spurs. If Sterling is available then top Champions League club will be interested even Manchester United will be interested. Sterling to Spurs is not happening. 😂
Call Me Conny
Call Me Conny Oy oldin
@Red Timez if you think Rashford is good enough to have 60 goals the numbers of prime Ronaldo and messi then you are delusional lol smh.. why mahrez and foden still can't replicate sterling's numbers then since it's so easy to do it at city smh.. city is a better team yes but u still have to put yourself in position to get those chances and also finish them.. sterling's off the ball movement was excellent..
Red Timez
Red Timez Oy oldin
@Call Me Conny Stupidity is when you compare City with United. Cities Defence can provide more chances to their forward than United whole team. City forwards and wingers get more chances than United. If Rashford got as much chances as Sterling and played for City then trust me Rashford would have atleast 60 goals fffs
Call Me Conny
Call Me Conny Oy oldin
@Red Timez a guy who have missed chances yet giving you 20+ goals a season smh last year he scored 30+ no forwards/ wingers at united currently doing that lol sterling was the 1 scoring the goals when aquero numerous times out injured and winning countless penalties for the team.. I don't no one on city won penalties like him
Red Timez
Red Timez Oy oldin
@AJIN LAL i would be surprised if there is any other player close to how much Sterling have missed tho
AJIN LAL Oy oldin
@Red Timez Every player mostly have missed howlers. I still rate Sterling to play for any Champions League club.
kyle jackson
kyle jackson Oy oldin
These guys are all idiots. They don’t Ike Spurs so they want us to lose Kane. Fuq them
James Austin
James Austin Oy oldin
£100m + Ake or Jesus
zamran AKA Agha
Harry harden ( Soccer & NBA mix) cheers!
Lim Simon
Lim Simon Oy oldin
At least Spurs will be fighting for that 5-8 spots with Arsenal 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
renzel khamacho
The disrespect on Sterling is appalling! If you guys think Man City will just swap Sterling like a bag of chips then you must be out of your minds. Sterling is rated very highly by Pep, he even started him in the CL final when no one thought he would, that says a lot. Pep would never sell Sterling, the only reason Sterling leaves City is if he expresses a wish to leave and then in that case City would have to consider offers, if no good offer comes in he'll stay, simple as! As for Tottenham, I'm sorry but Sterling is way above your league, he's used to winning things and has reportedly already rubbished claims of swapping to Spurs, emphatically.
BANYHU123 Oy oldin
I mean reputable journalists have reported that Sterling is one of the names being offered so City and Pep are more than happy with the swap lol. Sterling has won many trophies, but who wouldn’t in this city side. Swap Kane with Sterling at City and the trophies would still be coming in. It’s not like Sterling will be leaving a huge gap in that City side.
renzel khamacho
@mandla veyi My point exactly. You see things like "100M+ Sterling for Kane" lol like are you high? Sterling and Kane's values aren't separated by much.
mandla veyi
mandla veyi Oy oldin
Paying 150 million for kane?For me he is not even 100 million. What has he won .sterling has won many cups but still disrespected by the englisj media.lewandoski mbappe and halland r worth 300million
topsync1952 Oy oldin
Clubs are Bankrupting them selves will be the next thing,
Francisco Garcia
These two guys are overpriced and overrated, plain and simple
Omkar Gavandi
Omkar Gavandi Oy oldin
Now why are you not talking about Argentina's wins. Why do they always get criticized about their performances but they deserve some credit after the last two games
Sen Sahir
Sen Sahir Oy oldin
Vamos, messi will lift copa this year
Stian W. Danielsen
Why would Sterling go😅
Annonomas helper
150mil for granny Kane but not for haland LOL😂
Karatee Oy oldin
Behave son
Lethuxolo Kunene
Who else remembers Don Hutchison saying he had good word Kane would be heading to City like a month or two ago?
The Egocentric Predicament
Didn’t city just win the league they shouldn’t have any problems fronting the dosh!
Sonson Jack
Sonson Jack Oy oldin
is not 100 million pounds +player it's either 100 million +10 add-on or cash +plus player. I repeat it's not 100 million +player it's some cash +player =100+ 10 million add on.
Colin Mayes
Colin Mayes Oy oldin
A bit of Diane Abbott arithmatic there.
Sam Haokip
Sam Haokip Oy oldin
Take Kane & Son away and Spurs will he toothless
why bother
why bother Oy oldin
Calhanoglu to Inter? XD
Benjamin Franklin
Harry Kane to man city, the haaland or LUKAKU to Chelsea. Nice one
Sir Blessed
Sir Blessed Oy oldin
Really wish kane comes to city Could be a worthy replacement for Aguero.
Jamkev Oy oldin
yall are high....CITY will never give Raheem away as bonus, yall really don't have any respect for him. one season with a little downtime and yall think he is done lol, lemme say this loud..FODEN is very very good but he not a the savior sent to City by the football gods, as for Kane....we will see.
ANDRS Oy oldin
Foden is overrated.
Renaldo Matadeen
Spurs would be the loser there. Sterling is trash
Kimaney Young
Kimaney Young Oy oldin
Man City won’t buy Harry Kane, he’s not pep player, just an overhype English men
P W Oy oldin
Sorry but don't accept Kane to Man City. First prove himself in Euro, then we will consider.
P W Oy oldin
@Hmst and yet the England captain cant compete or lead his team and discussions about benching Kane are making the rounds... muppet
Hmst Oy oldin
Top assist and top goal scorer in the premier league this season. He’s already proven himself you muppet.
jon27d Oy oldin
Sterling and Tottenham is a match made in heaven - so much promise but always come up short when it matters 😂
Paul Oy oldin
Like zaha ! And guess what their both B surprise surprise !
Paul Oy oldin
I agree sterling is a cracking player
Paul Oy oldin
Did harry kane ! Lol theres your answer
Paul Oy oldin
Sterling was learning his craft at liverpool you people goodness????
Paul Oy oldin
Well said too many people round on sterling cause hes good
Sean Murdock
Sean Murdock Oy oldin
I think he would be a nice for United they need a all out scorer
Eddie Chea
Eddie Chea Oy oldin
Stop saying Gabriel Jesus, he’s not leaving City.
Putri Rizkie
Putri Rizkie Oy oldin
Spurs can get mendy ..
the special one
exactly, we only have 1 senior striker at the club (Liam delap isn't first team ready) and we need at least 2 so we would never get Kane just to offload Jesus
Maryam Oy oldin
Poor harry kane
Michael Clayton
Dembele is so TRASH SMH THIS dummy is always getting hurt. Unbelievable
ervinmiracle Oy oldin
Spurs fan here. I'd take DeBruyne in a straight swap, Dias plus cash, or MAYBE Fernandinho plus cash. If we couldn't win the league with the golden-boot-winner AND the leading assist maker then we clearly need to firm up the back line AND the middle of the park.
Putri Rizkie
Putri Rizkie Oy oldin
@King of Kings and they think those players willing to join em..
ervinmiracle Oy oldin
@the special one 100 mil plus Ake might not be a bad deal. I'm sure we could find a VERY respectable striker for 100 mil. We'd firm up our backline. We might even end up in the positive.
Frank Maxwell
Frank Maxwell Oy oldin
All of those are very logical moves. Especially debruyne.. Dias too considering he just won player of the year. I’m sure city will want to give him up
the special one
you can take 100 mil and aké or Mendy
A Z Oy oldin
Sorry I would not pay more than 60M in this market .
Pompey Trooper
At least Tottenham will have a pretty stadium to watch mid table football in
Irfan Iqbal
Irfan Iqbal Oy oldin
@Joe Gantner agreed
Joe Gantner
Joe Gantner Oy oldin
@Irfan Iqbal well the Tottenham stadium is literally the nicest in the prem it will be used for all sorts of events and sell so many tickets. It was a statement decision by Levy that proved he is ready to try and take the next step and become an elite club. Obviously they aren’t at that level yet but I think he is slowly getting to the point that he will be willing to splash the cash and really go for it
Irfan Iqbal
Irfan Iqbal Oy oldin
@Joe Gantner they could sell more tickets or use it for other big events but as a businessman it's stupid spending huge amount of money after spending so much on a new stadium. He knows he won't be able to compete with city, Chelsea, Liverpool or even man United for the matter but I agree more could be done no way am I a totnam fan just saying its easier said then done
Joe Gantner
Joe Gantner Oy oldin
@Irfan Iqbal they are going to make profits from the fantastic stadium
Irfan Iqbal
Irfan Iqbal Oy oldin
@kadiray dukureh well he spent crazy amounts for the new stadium his not gonna spend lots cuz of it...
CLIPPED Oy oldin
Sterling would never want to join Spurs, no above average player wants to join spurs, maybe Ake, Jesus or Mendy wouldn't mind
amazoner0cks Oy oldin
@Call Me Conny Swap deal with Dembele? :)
Call Me Conny
Call Me Conny Oy oldin
@Visal Vimal a guy that scores more goals than most wingers in europe is below average? 1 bad season out of his 4 season for city so far and all of a sudden hes the worst player in England lol smh last season the man scored 30+, goals
Visal Vimal
Visal Vimal Oy oldin
Sterling is below average
Paul Oy oldin
Spurs will play team football when kane goes things are looking up !
Eddie Chea
Eddie Chea Oy oldin
Jesus is not average
Keanu Boyd
Keanu Boyd Oy oldin
Spurs really need to consider whether or not they want to win trophies or just see Kane bang in goals. Priorities Spurs Priorities
Putri Rizkie
Putri Rizkie Oy oldin
Spurs and trophies arent gonna happen mate.. levy just about money money money..
Sullay BJ
Sullay BJ Oy oldin
If Kane wants to leave he'll leave
Dick Dingwiza
Dick Dingwiza Oy oldin
Whatever you may think of Levy, he’s no chump. He ain’t taking Sterling at that wage!!!! You know Levy will ask for an arm and a Leg - Maybe 100m plus Laporte AND another young player
Dick Dingwiza
Dick Dingwiza Oy oldin
@Tselmuun MunkhjinDid you miss the part I said Levy will ask for an arm and a leg????
Putri Rizkie
Putri Rizkie Oy oldin
Laporte and young players? spurs will end up with mendy or ake
Tselmuun Munkhjin
100m + Laporte + young player? You think Kane is worth 200mil? Levy and Kane will end up like the Napoli and Koulibaly situation. Too greedy to sell his star player who is approaching 30, and miss out the opportunity to cash in
Nasir Syed
Nasir Syed Oy oldin
How crazy is that £100M plus Sterling, it will never happen.
renzel khamacho
Just media bs mate. Sterling and Kane are almost the same value. Sterling is around 80M-90M, Kane is around 90M-120M, people are quick to forget, Sterling scored 32 goals just the season before last, better put some respect on his name, he's too big for Spurs!
Paul Oy oldin
The other way round mate English rhetoric and exaggerated inflated pricing . Gini Wilnaldum went for free joke
Hussein J Makshofi
Get 140 for Kane is a huge score. He is not worth that tag at this stage in his career
Paul Oy oldin
Woeful at the Euros this is the stage where top players perform like Raheem sterling 1 goal kane zilch
Josh Gonzales
Josh Gonzales Oy oldin
Why is that I’m just curious 🤨 lol
Christian WAG
Christian WAG Oy oldin
ancms Oy oldin
City needs to offer its defenders
Butters Stoch
Butters Stoch Oy oldin
For the love of God please swap. Sterling needs to go. I know I'll never regret that swap
Jaime Vazquez
Jaime Vazquez Oy oldin
@Butters Stoch and yet none of them ever had the season he have
Jaime Vazquez
Jaime Vazquez Oy oldin
@the special one and they claim he had a bad season yet his numbers are rite up there with the so-called great performers this season smh
Jaime Vazquez
Jaime Vazquez Oy oldin
Yeah u wouldn't bcz he's a black player doing good and thts wat u hate
Butters Stoch
Butters Stoch Oy oldin
@Paul Sancho is far better and even foden.
Paul Oy oldin
For the love of God please swap. kane needs to go. I know I'll never regret that swap no goals in the euro tired sorry looking figure overated flop just like England sterling should play for a top international side !!
Iron Bridge
Iron Bridge Oy oldin
Sterling : I don't wanna go. Don't make me go...
@Paul naaa
Lvg Philosophy
Or I'll play Golf
poolfans Oy oldin
@Paul go away. And now it’s Spurs not Liverpool
Paul Oy oldin
Sterling return to anfield !!
ryan tuttle
ryan tuttle Oy oldin
pretty sure sterling gotta agree to it too
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