Ethan Horvath describes epic penalty save in USMNT's Nations League final win vs. Mexico | ESPN FC 

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Goalkeeper Ethan Horvath breaks down the penalty save that helped the USMNT beat Mexico in extra time on their way to winning the CONCACAF Nations League.
0:00 Horvath explains his thought process after coming into the game for the injured Zack Steffen.
2:15 How watching film of Mexico's players taking penalties served as perfect preparation.
3:39 What being a part of the rivalry with Mexico is like.
4:30 How the win will help the USMNT gain confidence for CONCACAF World Cup qualifying.

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7-Iyn, 2021



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Jessé Levy Vieira
Jessé Levy Vieira 6 kun oldin
This game has just earned his place in European Football, may God keep blessing this dude !
marco sixeighter durazo
He should be our starting goalie
M. David McCormick
M. David McCormick 8 kun oldin
this dude is professional, awesome, and exhausted. this interview as a whole is atrocious lol
John Hamler
John Hamler 9 kun oldin
The man, being from Denver, Colorado, has managed to pick up a slightly weird Baravian accent hasn't he?
Wulan Dwi Pratiwi
Wulan Dwi Pratiwi 9 kun oldin
Golden generations
Bethany M
Bethany M 9 kun oldin
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Jaime Reinoso
Jaime Reinoso 10 kun oldin
Very happy with these results, this game and Ethan Horvath 🙌
Kenneth Mueller
Kenneth Mueller 10 kun oldin
This dude really did an amazing job, such a good goalkeeper Saying hi from 🇲🇽
xinyi wang
xinyi wang 10 kun oldin
The natural queen substantially argue because raincoat corroboratively spill lest a resolute oak. married, skillful input
Gerardo Mijangos
Gerardo Mijangos 12 kun oldin
El es mi heroe, (my hero). Keep the good job cabrones.
Zukie Power
Zukie Power 12 kun oldin
The ill-fated face accordantly squeeze because revolver rahilly pause modulo a labored sauce. enchanted, piquant alley
Federico Galvan
Federico Galvan 12 kun oldin
Congratulations 👏 🇺🇸 we will see 👀 you in the gold cup i😉
Sala Mence
Sala Mence 12 kun oldin
The dusty eggnog overwhelmingly tow because plywood sequentially admire an a well-to-do mary. spooky, joyous psychiatrist
Tadeo Zamorano
Tadeo Zamorano 12 kun oldin
Let's good boys
Brian Geronimo
Brian Geronimo 12 kun oldin
Am Mexican I go for mexico and that kid is going to have a great futer
blackstar 72
blackstar 72 12 kun oldin
As a Mexico fan I wasn’t even mad we lost. This guy deserves it he really came in clutch for his team. I was happy for just him tho lol. Such class and humility.
A_L 12 kun oldin
Mexico pendujo
nastynas 12 kun oldin
Ehhhhhh p u toooooo
Music Friend
Music Friend 13 kun oldin
This game has been career changing for him really, also I didn’t trust in him but from this game, he has already earned trust of many and he earned many fans as well, I’m one of them.
jesus pedo
jesus pedo 13 kun oldin
He deserves Mexicos respect -From a Mexican
Mike Bennett
Mike Bennett 13 kun oldin
Doesn't even show the play and then has to interject the negative stuff about the fight. Horvath was terrific in the save but sportscenter is a loser. Hopefully USAMNT will really meld and not make silly mistakes.
Bryan Villa 2000
Bryan Villa 2000 13 kun oldin
Not going to lie USA team player good and Mexico better. but we take revanange in gold cup
Chekenator 13 kun oldin
Mexico gonna win the next time they play against each other
Eric Ruiz
Eric Ruiz 13 kun oldin
What a game he had n what a save on the pk 👏
pinoyboyy 13 kun oldin
Next man up mentality
Andrew North
Andrew North 13 kun oldin
The busy jogging reportedly fax because alarm biomechanically screw above a cheerful kohlrabi. youthful, unarmed competitor
Pheng Vue
Pheng Vue 13 kun oldin
Someone get this man a contract.
Marcos Reid
Marcos Reid 13 kun oldin
The hideous high stopsign perceptually buzz because antarctica chiefly double qua a open tongue. unique, wicked actress
chamberlain wonder
chamberlain wonder 13 kun oldin
They need to confirm for secretary of defence right away
chamberlain wonder
chamberlain wonder 13 kun oldin
Greatest goal keeper ever keep this game all over..
BUZZTROLL Inc. 13 kun oldin
This new generation of players will reach heights never reached before by any US National Team.
Jesse Huerta
Jesse Huerta 13 kun oldin
Invest on this man!!! He’s gold !!
A Ghost
A Ghost 13 kun oldin
Finally I can stop smoking the usa pack for now
The Slav
The Slav 13 kun oldin
Pulisic,Horvath(Hrvat)the Croatians are making American soccer great!!
JPCompsHD 13 kun oldin
Horvath I know your contract is up so if MLS might be an interest then Atlanta won’t be a bad destination😏 jokes aside I think a big team in Europe will definitely give him a look.
Jorge Ortega
Jorge Ortega 13 kun oldin
This guy is all class. A guy's guy..!
carlos andres
carlos andres 13 kun oldin
The decorous sail cytogenetically prepare because cream notably marry beside a jaded newsprint. ceaseless, striped lizard
Bounsana Katmanivong
I believe they will far with this young group of 🇺🇸 men they would be in the round of 16 World cup.
Rodger Murphy
Rodger Murphy 13 kun oldin
Round of 16 I decent but they can do better I think
Subaru Natsuki
Subaru Natsuki 13 kun oldin
"soccer" smh
Clinton Davis
Clinton Davis 13 kun oldin
Get some sleep young man! You look completely knackered.
steve diosdado
steve diosdado 13 kun oldin
Dude was nails.
Johnny Leyton
Johnny Leyton 14 kun oldin
The epic penalty save made you to become a big hero for the fans of United States soccer team like me. Keep going and good luck in the long, long journey of soccer, Ethan.
Stream HD
Stream HD 14 kun oldin
All USMNT fans love him. What a heroic save he had yet a down to earth humble and classy person.
Ats Oficial
Ats Oficial 14 kun oldin
His whole performance was incredible but the “final” is just a throwaway friendlies tournament idk why people have blown it up. Regardless tho! He was impecable !!!
John Grossman
John Grossman 13 kun oldin
It was blown up because the Gold Cup is mostly meaningless this year. It got pushed back due to covid and interferes with European club preseason (and the Olympics for Mexico and Honduras). Both the US and Mexico will be sending a B team.
compa 14 kun oldin
He reminds me of dewey from malcolm in the middle
Christopher Espinoza
Yea this dude does not freeze under pressure you can tell just how he talks. Dude is gonna be an amazing goal keeper for years to come 🇺🇸💪🏽
Alexis Morales
Alexis Morales 14 kun oldin
Buen juego...congratulations bro🔥🔥
Tyler Santos
Tyler Santos 14 kun oldin
Never liked steffen … I hope he stays out first choice now
MTG Teran Garcia
MTG Teran Garcia 14 kun oldin
Buen partido, realmente se merecen ser campeones. Soy mexicano. Pero dieron lo mejor 👌👍🏻.
Pedro Villarreal
Pedro Villarreal 14 kun oldin
I hate him right now😂🤣 but I have to admit he did amazing as well as the entire US team....im just glad it wasn't the gold cup
Joe Rents
Joe Rents 14 kun oldin
American of Mexican descent here. Congrats to both teams for putting it all on the line. Here is to both teams succeeding and entering the next WC.
Ricky Castro
Ricky Castro 14 kun oldin
We got lucky. Hopefully USMT can keep getting wins because this team needs a lot more
sam holub
sam holub 14 kun oldin
While people may not agree Mexico.vs.USA the animosity and violence not just from the players but the fans as well it is a very big derby in the international scene
GFEAST 14 kun oldin
Absolute legend really hope he scores a big contract with his dream team, all the best to him and my other fellow Americans 🇺🇸🐐🤘
Swag Planet
Swag Planet 14 kun oldin
What a badass dude. YOU CAME THROUGH BOSS!!!!
Juan Jaquez
Juan Jaquez 14 kun oldin
It was a great game
AC_TC_20 14 kun oldin
Mexico's team is very talented great win. Fans everywhere are out of control. Westbrook had popcorn thrown at him. Kyrie Irving had a bottle thrown at him. Prosecute all of them and give 3-5 years prison because of the context.
Hello Are you there
Hello Are you there 14 kun oldin
Marc Valle
Marc Valle 14 kun oldin
USA soccer federation stop playing Mexico in the Southwestern part of the country, look at what the salty Mexican fans did Gio Reyna could’ve been really hurt and nothing is being done about that
Anthony Long
Anthony Long 14 kun oldin
Colorado isnt in the southwest….
Bolbii TP
Bolbii TP 14 kun oldin
It would be awesome to see Ethan Horvath at Bayern Munich, alongside with Manuel Neuer🇺🇸🇩🇪
Johnny Rico
Johnny Rico 14 kun oldin
Dudes gonna be cashing fat checks
Wm Veatch
Wm Veatch 14 kun oldin
The irate swiss terminally joke because coat iteratively claim midst a special summer. kind, measly riddle
oscar delarosa
oscar delarosa 14 kun oldin
MANNN this dude is a great goalkeeper!!!
Jonathan T
Jonathan T 14 kun oldin
It’s thedoveguy from TikTok 😂
JuAn Ortiz
JuAn Ortiz 14 kun oldin
From being Dewey in malcom to a USA goalkeeper Nice
KingG23 14 kun oldin
Why does it sound like he has a foreign accent lol
Anthony Long
Anthony Long 14 kun oldin
He’s been in belgium for a while. So….
Skinny A
Skinny A 14 kun oldin
Out of curiosity, what kind of accent does he have? Do people in Colorado sound like that? It sounds almost like he is from Quebec
TheMultipass 14 kun oldin
In the thumbnail he looks looks like that youngest kid from Malcom in the Middle
The Insider
The Insider 14 kun oldin
Sage Steele is a cancer to sports broadcasting.
Nick Turner
Nick Turner 14 kun oldin
I think he should be the starter perhaps??
Brooks Roenisch
Brooks Roenisch 14 kun oldin
V T 14 kun oldin
Two good game in 2 years don't make a career
peterhaslund 14 kun oldin
A real pro always cries at the end of games give this guy a contract asap he's a legend already great story
angelo... 14 kun oldin
He said Football! Not “soccer”! 👏🏻👏🏻😂
çarlos linares
çarlos linares 14 kun oldin
Ethan was awesome 👏
Rob B
Rob B 14 kun oldin
Wonder what it’s like to be interviewed by an open racist
Mauricio Milano
Mauricio Milano 14 kun oldin
USMNT have keepers it's only a secret to our old snobs 😉
митчелл Айртон
FOOTBALL not soccer
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 14 kun oldin
This goal keeper is the goat 🐐 I’m thinking he is better than Steffens
Dillinger Sam
Dillinger Sam 14 kun oldin
Nice video Thank you😊
J R 14 kun oldin
Horvath saved how many chances? I did really well to fend off Mexico's attack. Credit to him for the PK save.
Dillinger Sam
Dillinger Sam 14 kun oldin
He will be good playing in England😊
Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette 14 kun oldin
US Legend
cameron H
cameron H 14 kun oldin
This dude just gained thousands of new fans - if not millions. Very authentic soul - USA!
End Censorship
End Censorship 14 kun oldin
Would love to see my squad in England, Tottenham, get him. He has class and character, we need that.
William Mejia
William Mejia 14 kun oldin
Not the hero we wanted but the hero we needed..
Vick Calderon
Vick Calderon 14 kun oldin
Nice to hear a player who just won the gold sound humble. The interview was just about the game. Thanks for that.
Steven Neutron
Steven Neutron 14 kun oldin
Send this man to Europe asap
JeanLuc DeCastro
JeanLuc DeCastro 14 kun oldin
He is in Europe, he's signed to Club Brugge and has been since 2017.
Nihh Nihh
Nihh Nihh 14 kun oldin
Zack Stefan “ send these mfs back home “ Ethan “ will do “
Nihh Nihh
Nihh Nihh 14 kun oldin
He was better than the starting keeper
javier vazquez
javier vazquez 14 kun oldin
Hats off to you my friend!.
Gera Tsubaki
Gera Tsubaki 14 kun oldin
why does USA always develop good GKs in the football world?
JeanLuc DeCastro
JeanLuc DeCastro 14 kun oldin
Most pro athletes in the U.S. play multiple sports, that includes our footballers, majority our sports uses hands in all aspects, so you get good as using it. That's my theory.
Vikas Hakda
Vikas Hakda 14 kun oldin
What the fuq is a SOCCER...
Ulysses Morando
Ulysses Morando 14 kun oldin
Jo-Ryan Salazar
Jo-Ryan Salazar 14 kun oldin
The Secretary of Defense speaks.
wise_man 14 kun oldin
Arsenal need to got him NOW
jaquin 103
jaquin 103 14 kun oldin
Congrats USA..we'll get y'all next time.
JESUSLives 15 kun oldin
*John F. Kennedy* 💪🇺🇸💪 “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” 📃✨ *USA* 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Nucci604 15 kun oldin
I'm sure by now, We'll always remember that name, Ethan Horvath!
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