England vs. Romania reaction: Did Gareth Southgate make a mistake with his XI? | ESPN FC 

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ESPN FC's Jurgen Klinsmann, Steve Nicol and Jan Aage Fjortoft join Dan Thomas to react to England's 1-0 win over Romania in the Three Lions' final friendly before Euro 2020 begins.

0:00 Did Gareth Southgate make a mistake with his surprising XI against Romania?
1:37 If James Ward-Prowse replaces Trent Alexander-Arnold on the final roster, it will have little to do with his ability from set pieces.
4:22 The importance of the dynamic within the group in selecting a squad for a major tournament.

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6-Iyn, 2021



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711honved 13 kun oldin
Three things certain in life; taxes, death & England failing in big competitions.
J Cardenas
J Cardenas 13 kun oldin
Grealish and Rashford were SO good. if it was me in Southgate's position,I would, in average, start with Pickford, Walker, Maguire, Stones, Chilwell, Rice, Phillips, Grealish, Rashford, Sancho, Kane.
thecommon moralcause
We ain't gonna win one game.Sorry but that's how I see it.
pcktlwyr 14 kun oldin
so who would you believe serial winner Klinsmann or Southgate?
sam smith
sam smith 14 kun oldin
Typical Scotsman not understanding English football and he's not alone as our manager seems to be part of the same mind set. Ward-Prowse has an engine, one of the best passers of the ball available to this manager. Grealish is a rare talent, takes players on unlike the rest who have to pass their way forward. Grealish commits players thus freeing up others and the manager doesn't want this type of player. Lingard has probably had the best season along with Foden, Mount and Grealish. Yet Rashford has a similar goal scoring record to the Liverpool goalkeeper, Hendersons not fit and will probably breakdown in the Euro's. Sterling again has not been in form and the manager wants to use this major Tournament to try and get them working?
Rocky 14 kun oldin
Henderson spoilt my bettingslip. He should be sent home for playing that penalty.
Anderson Silva
Anderson Silva 14 kun oldin
You cant make a mistake with your starting 11 when its only a friendly, this video is useless information lol
Wallie Manggi
Wallie Manggi 14 kun oldin
James Ward deserved to be XI squad the quality he has.
Techno OG
Techno OG 15 kun oldin
Ok ok Germany is better than England!
Tymko C
Tymko C 15 kun oldin
1-0 over Luxembourg? Victory is a victory but that's not impressive by Scotland. Dan had to throw one Jan's way, stating that every team is beating Norway lately. Norwegians no doubt are using the old tactic of letting all teams beat them in pre tourney friendlies only to turn it on once it really matters.
La vita è bella
La vita è bella 15 kun oldin
Romania died this year... where are good players???
Colin Stuart
Colin Stuart 15 kun oldin
I gave up on the game after 70 minutes and went and emulsioned the dining room. Genuinely more fun watching that dry
Linda Fletcher
Linda Fletcher 15 kun oldin
The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich
Spa©️e Derby✔️
More leeds united players in the team please
pulak biswas
pulak biswas 15 kun oldin
pulak biswas
pulak biswas 15 kun oldin
Noland Vannoy
Noland Vannoy 15 kun oldin
england would win trophies if they had a manager who could pick a proper xi
ChungWei Wang
ChungWei Wang 15 kun oldin
The nutritious brow byerly choke because fork reassuringly entertain down a numberless operation. crowded, useless polyester
Otieno fredrick
Otieno fredrick 15 kun oldin
Dan likes wardprowse his lookalike
Daniel Cimino
Daniel Cimino 15 kun oldin
Can we talk about that USA vs Mexico game? Instant classic
Don Romeo
Don Romeo 15 kun oldin
There's a lost Mexicanadian here, someone show them out.
Twilight Management
Twilight Management 15 kun oldin
the only thing for england when singing, its coming home ? is the team coming home early on easy jet engclown
DOLPHIN 15 kun oldin
just accept,this english team is bang average except kane.
Don Romeo
Don Romeo 15 kun oldin
And Foden and Maguire. And Trent and Walker. And maybe one or two others. Then I agree with you. Southgate hasn't even picked several of the country's best, even in the PL.
Jamkev 15 kun oldin
If they continue with that energy and he continues with those kind of players well then I guess I can say he will definitely need Sterling-a mean if he doesn’t who will we use as scapegoat when we get knocked out early.
NDC 15 kun oldin
No ESPN, you just overhype England....
Rupam The Awesome one
If england wants a penalty they need Rashford in the starting lineup...i mean he gets so many for mufc
Gaucho 15 kun oldin
England overated as always
ben hart
ben hart 15 kun oldin
On paper no matter how you put it England clearly dont have a half decent team,so called club superstars put it in before they really prove there worth as there is no experienced players before them to learn from,last 16😴😴😴
Len Dever
Len Dever 15 kun oldin
Barely beating Romania and they think they can win the Euros, the most overrated team in the world.
David 15 kun oldin
One World Cup at home, a million years ago. This is probably the worst squad I’ve ever seen. England got to win euro 🤔😂
yonnie4416 15 kun oldin
Justin 15 kun oldin
Last time England gelled was 1996 Euros Gazza, Sheringham, Shearer
Don Romeo
Don Romeo 15 kun oldin
God those were the days (and the players). But actually the last was WC 1998. Argentina cheated us out. One of the best squads England ever had, under one of the best managers.
Jgr Make
Jgr Make 15 kun oldin
Aaaaand he just added a defensive player in the squad instead of adding an offensive midfielder!!
Fletch 3236
Fletch 3236 15 kun oldin
Who’d he pick?
Arun 15 kun oldin
Only two england players have worldwide fans - Harry Kane and Jack Grealish.
Arun 15 kun oldin
England playing boring football. Rashford was the captain. That shows everything.
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake 15 kun oldin
Rashord being captain shows nothing. He's a senior player and was the most senior one on the field. Sterling,Kane,Henderson,Maguire etc wasn't playing so what's the problem m
Real Reason
Real Reason 15 kun oldin
Mings out white should replace him ... Jwp should go solid player
Don Romeo
Don Romeo 15 kun oldin
Also, Tyrone Mings has stamped on at least two players' faces. Now if you or I do that, on camera with a million witnesses, we may go to prison. Instead, Face-Stamper Mings gets the callup. Southgate = Failure.
Don Romeo
Don Romeo 15 kun oldin
Well, Ben Mee should replace him. England won't win because they are the only country in the world who wouldn't pick Ben Mee as their starting CB. He is literally the best centreback in the world, almost single-handedly keeping Burnley in the Premier League. But Southgate has never even once givenhim the callup. Madness.
Sam N Edu Medja
Sam N Edu Medja 15 kun oldin
Southgate did not want to put his potential starting team because there could've been a debate that could impack the team in a negative way; I am just guessing here anyway. I am sure the starting is practicing against the rest.
Paite Lyrics Channel
Southgate managed Middlesbrough and not very good at it. What do you expect from him?
j12gz 15 kun oldin
The biggest mistake was appointing the waistcoat in the first place
Gideon Marvelous tv
Gideon Marvelous tv 16 kun oldin
When was the last time English reach Semi finals in any competition? This manager is the first manager to take English team to semi finals since many decades ago.
The Ugly Irish
The Ugly Irish 15 kun oldin
@Matty Reynolds Not ever but it’s a valid point. You don’t get to a World Cup semi final by being a bad team. You just don’t
Matty Reynolds
Matty Reynolds 15 kun oldin
That was the easiest route to a semi final ever and we still didn’t win it
The Ugly Irish
The Ugly Irish 15 kun oldin
Frank De Boer could get England to the semis with all these players at his disposal so it really doesn’t say much..
Bald Convo
Bald Convo 16 kun oldin
Rashford looked like he did not want to be there. Henderson is nowhere near match.
Ali Baba
Ali Baba 16 kun oldin
in my view, i dont think so this team will go for second round..i feel doubt bout this team🤔🙈
Mark Nduati
Mark Nduati 16 kun oldin
made a mistake ... getting tired of this poor coverage of games ... i totally enjoyed watching grealish, sancho and DCL
soumitrasankar das
soumitrasankar das 16 kun oldin
England will be out in Group stages
renato pereira
renato pereira 16 kun oldin
This game was a friendly game to check possible new players in the first team and tactics england have one of the best teams in this Euro
Nelson Gmode
Nelson Gmode 16 kun oldin
cmon man it's England. bunch of hyped average players since they won the world cup Centuries ago
John Vennell
John Vennell 16 kun oldin
Docraki Docraki
Docraki Docraki 16 kun oldin
Do t get why james Maddison isn’t in the squad.
ryan smith
ryan smith 15 kun oldin
Hasn't been good enough
Don Ole
Don Ole 16 kun oldin
Kshiteesh Sharma
Kshiteesh Sharma 16 kun oldin
When the “social thing” and chemistry are so so important then why is Southgate not considering taking JLingz? I mean he is literally the only person who’ll always stay positive and will always be there to cheer the team and he has had a great season as well. So he can be useful in matches for sure 💪🏻
Deepan Dutta
Deepan Dutta 16 kun oldin
Only Grealish looked lively for England in the friendlies
Deepan Dutta
Deepan Dutta 13 kun oldin
@Fusion Super He should have been in the 26 instead of Henderson
Rashford was good yesterday but it’s popular to hate on him right now so people won’t care.
Fusion Super
Fusion Super 15 kun oldin
Don't forget the Saints' captain James Ward-Prowse. He was at it the entire game than any other player in the starting 11.
Ononso Orizu
Ononso Orizu 16 kun oldin
Jurgen Klinsman is soooooooooo boring. Man talks like he is answering questions in a press conference
cam xan
cam xan 16 kun oldin
England are good but compared to other teams they are overhyped
Mohammed Sayhan
Mohammed Sayhan 16 kun oldin
Southgate seems to make a lot of "mistakes"🤷‍♂️
Major x
Major x 16 kun oldin
England have quality players to go far ahead... but they'll never win anything under Southgate, boring.
Evan L
Evan L 16 kun oldin
France, Belgium, Portugal, and Italy should all be favored ahead of England. even Germany and Netherlands could be ahead if they had better managers. although that is also the main problem for England. Southgate really needs to go. hopefully an early knockout will get him axed.
mrchelsea 71
mrchelsea 71 16 kun oldin
Southgate should be sacked, he’s not aligned with fans, he’s negative and boring, England have some great players and yet they are Boeing too watch
NOBODY 16 kun oldin
Karume Huie
Karume Huie 16 kun oldin
Southgate a try please everybody
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen 16 kun oldin
They and Holland will get devoured
Brandon 16 kun oldin
Gareth south gate hasn't fielded an XI that makes sense since he became a coach
Prashanth Nair Kumaran
England not going to win, these pundits know it too.. all the hype jz for the clicks..
Ghost 7
Ghost 7 16 kun oldin
Italy have a bigger chance of winning then England also Portugal deserve to be 2nd favorites
Palash Rawat
Palash Rawat 13 kun oldin
@EMST3N I agree. I just hope Joachim L. plays them in a 4-3-3 (with Havertz/Muller as False 9) or a back 3 (with Rudiger)....in both cases...they need a false 9 and LW/RW to play as inside forwards. Because Kimmich is good enough to create from wide areas.
EMST3N 13 kun oldin
@Palash Rawat sorry but Germany is not far off..anyone with a little bit of football knowledge can see the unbelievable quality that Germany has..2nd best team behind France and the whole world doubting them makes them even more dangerous. U are all sleeping on them ..
Generousman Tongper
Generousman Tongper 16 kun oldin
To be honest englabd is always an overhyped team
Deep Kayal
Deep Kayal 16 kun oldin
You r right Italy has a great chance to win it...They have a great squad this time
Girshwin Hess
Girshwin Hess 16 kun oldin
@Palash Rawat Italy is on a 20 odd winning game streak. They are the dark horses
Ash Fernandes
Ash Fernandes 16 kun oldin
It's a friendly. Zero fucks are given in friendlies.
WahWahWehWah 16 kun oldin
Southgate is just about as clueless as Ole, the pair of them couldnt lead a horse to water!
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG 16 kun oldin
Henderson don't deserve to be England captain, pathetic and selfish loser pulled his rank to take the spotkick and misses.
Mystic King
Mystic King 16 kun oldin
England will not qualify from the group stage if they continue to play in the same vain. If you're good enough to be playing for England then you should be good enough to play as a team.
John Vennell
John Vennell 16 kun oldin
The only thing their good at is Taking the RACIST MARXIST POLITICAL KNEE,
Dante Roa
Dante Roa 16 kun oldin
So who is england starting 11 and formation for the Euros???? Will sterling start, r they playing with back 3 or 4? Who is the starting right back. Who plays in midfield? How good is the chemistry between players? I think england had a good enough players to go far in the Euros the problem is the coach and the players he will select that start.
Arvind Sidhu
Arvind Sidhu 16 kun oldin
Ben White showed Tyrone Mings and Ben Godfrey on how to defend. Most blocks and interceptions of all the England squad. Baffling how he isn't in the final squad
Don Romeo
Don Romeo 15 kun oldin
He's 'white'. Seriously. Compare the national ethnic makeup of Englishmen, with the ethnic makeup of the national team. These teams are picked race-first. Ben Mee is perhaps the best centreback in the world for the last 4 years. But he's too light. Mings (the multiple face-stamper) gets the nod. Did you know Sterling isn't even English? Count the number of young player callups under Southgate. Now look at the national average for ethnicity. Now count those callups, by anglo-saxon and 'other ethnicity'. It should blow your mind. Institutionalised racism right underneath everyones noses.
ontheslide 16 kun oldin
2 friendlies... both performances looked weak.. is the booing before kick-off unsettling them..??
Seun Olushola
Seun Olushola 16 kun oldin
I will never get how England are second favourites
pcktlwyr 14 kun oldin
hype machine
Franchize Tribe
Franchize Tribe 15 kun oldin
Being English manager is like the biggest hot seat in sports for a team not expected to win
Matt Black
Matt Black 15 kun oldin
Bookies hoping loads of people back then then making a killing when they crash out
Christian Martens
Christian Martens 15 kun oldin
@Loftus Blake All true but they have always been a tournament team and its the last tournament for the coach so there will be extra motivation . But i don't think they will win it i think France or Belgium
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake 15 kun oldin
@Christian Martens Germany aren't good at all. If you look at their results or watch them since they world they've continously give away leads,goals and can't see out games
Michael Maruli
Michael Maruli 16 kun oldin
Henderson? He is injured for a while dude... Where is mason mount?
Daniel C
Daniel C 16 kun oldin
jwp shouldn't just be in the 26 he should be in the 11
Robin LaBouche
Robin LaBouche 16 kun oldin
Rubbish England performance, the only thing Rashford did was to score the penalty...he lost the ball 99% of the time when he had it. Overall not a very good game. Southgate needs to get real !!!!!
harrybishcrew 16 kun oldin
Yes didn't quite understand how everyone was saying he was quality that game. He looked pretty poor to me. Also felt the same about Shaw but everyone loved him. Only players that showed anything were grealish and JWP
More Than Just Talks: Becoming
This England squad will try so too hard to get into second round. Gareth Southgate has no technical abilities at all despite the so called Sanchos, Bellighas, Kanes etc. It will be a continued storyline of under achievement. They are even struggling to win friendlies. Unbelievable. These should have been games where players should be free of pressure and full of expression yet it's been disappointing last two games. Yall will we see what I mean when Euro starts.
alexndr27 15 kun oldin
The way the draw is has made things pretty complicated, like with the world cup in Russia it might actually be better for England to finish 2nd in the group, but we still don't want to lose to Croatia. Its a tough scenario, I don't think friendly games really show too much especially when our best players are mostly being left out to rest.
Yusuf Fulat
Yusuf Fulat 16 kun oldin
The truth is that Southgate does not even know his starting line-up vs Croatia.
OG Cookie Monster
OG Cookie Monster 16 kun oldin
Still don’t know why Southgate has the England job. England have enough quality to have a more attacking side. There’s no need for 2 DMs
alexndr27 15 kun oldin
I think the Croatia game in 2018 WC haunted Southgate for a long time, in the second half and extra time their midfield dominated the game because we didn't have enough protection in front of the defence. That's his thought process I think, I'd be very surprised if he plays 2 DMs against Scotland and the Czechs. The first game is so important.
Gideon Marvelous tv
Gideon Marvelous tv 16 kun oldin
When was the last time English reach semi finals in any competition? This manager is the first manager to do so since many decades ago..
Amit 16 kun oldin
Why these jokers don't talk about halland the so called super star an absolute dud for Norway
Amit 15 kun oldin
@Luigi's TheBetterPlumber u don't to be in euros to play football Norway has had 3 matches like all other teams since the season ended..massive 0 for this machine
Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
Because Norway aren't in the Euros, and if Haaland's a dud then there's not much I can say.... The guy's a goal machine.
Eldho Abraham
Eldho Abraham 16 kun oldin
England team selections are always made in to a big deal as if they have won mutiple world cups and euros lol :D :D
Ben Sampson
Ben Sampson 15 kun oldin
Probably coz we're all English clearly
KENDALL_KNOWS_BEST! 16 kun oldin
Get phucked
Sean Martell
Sean Martell 16 kun oldin
Don’t cry you peasants
Attila 22
Attila 22 16 kun oldin
They usually don't last long so gotta get the publicity and discussion done early.
Rory Bellows
Rory Bellows 16 kun oldin
Always over-hyped and over-rated.
Nick Mogielnicki
Nick Mogielnicki 16 kun oldin
Southgate will bottle it and get fired. Bet on it.
Dr. Diaz
Dr. Diaz 16 kun oldin
You can say good bye to all your trophies with this manager.
Dr. Diaz
Dr. Diaz 14 kun oldin
@Tyler Durden lmao thats a but harsh.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 14 kun oldin
What trophies? They are the Tottenham of national football. Has a lucky world cup some 50 yrs back. And has only played one final in their all time history in FIFA cup.
Olayinka Giwa
Olayinka Giwa 16 kun oldin
What trophies??
eye espea
eye espea 16 kun oldin
They already got Chilly B keeping the chilled vibes boomin
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake 16 kun oldin
We'll comfortably beat Croatia.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 16 kun oldin
I know this is a lil racist but England should have the least amount of Caucasians as possible in their starting 11.
Mahad 16 kun oldin
I feel like England will stand a great chance of winning a major tournament trophy if they switched their genders and get a new identity since they have no testicles👍
Levent 16 kun oldin
@Mike Jones no goalie though :)
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 16 kun oldin
@Levent Saka, Mings, James, Walker, Mount, Grealish, Belingham, Sterling, Kane, Sancho
ontheslide 16 kun oldin
are you mad..? england haven't had a decent black player since ian wright...
Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
Quite right, not enough players from the Ivory Coast in that Starting 11...disgraceful.
Rheinhardt Graf von Thiesenhausen
That Fjord Hop guy smokes the fattest doobie before he comes on the air. He reminds me of the dude growing up like was like 30 and worked at radio shack or something and sold you weed when you were in High school. The hair is top class too.
Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
@Ali Babar He's meaning Jan Fjortoft.... But he makes a good point, Jan looks like a hippie 😁
Ali Babar
Ali Babar 16 kun oldin
Who is Fjord Hop?
Seid Abdi
Seid Abdi 16 kun oldin
He is the English ole PE teacher his tactics will cost him Did you see the austria game Last few minutes They were attacking them like a prime Brazil 2002 And Pickford nearly made mistake
Seid Abdi
Seid Abdi 15 kun oldin
@Ń he is the mr bottler
Sledge Hammer
Sledge Hammer 15 kun oldin
Ole had a lot of help from referees
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake 15 kun oldin
@Ń Doesn't mean alot we had a average season nothing more and it finished horribly
Ń 15 kun oldin
@Infinity Nexus Reviews cry
Infinity Nexus Reviews
Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts 16 kun oldin
Southgate is basically ole Southgate out
نسيم 16 kun oldin
Grealish needs to start every game
pcktlwyr 14 kun oldin
spends more time on the grass
ryan smith
ryan smith 15 kun oldin
Maybe rest him in the last group game if England are already safe.
Modern Soccer
Modern Soccer 16 kun oldin
Jesus Garibay
Jesus Garibay 16 kun oldin
@Clown better than u🤡🤡🤡
Clown 16 kun oldin
Better than Pessi
Justin N
Justin N 16 kun oldin
ESPN has nothing to talk about again. This is just friendly match, who care ? the manager just want test new players. His starting 11 already set since England played in qualifying rounds.
Muhd Nasir
Muhd Nasir 16 kun oldin
England is like MU. Anything involves this 2 teams will basically get lots of views. Lol.
Mar C.
Mar C. 16 kun oldin
People care because the euro's are coming up. You must be a genius
Connor Sarll
Connor Sarll 16 kun oldin
I reckon that England make it to the Quarterfinals IF they don’t face Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Italy or the Netherlands in the Round of 16
Daniel 16 kun oldin
Here comes the optimistic England fan who thinks we aren’t watching “the real England”
C C93
C C93 16 kun oldin
Huh? These are the games he’s supposed to be tuning his starting XI, getting them used to playing with each other before the actual tournament.
Nicolas Chirchir
Nicolas Chirchir 16 kun oldin
Stevie 🤣
TheImmaculateD 16 kun oldin
That was a dead game, but check that diff in coaching. Romania looked way more fluid just lacked quality.
Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
@Reuven Evreuklovic The friendly game was fixed?..... You been on the Spice mate?
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake 15 kun oldin
@TheImmaculateD Trash coaching by Southgate. We should've gotten Eddie Howe longtime
harrybishcrew 15 kun oldin
@TheImmaculateD well it has everything to with it. I'm saying changing ALL of your starting XI no matter what team you are you'll not be fluid at all and considering we are trying to make sure no more injuries occur we aren't going to attack fully either. Romanians XI and Austria's have all played together before, we haven't. Doesn't matter how good they are individually if all of your teammates have changed its going to be a lot harder
TheImmaculateD 15 kun oldin
@harrybishcrew it has nothing to do with that, we still had the better players but didn’t look fluid at all, going forward we looked in creative and lost. They created nothing.
harrybishcrew 16 kun oldin
Tbf tho we played non of our starting XI except perhaps grealish. Even if you are Man City and do this you'll probably be quite rusty and not at all cohesive. Not defending Gareth but wouldn't look too much in to this performance. I'm being positive and just think Gareth is trying to make sure no one else gets injured, he already knows his XI and the players probably have been told to conserve themselves for Croatia, even the subs. If you look at every other nation they seem to have done the same and had quite meh results
Delboy0 16 kun oldin
I just don't see the logic of playing players for two friendlies who are not even selected in the 26 Man squad. Maybe Southgate thinks not playing his strongest team will give his team more energy for euros and be a surprise for the opposition. But this was the same coach in nations league semifinals rested all his Liverpool and Spurs players for the Netherlands game, because they had just played the UCL final and said he wpild use them in final and they lost the game to Netherlands who played their Liverpool players who played in the same final and where at full strength. Southgate is still going to be England's biggest obstacle to getting far.
4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT.
@Nathan Stephenson any sensible or grown up adult knows you need Rashford out on the wings to help protect the full back like Mbappe did at the WC
Nathan Stephenson
Nathan Stephenson 15 kun oldin
@4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT. rashford 🤣🤣 na he needs to realise mount and foden need to be in the team and players such as sterling and and rashford should be no where near it
4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT.
@Kimmich The Warrior that's irrelevant
Penaldo the penalty merchant
@Kimmich The Warrior hes really salty 😭
Kimmich The Warrior
Kimmich The Warrior 16 kun oldin
@4th Genna - Rayan Cherki The GOAT. who has more wcs
kNT 16 kun oldin
I still don’t understand why is he our manager he hasn’t done nothing since he was appointed him and gus waist Coats need to go somewhere else
Clown 16 kun oldin
Everyone is better than finished club BarkaDogLona.
Ødegåård 92:48
Ødegåård 92:48 16 kun oldin
England aren’t winning s**t with this manager! Should’ve started the first XI 1 game before the Euro start.
Ady Booth
Ady Booth 16 kun oldin
Odengaard, for once i agree with you... well played
Clown 16 kun oldin
Everyone is better than finished club BarkaDogLona.
S.A. 16 kun oldin
Norway can’t even beat Greece. Chill out g. You’ve got to be in it to win it...
cartoon cartel
cartoon cartel 16 kun oldin
I liked the line up. But Grealish should start ahead of Mount still and Foden in place of Rashford. Its nice to see he didn't play a back three. Defensive Gareth!
harrybishcrew 15 kun oldin
@Infinity Nexus Reviews no creative players in Liverpool except for firmino, sane, salah, TAA & Andy Robertson. Liverpool had the best attacking trio in Europe. Also whose talking about not wanting a back 3, I know I don't but no one has mentioned this. So apart from all of your argument being wrong you make a very good point
Luxury World
Luxury World 15 kun oldin
@Infinity Nexus Reviews I think you should have some sleep!
Infinity Nexus Reviews
PROBLEM IS WITH YOU CASUAL FANS YOU THINK YOU NEED AMAZING ATTACKING TALENT AND SKILL TO WIN. Your the same people who thought when Liverpool sold Coutinho and don’t buy an attacking midfielder thought they’re done for..... Liverpool won a league and champions league with no creative player in midfield. And England have always struggled defensively so why not go with a back three ? Gareth has done more in football any of you casual fans
harrybishcrew 16 kun oldin
I agree Grealish should play but definitely mount too, mounts been unbelievable in past games for england(even better than Grealish at times) I'd be more likely to drop foden (I wouldn't drop him either tbh) but he normally hasn't shown up in an England shirt
Luxury World
Luxury World 16 kun oldin
Mount must always play...
Sihle Vilakazi
Sihle Vilakazi 16 kun oldin
Appreciation post for Dan 🔥 🔥
Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
@Ali Babar Couldn't have put it better myself. Greece have got the winners medals to prove it, Norway don't. This Odegaard clown's a troll and he needs to dry his eyes 😁
Nino 16 kun oldin
@Ødegåård 92:48 haaland can't score for Norway lmao
Ali Babar
Ali Babar 16 kun oldin
@Ødegåård 92:48 Greece have won Euro and Norway haven't won it.
Clown 16 kun oldin
Everyone is better than finished club BarkaDogLona.
Ødegåård 92:48
Ødegåård 92:48 16 kun oldin
Greece is lucky asf, We played much better than this small country.
M.I.X FCB 16 kun oldin
He doesn’t have a starting 11 lol
Don Romeo
Don Romeo 15 kun oldin
Exactly. When has he ever. Not so funny though, so I don't get the 'lol'
Rayyan Abedullaziz
Rayyan Abedullaziz 16 kun oldin
@Christiano Pulinaldo I'm the G.O.A.T and it's not even close.
Rayyan Abedullaziz
Rayyan Abedullaziz 16 kun oldin
@Sub if you hate TikTok Who the heck you?
Christiano Pulinaldo
@Rayyan Abedullaziz Not even close Mix best trio ever (formerly known as la barca) is the 🐐🐐
Sub if you hate TikTok
@Rayyan Abedullaziz who tf are you?
StormTech Entertainment
Germany is getting knocked out in the groups. You seen it here first.
Vict0r1984 13 kun oldin
@Ødegåård 92:48 That small country won a Euro dude, and their league constantly has Olympiacos in the Champions league and even far ahead in the Europa League knockout stages... If Greece is a small footballing nation, yours, Norway, is not even tiny but minuscule!
Shaun Coptcoat
Shaun Coptcoat 16 kun oldin
Ignoring the trolls, I think Germany come 3rd in their group but will qualify for knockout games under new rules
Mahad 16 kun oldin
4 of the best out of the 6 teams in 3rd will qualify for the knockout stages so I see all France, Portugal and Germany advancing to the knockout stages
Kimmich The Warrior
Kimmich The Warrior 16 kun oldin
@Christiano Pulinaldo you're mad because I expose penaldodog
Yusuf Fulat
Yusuf Fulat 16 kun oldin
If they finish 3rd they still have a chance... do you think germany will finish below Hungary lol...
Penaldo the penalty merchant
Italy vs France euro final 2021 🔥
Mahad 16 kun oldin
France vs Portugal euro final 2021🔥🔥🔥
RizWan Islam
RizWan Islam 16 kun oldin
If both italy france perform as expected they will face on the semis.
Penaldo the penalty merchant
@Ødegåård 92:48 who's your national team?
Antony Swift
Antony Swift 16 kun oldin
I've bet on both of them so hope your right haha
Miguel L
Miguel L 16 kun oldin
Italy v Spain
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