Does Gareth Southgate deserve to win Euro 2020 with England? | Extra Time | ESPN FC 

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ESPN FC's Stewart Robson, Alejandro Moreno and Steve Nicol join Dan Thomas to respond to viewers' questions in Extra Time.

0:00 What team is Robson most looking forward to watching at Euro 2020?
2:10 How far can Italy go at the Euros? Is this the best Azzurri squad Roberto Mancini could have selected?
2:48 If Chelsea or Manchester City were added as a team in Euro 2020, would they instantly be favorites to win?
5:48 Can Uruguay win Copa America if Edinson Cavani and Luis Suarez carry on the form from their club seasons?
7:20 Can Arsenal be considered a big club, given recent seasons and losing out on Norwich City star Emil Buendia to Aston Villa?
8:03 Have the guys ever been hit by an object thrown from the stands?
10:20 How do players wind down after a match like the USMNT's win over Mexico in the CONCACAF Nations League final?
10:58 What is the most emotional match the guys have been part of?

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7-Iyn, 2021



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English Survival Guide
The english press should stop overhyping the team after every hint of goodness or minute positive signs, only to chew them the very second things don't go the beatiful path, butterflies and all, that the media so eagerly painted before that.
Fmotl Green
Fmotl Green 3 kun oldin
His waistcoat is on too tight, must be cutting off oxygen from his lungs to what remains of his brain 🧠
Scaglieri102 4 kun oldin
Robbo can be quietly brutal sometimes.
Nahedh Siraj
Nahedh Siraj 5 kun oldin
Robbo is the man.
BDC 5 kun oldin
Doesn't need the background music, does it
bachajane logari
bachajane logari 7 kun oldin
No chance ❌❌❌
Ethan Robertson
Ethan Robertson 8 kun oldin
Robo is funny af
rollercoaster478 9 kun oldin
England did an amazing job getting to the semi finals in WC2018. They had a bit easier path though, but England could have won that match. And also don't underestimate Croatia, they really came back in the 2nd half.
Scaglieri102 10 kun oldin
This got to be the most bonehead question ever
DuderinoDeux 11 kun oldin
Crass stupidity to debate that. I think Roy Keane has a name for ESPN : CLOWNS.
Andy Carmichael
Andy Carmichael 12 kun oldin
Noone deserves to win anything.
Adam Gully
Adam Gully 12 kun oldin
You don’t DESERVE anything. You win or you don’t.
Johnathan Konandreas
Stevie at 5:48 lol
KS 12 kun oldin
The last two World Cups were fabulous. If England wins, I'm assuming Dan will change his mind.
Piyush Kumar Singh
Piyush Kumar Singh 13 kun oldin
Extra time is always good. Thanks Dan
Paolo bindini
Paolo bindini 13 kun oldin
Deserve? This is how sport journalists make their living.....
Brendan Walters
Brendan Walters 13 kun oldin
How can you deserve to win something? You either win or don't lol
pentz1 13 kun oldin
'How far out was the goal.' LOL! Nichol was like an assasin
Arthur Job Done
Arthur Job Done 13 kun oldin
no, not after his daft letter to England and slagging off fans for booing the BLM I want him sacked
Roy Smith
Roy Smith 13 kun oldin
I agree with Robbo's Southgate remarks.
gaurav Tailor
gaurav Tailor 13 kun oldin
Is it me only or Dan and others target robbo...
Marc Ba
Marc Ba 13 kun oldin
England hasn’t won anything since 1966 that explains why they are so negative about playing international competition, they already know they are gonna lose and they actually get sore before the competition, England is the definition of “sore loser” 😂
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos 13 kun oldin
What kind of question is that? He deserves it if he actually wins it, & he doesn't deserve if he doesn't! What was the point of this question?
kpopsauce 13 kun oldin
Lampard as manager >>> southgate
Steve Heckle
Steve Heckle 13 kun oldin
If ya win more games than anyone then yes.
Simon Oliver
Simon Oliver 13 kun oldin
Well what a ridiculously stupid question if you win it you deserve it correct me if I am wrong but a ball hasn't even been kicked yet ffs! I mean clearly france and Belgium are both better than England at this moment In time but Its actually refreshing to hear a pundit who isn't biased I ain't a fan of Stewart robson in general and I actually agree with him about southgate but nevertheless I really hope we are both wrong and will get behind him while he is the manager and then if it goes abysmally wrong we can all slate him and ridicule him after the event like the English media always do whatever happens it can't be as bad as Iceland tho Haha 😎😎
Rustee Trombone
Rustee Trombone 13 kun oldin
Southgate is the OLE of International managers - prove me wrong
cjewelz 13 kun oldin
Wow, I do not recall the last time I heard an Englishman say that they did not care whether England won or not. I agree that Southgate is not a very good tactician. He is a good company man, as most England coaches are.
Richard Cory
Richard Cory 13 kun oldin
Sorry, what's all this talk about England winning Euro 2020? Where has it come from? Have I missed something apart from "55 years of hurt"?
Colin Quigley
Colin Quigley 13 kun oldin
Agree with the egg head, Southgate Beige!
tristman 84
tristman 84 13 kun oldin
I understand why people hate ESPN now
Rav D
Rav D 13 kun oldin
Gareth Southgate...the embodiment of Excitement 🙄
Emperor Hakim IV
Emperor Hakim IV 13 kun oldin
People who don't get international fall, always seem to be people with shitty international teams.
Abderrahmane Djerourou
English people are endlessly hopeful with their national team. What makes you think theyre even close to winning it?!
Jay T
Jay T 13 kun oldin
I don’t understand this? No one deserves to win it without winning it
Zeci Adrianos
Zeci Adrianos 14 kun oldin
They have never won the European Champinship...enough said.
huey ho
huey ho 14 kun oldin
The grouchy beast culturally rejoice because pajama mechanically launch during a proud mailman. spiritual, noisy cloth
Clark Vent
Clark Vent 14 kun oldin
Well the fact he has told England fans to stuff it if they don't agree with kneeling for facists means we don't care anymore!
Ingo Gotico
Ingo Gotico 14 kun oldin
Ale 🤡
Fritz Disick
Fritz Disick 14 kun oldin
Basit Mojid
Basit Mojid 14 kun oldin
International football isn't about buying players with expensive paychecks. Money doesn't dictate the winners
Basit Mojid
Basit Mojid 14 kun oldin
North macidonia deserve to win Euro 2021
Basit Mojid
Basit Mojid 14 kun oldin
What's deserve gotta do with it
Maame K
Maame K 14 kun oldin
I like Robbo but I think he’s a bit crazy.
Dwayne Dwyer
Dwayne Dwyer 14 kun oldin
Robson has a sad existence
Burns Tennis
Burns Tennis 14 kun oldin
Stewart Robson's humour is dryer than a Martini :0
Aditya Raj
Aditya Raj 14 kun oldin
Awesome robbo! Southgate is bang mediocre
Richard Mell
Richard Mell 14 kun oldin
"Deserve's got nothing to do with it".William Munny played by Clint Eastwood.
Jeff Y
Jeff Y 14 kun oldin
He couldn’t win a prize in a Kinder egg
No more
No more 14 kun oldin
I hope England Lose .. bunch of woke tossers
Neo Dubz
Neo Dubz 14 kun oldin
Who ever wins it is the most deserving? Am I missing something?
Pedro Pierre
Pedro Pierre 14 kun oldin
ESPN bainting the comments, they know we will comment about the deserve comment.
AM Distant
AM Distant 14 kun oldin
Totally agree with the first set of comments. How Gareth Southgate got the England job is beyond me when he's won nothing at club level and in fact was an abject failure at club management.
joe harris
joe harris 14 kun oldin
Robbo is an odd bod.
Omar Luna
Omar Luna 14 kun oldin
This is a stupid question, why do ESPN give so much time to the England squad? Everyone knows they can only win if they play in wembley
RMC The Ramshackle Music Collective
Dan, please note it's 'mispronunciation', not 'mispronounciation'.
geoff harris
geoff harris 14 kun oldin
Southgate thinks getting to the semi' final will be a success. That shows the limit of his ambition.. He wants to be remembered as the one who ensured the boys took the knee. He thinks going WOKE is far more important doesn't he !
James 14 kun oldin
France is going to win The Euros
Daniel Daley
Daniel Daley 14 kun oldin
You don’t want England to win because you don’t like the coach? Where does ESPN gets these crackpot ex-players wannabe journalists from.
Dave Martin
Dave Martin 14 kun oldin
Who's here picturing Robbo's wife with green hair?
Harris Mazari
Harris Mazari 14 kun oldin
So many know it all commenters in the comment section telling us how "deserve" shouldn't be used. This is extra time, this literally is just a fun session. If it's not your thing don't watch it. No one is forcing you to watch it lol.
Harris Mazari
Harris Mazari 14 kun oldin
@Dark Genesis exactly
Dark Genesis
Dark Genesis 14 kun oldin
Common sense isn't common smh, the amount of comments whining is ridiculous
Wale S
Wale S 14 kun oldin
What is this commentator on about? The quality of international football is lacking compared to domestic football??? Speak for England only. England is poor in international competitions compared to the EPL but that's helped by intl players making it more exciting. Have you seen the late 90s/early 2000s Brazil? The 80s Argentina? Spain, Germany, France national teams? Just stop talking bs
James Palmer
James Palmer 14 kun oldin
These Euros will prove what I already know and what’s already being evidenced. Southgate was a bottler as a player and he’s a bottler of a manager and a bottler of a man. Won’t get out the group, you’ll see.
y1521t21b5 14 kun oldin
1:34 Is a dumb thing for a "smart" person to say...
Hallelujah 14 kun oldin
Ale Out Ale Out Ale Out
Max Fernandez
Max Fernandez 14 kun oldin
Where did Shaka go?
FrostySkywalker Outdoors
I agree international football is trash!
Beats by Tap
Beats by Tap 14 kun oldin
robbo seems in a great mood
Timmy Jordan
Timmy Jordan 14 kun oldin
England ain't going to win thou France will my team is Belgium but we can't win because of Kante
XhoowieX 14 kun oldin
Any top 4 club from the top 4 leagues (Spain, Italy, Germany, England, no France) would be the best team in the Euros.
Pugnator 14 kun oldin
Germany will have eight Bayern Munich players. This is almost the whole first team.
punit khatri
punit khatri 14 kun oldin
Sometimes the best part of my day is watching ESPN fc extra time. Dan and others always crack me up
Mike Carus
Mike Carus 14 kun oldin
Hope England lose every game from now on
Nuno 14 kun oldin
Dont know what Dan is on about when he says international football is not as qaulity and exciting, such rubbish. All the memorable goals, plays and skills are remembered in the world cup. The different styles teams play is exciting compared go generic club football tactics.
Old skies New world
Old skies New world 14 kun oldin
Not with a league 1 manager lol
andrea86 14 kun oldin
They don't have chances
Youtube channel
Youtube channel 14 kun oldin
I agree with Robbo, Southgate is a lightweight, fluffed a WC semi against Croatia and NL semi against Holland. 3/10 Not Good enough.
jamie426 Esgate
jamie426 Esgate 14 kun oldin
Too many on the panel
James Michaels
James Michaels 14 kun oldin
England has a good squad but a good mediocre XI
Seun T Reacts
Seun T Reacts 14 kun oldin
Year in year out, English media always feel they "deserve" to win 😂😂. With their basic players and average coach. Watch Belgium, France, Germany, or Portugal lift this thing once again.
zomgbat 14 kun oldin
English guy literrally just said they don't deserve to win lol
Bibito Mc
Bibito Mc 14 kun oldin
3 GUYS 1 MIC 14 kun oldin
jaime alarcon
jaime alarcon 14 kun oldin
cheslea should buy haaland and mbappe
Pugnator 14 kun oldin
Chelsea don't need Mbappé.
Leo T.
Leo T. 14 kun oldin
The coach winning the tournament deserves to win; that's it.
A M 14 kun oldin
Love Robbo bring him on more
Muhammad Saleem
Muhammad Saleem 14 kun oldin
Honestly. At least five managers deserve more than him. It's between France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
Ervis Cara
Ervis Cara 14 kun oldin
Southgate is not good, for this young talented England player, they need a better coach
Thanushka Anthony Silva
He'll not
LS15 14 kun oldin
Germany 7 - 1 Brazil was one of the best games I have ever watched.
the divergent
the divergent 14 kun oldin
Who cares ?
Alan Delo
Alan Delo 14 kun oldin
I absolutely agree with Rob spot on
Chia Kee Tong
Chia Kee Tong 14 kun oldin
At least Southgate can't get England relegated like Middlesbrough
Simon Oliver
Simon Oliver 13 kun oldin
Well you say that m8 but wouldn't the equivalent of being relegated with Middlesbrough regarding managing England would be not qualifying for the tournament which funnily enough one of southgate's predecessors steve McClaren actually did? I mean I am not the biggest fan of southgate but he ain't as bad as the Wally with the brolly is he m8 haha 😎😎
goku gohan
goku gohan 15 kun oldin
England talking about winning since ww2 😂 what a joke.
Tawonga Anthony Chenga
Lmao what sort of question is this
Cordy One
Cordy One 15 kun oldin
The smug, useful idiot deserves obscurity, maybe semiretirement with a Walkers contract.
Robi Huuh
Robi Huuh 15 kun oldin
France 🇫🇷 will win
XXX XXX 15 kun oldin
No chance for England. 🇨🇵⭐⭐ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💩
marco luca
marco luca 15 kun oldin
It's been decided everyone. Gareth Southgate deserves to win the euros. It would be disrespectful and unfair if all these other nations turn up to the tournament. They don't deserve it like Gareth does.
SirKnobofCheese 15 kun oldin
That is one of the must stupid things I've ever heard. If Gategate wins the Euros with England of course he deserves to win it. Very weird thing to say from Stewart Robson.
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall 15 kun oldin
Nobody 'deserves' to win.......whoever wins it has to earn that win 🙄
James Allen
James Allen 15 kun oldin
Yuk it up with stupid memes... whydoncha'?
shantydoctor 15 kun oldin
the DIFFERENCE is what makex it interesting
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