Craig Burley agrees to shave his head if Scotland wins the 2020 Euros | Extra Time | ESPN FC 

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Craig Burley agrees to shave his head if Scotland wins the 2020 Euros | Extra Time | ESPN FC
Shaka Hislop, Craig Burley and Alessandro Del Piero join Dan Thomas to respond to viewers' questions in Extra Time.
0:00 Are the Italians the most underrated side at the tournament?
2:54 Will the intensity and passion that Scotland brings against their fiercest rivals help them get out of the group stages?
4:26 Which national team gets your adrenaline pumping from a viewers POV?
7:30 How much money should viewers bet on Italy?
8:24 How do you think Keylor Navas will feel about the likely arrival of Gianluigi Donnarumma?
8:42 Can Craig shave his head if Scotland wins the 2020 Euros?

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10-Iyn, 2021



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VANGAURD GAMING 17 kun oldin
It's amazing when u know italy won the euros 😉😉
Bonie Khar Kongor
SHAKA : Modric is the best player in the world he is better than Messi and Ronaldo
Gbenro Oduyela
Consider his head shaved
Steelflex Oy oldin
His English is excellent, but he can’t put together a coherent thought.
Steelflex Oy oldin
Just about the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. I’ll shave my head, too. 😒
yeah right...
yeah right... Oy oldin
Egregiously ugly man offers to shave moderate amount of hair from head if end of times miracle occurs . Hardly news is it
Davide Serri
Davide Serri Oy oldin
Shaving head’s too easy. Hair can grow again. Remove an ear instead, if you’re brave.
S N Oy oldin
he plays football but he breathes soccer, what an idiot
Mills Vazquez
Mills Vazquez Oy oldin
The malicious class electronmicroscopically guide because trowel whitely cry but a actually dietician. dreary, measly nigeria
Eben Olemaun-Khan
wow del piero was not having it with dan!! ale we love it and yes we very much did wanna see your socks!!!
IamKing Oy oldin
Del Piero needs more English lessons
Joao Baptista
Joao Baptista Oy oldin
Italians are Very Passionate People when they speak its like they are singing
Moises Moncada
Love these pundits the banter is unreal😂
Aviral Chaudhry
He'd actually start looking good after that
Pablo Sosa
Pablo Sosa Oy oldin
Bro he could bet snipping his sac with scissors to add a WOW factor and still sleep well at night knowing that won't happen.
Christian Jae Actor
That's to easy of a bet... should be if they qualify from the group 💯
Andrew Ellis
Andrew Ellis Oy oldin
Dan is so funny 🤣
Music Man
Music Man Oy oldin
Wow, he’s taking a chance there. Not ! 😋 Why not shave your loaf if they win a GAME ?
Dave Mack
Dave Mack Oy oldin
Why not just support the team Craig rather than saying your going to shave your head. If we win do what we all will and wake up after a month of alcohal abuse......ya @$*#$ Moan the Scotland 🙂
So he’s not shaving his head
my name is none of your business
I LOVE ESPN for football analysis. Great to see they've got Del Piro (the name says it all, no need to go into the advantags) on board. Admittedly, ESPN is not Sky Sports, but considering it's FREE, it's still a good service. Keep up the good work.
my name is none of your business
I'll walk from London to Glasgow naked and back IF Scotland win Euros 2001!
NoComment Oy oldin
What a stupid bet. He should shave his head when Scotland beat England.
Sundjer Bob
Sundjer Bob Oy oldin
BahahahahaH Scotland!!! What ???
rahul chawla
rahul chawla Oy oldin
burnley is a clown..
Valerie Naidoo
Ask big mouth burley to run naked on the field....shaving one head is nothing.....selfless people do it every year for cancer.
OmniFoot T.V
OmniFoot T.V Oy oldin
Ale 10
Ananay Joshi
Ananay Joshi Oy oldin
Did the king of turin say soccer? 🥲🥲😭
R_8_p_h Oy oldin
England won a trophy when TV’s were black and white, defending was nonchalant and you had time and space for everything. Football wasn’t as technical, and most players in the tournament weren’t pro, facts. Why so much hype?
Techie Time With GD Three
Why is Craig even on this show any longer? He obviously does not give a toss
pabloalarroyo Oy oldin
Dan Thomas takes the Balon D'or for the most annoying sports show host by a clear margin.
Alex Oy oldin
Yeah right! Safe bet
Guillermo Hernandez
Dan got the cutest laugh no cap
Brian Wiraatmadja
Nice sofa set up
mixed-jam Oy oldin
Ugliest rug ever!!!!!
Luigi's TheBetterPlumber
"Can i see your socks?" "No you can't" 😂
Mark Liddell
Mark Liddell Oy oldin
It will be a Scotland Italy final .
Kento Sogalstar
'Love Alessandro Del Piero
Joe Fagersten
Joe Fagersten Oy oldin
This definitely has me supporting Scotland more than before!
Josh Stephens
Josh Stephens Oy oldin
Del Piero called it soccer. 🙄 I’ve heard enough
E.B Jombo
E.B Jombo Oy oldin
Sorry but Scotland ain't winning the Euros!
ATTRAYU Oy oldin
This shi looks epic. Finally a set that matches the class of dans ability to start a ruckus.
shaun karidza
shaun karidza Oy oldin
This is pointless because they’re obviously not going to . Should have said France
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez Oy oldin
I love these lads! And now I'm hoping Scotland wins so Craig can shave off his hair! Cheers Mate!!!!
Edo Mujezinovic OFTHECUFF
Keep Alessandro on
Edo Mujezinovic OFTHECUFF
Love the new set up, get some flowers on the table
Luca Boscia
Luca Boscia Oy oldin
del pieroooooo🤩🇮🇹
Essio Fuzulu
Essio Fuzulu Oy oldin
what a cringy extratime
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Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson Oy oldin
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Angela Thomas
Angela Thomas Oy oldin
His availability is on WhatsApp🖕
Angela Thomas
Angela Thomas Oy oldin
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Pinned by Cathrin Manning
I wanna Invest too, how do I get to Robert Donald ?
Pinned by Botezlive
Seen a lot of story about him, he must be honest and for people to talk this good about him
Arminiusz Mazowszanin
My favorite to win euro is italy. They look incredibly strong as a team.
Gonglinlung kamei
Jagdeep Singh
Jagdeep Singh Oy oldin
How brave. I'll also shave my head bald if Miss Universe goes out on a date with me.
The Bat
The Bat Oy oldin
Craig Burley you are a liar you did sing our national anthem there is loads of videos showing you did for example the opening game of the 98 world cup 🙄
Aj Stewart
Aj Stewart Oy oldin
Del Piero and everyone back in the studio great show !!
Sam D'Cruz
Sam D'Cruz Oy oldin
Cool. How did u manage to get Alex dale Peter on this?
Nigel Nyoni
Nigel Nyoni Oy oldin
Del Piero !
Eric Desmond
Eric Desmond Oy oldin
Del piero looks like Luis Figo.
Arron Whitcombe
the welsh national anthem is the best the crowd its like an organised choir 25,000 singing in unison
Nitro Nar
Nitro Nar Oy oldin
Happy to see you guys together 😄
Scottish Grumpster
Oh motherwell is wonderful its full of buckfast and well fans oh motherwell is wonderful
Scottish Grumpster
Craig and shaka look weird sitting in those hobbit chairs
Scottish Grumpster
Craig and shaka look weird sitting in those hobbit chairs
MrScopes Oy oldin
He will be sporting the Rapunzel look next season then
B RAW MEDIA Oy oldin
Take himself off the show would have been better . Only kidding
Karlo Galić
Karlo Galić Oy oldin
Scotland will finish 4th in the group, by far the worst team
jamitwitu Oy oldin
Can he get a tattoo also, they not winning
Naseer X
Naseer X Oy oldin
Love the setting. Glad the team is together again!
Sahil Basera
Sahil Basera Oy oldin
Endgame is the most ambitious crossover ever. The ESPN FC crew...
Richard Websell
Wales have by far the best anthem, we English get mugged off with that crappy drone we for some ason have to put up with despite it being the anthem of the UK, need to change it asap.
Fred Oy oldin
Oh no! Anyways
irfad basheer
irfad basheer Oy oldin
The motivation that scotland needs... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Solid Steel
Solid Steel Oy oldin
Its a rookie mistake to place the moderator of a panel setting in the middle
Fraser Oy oldin
I'd rather he agreed to take a vow of silence if Scotland don't win Euros.
MGE0007 Oy oldin
Craig has nothing to worry about…There is more chance of Leicester winning the Champions League than Scotland winning the 2020 Euros!!
Jim 83
Jim 83 Oy oldin
Uefa euro fantasy code for anyone that’s up for it 24FI3HKO01
Neil Oy oldin
Cmon. If Scotland get out of the group he should shave his head. Still no chance
Nilesh Tiwari
Nilesh Tiwari Oy oldin
Loris out of form pavad vrane harnadez doesn't have good season not a single in form CB to cover for vrane Benzema injured out of form Grizeman if kante failed to perform they will out soon. I think France will finish 3rd in the group.
Proteinhead92 Oy oldin
Del piero seems very chilled
Gordon Lynch
Gordon Lynch Oy oldin
When did they get ITALIA GOD on the books?!?! 😳♥️ Also, MON EH SCOTLAND!!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿💪😎
Gordon Lynch
Gordon Lynch Oy oldin
@Drew Branch baggio? 😉
Drew Branch
Drew Branch Oy oldin
Hang on mate,you know who they call the Devine one? A certain lad with a ponytail who also played for Juventus.
VBNS Oy oldin
Different setup...nice. :)
keshavan rks
keshavan rks Oy oldin
They are not winning 😂
TVfridge Oy oldin
weak bet
Nick Basden
Nick Basden Oy oldin
ESPN. This is great - you really don't need distracting music as well !! And yes it detracts rather than adds..
YouTube Smells
Bruh they were grilling del piero this episode 😭😭
Toosimoo Oy oldin
Don't worry, you'll be safe Craig.
EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup
Looks like we may see a shaved head then. Greece won years back, so Scotland can definitely win....
Paul Hart
Paul Hart Oy oldin
Should shave it off if they progress from the group and England don’t!
Prince Tebatso
Where's Don peeps. I need more Don in my life.
Prince Tebatso
He does live there but he's supposed to come over for the Euros
Fmoy84 Oy oldin
Think he lives in England..
Yusuf Cajee
Yusuf Cajee Oy oldin
How does the worst football journalist on the planet get so much attention? His opinion holds zero value!
derek hattingh
Guys got their vaccine🤣🤣🤣
Amol Bhatia
Amol Bhatia Oy oldin
What a brave bet from the utter moron
Craig Burley off 3 xanax
raunvivek Oy oldin
In Italy we breathe "Soccer" and then Air 😍
Tino Oy oldin
Whats up with background music??
BrummyGaming Oy oldin
The lads banter is next to none. . .even better when Gab is no-where to be seen. . Dude can't take a bit of friendly banter off the boys and ends up going as red as a tomato, Gab was the defo the kid who took the ball home !
Stop the bullying
england are bottlers. there is no to telling how they will play when they play scotland or czech. don't be surprised if they play terribly in those games. in englanfs group i can see everybody dropping points.
riser Oy oldin
That’d be peak
George Jr
George Jr Oy oldin
This is amazing the set up the people the conversation well done espn👏🏽
Ntando Dlamini
I have to give it to Dan - top tier broadcaster
Abhinav Lal
Abhinav Lal Oy oldin
Dan at this rate, won't leave anyone in studio. Or he won't be in studio. He is literally bullying others nowadays.🤣😂🤭
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