Christian Pulisic not involved enough for USMNT as a winger - Taylor Twellman | ESPN FC 

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Taylor Twellman joins Sebastian Salazar and Herculez Gomez on Futbol Americas to discuss the United States' 3-2 win vs. Mexico in the CONCACAF Nations League final.

0:00 Does Gregg Berhalter have his first marquee victory as USMNT head coach?
1:09 Does Christian Pulisic's winning goal and subsequent reaction show his desire to be the guy for the United States?
3:35 What to make of Pulisic's performance leading up to his title-winning penalty kick?
6:25 Is there a proper competition for the No. 1 goalkeeper job after Ethan Horvath's heroics in relief of Zack Steffen?
9:40 Has the USMNT overtaken Mexico as the best team in CONCACAF right now?


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8-Iyn, 2021



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Osvaldo Martinez
Osvaldo Martinez 4 kun oldin
This win helps cover up Belhalters terrible team formation. The reason why the MNT doesn’t own the possession more is because of that 4-3-3 he continues to play which forces pulisic and Reyna more on the wings and pushed Mckenie down instead of right in the middle. They should be playing a 4-4-2 with Pulisic and Mckenie in the middle (Pulisic will go on the attack and Mckenie will sit behind him as a ball distributor) and Reyna on top but will untimely move horizontally and play more of a CAM.
Julio Zaldivar
Julio Zaldivar 4 kun oldin
Congrats on winning a made up tournament 👏 ( friendly )
Andrew Cosman Nunez
Big talk coming from washed up players that barely saw international minutes
11 Yanks
11 Yanks 5 kun oldin
You cannot expect Gio and Pulisic to be fully effective when you don't have a dominant midfield. The constant use of Acosta, Yueill and Lletget created a situation where Pulisic and Gio had to come so deep to receive the ball because they knew their midfield could neither create nor destroy. We will not see the best of Gio or Puli until Berhalter learns how to put the right players in midfield that's a good balance between defense and attack and gets rid of useless connectors like Lletget, Acosta and Yueill.
Chelsea fan Reyes
Chelsea fan Reyes 6 kun oldin
Pulisic isn’t even USA best player…..
eehcruoc 7 kun oldin
The winger is usually the most peripheral player in the game, these guys don’t know ball
Chris Cole
Chris Cole 8 kun oldin
I swear Taylor lives off complaining about the USMNT 😂😂😂 …
tYtHePiE 905
tYtHePiE 905 8 kun oldin
I think Pulisic CF with Renya on RW and McKenzie on LW. 4-3-3
Alice Anastasia
Alice Anastasia 9 kun oldin
Omfg every time I see a video from this channel it’s always involving pulisic. Leave him alone !!!!
Eric Brady
Eric Brady 9 kun oldin
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theFANDOMrealm 10 kun oldin
I wish these people would stop talking to Taylor Twellman. What exactly did he do. If you didn't keep putting him on to give his opinion, no one would know who he is.
MicroSmokeSleet 10 kun oldin
Pulisic has the potential to be a Salah or a Messi type of winger that scores the ball. It’s just a matter of being used like one.
Dob Klzynskovik
Dob Klzynskovik 10 kun oldin
I disagree. If it hadn't been for a careless turnover in the back and Josh Sargeant not getting on the end of a good cross we would've beat them by 2 or 3 goals.
James Wolverton
James Wolverton 10 kun oldin
Imagine these two, nowhere near half Pulisic’s talent, criticizing our absolute best ever player, at 22 years old 🙄
rod 87
rod 87 9 kun oldin
He was a ghost on the field and rarely did anything during the run of play
Darger Family
Darger Family 10 kun oldin
Stop already. You all are sounding old and grumpy.
Pop Culture Theology
Why does he add a Hispanic accent to Dusseldorf, a german city?
Cigar Box Guitar
Cigar Box Guitar 11 kun oldin
As a Scottish expat who now supports the USMNT (and still Scotland of course) I am just so happy to see some genuine excitement about the US team and their prospects for the next world cup. Football is a game of passion and the USMNT can and will succeed if we can generate the passion to win from the fans. Go USMNT!
Ryan Porter
Ryan Porter 11 kun oldin
....Pulisic needs to be put in the center of the park and play through him, the more touches the better.
04Soccer Dad20
04Soccer Dad20 11 kun oldin
I'm really getting tired of ESPN and the way they just are over critical.
Andy Mullins
Andy Mullins 11 kun oldin
Twellman is part of U.S. soccer history and young guys today are standing on their shoulders. Having said that, he has no idea how much better these guys today are than he was. Pulisic can't and won't put this team on his shoulders. Some games will be Adams, some games Reyna, some games Aaronsen, some games Weah......it will be like that from here on out. He thinks Pulisic is an aberration. All of these guys are twice as good as Twellman
Roger Stephen Roth
Roger Stephen Roth 11 kun oldin
Christian Pulisic seems to be the best player the USA men's team has developed since Landon Donovan, Coby Jones, Clint Manthis, Tim Howard, Claudio Reyna, Alexi lalas. Overall there has been some improvements for the men's team.
Roger Stephen Roth
Roger Stephen Roth 11 kun oldin
My overall honest opinion is the USA men's national team has shown improvements over the past 30 years since 1990, despite the fact they tripped up and did not qualify for Russia 2018. Lets not forget that teams like Italy and Holland did not qualify either so great teams can also go through bad phases. Realistically I think they can qualify for Qatar 2022, but overall given how strong the competition is in the world right now I am not sure how far they would go. Perhaps they could surprise people, but overall it is making grounds.
Matthew Reynolds
Matthew Reynolds 11 kun oldin
Pulisic has the skill to be a top 5 all time USA field player. But it's not clear to me he has the skill to live up to the hype, or the expectations of fans that think he is already the clear #1 all time USA field player. Pulisic appears to have reached his peak of play, and it's... it's OK. He does not regularly take over games for Chelsea. He's a role player or a substitute on that team whose numbers are indicative of a marginal player. So it's unfair to expect him to dominate play at the international level. The truth is, he's not even the best player on the field for the USA right now. That would be Weston McKinnie. And 5 years from now he might not even be the 3rd best player on the team. So let's not keep asking why Pulisic is "under performing". He's only under performing the stupidly high expectations some people have of him. He's actually performing about as well as he has for Chelsea.
Matthew Reynolds
Matthew Reynolds 11 kun oldin
@stationkidd It's an unpopular take, but unlike you, I actually have an argument. And you have feelings that are hurt.
stationkidd 11 kun oldin
This is a horrible take
Steve Sport
Steve Sport 11 kun oldin
What is happening with US Football right now is more important than the world would ever realize. I still think Mexico if’s the team to beat in CONCACAF, however we finally have speed, some skill going forward, a serviceable (not spectacular defense) and most of all heart and desire. The US just needs to be less wasteful with possession.
Peter Tran
Peter Tran 11 kun oldin
Anyone who watched the whole game would say that the USA did not play well.
razik hickland
razik hickland 12 kun oldin
Says pulisic was quiet shows stats that he lead in almost all categories smh😑
causeitsthere 12 kun oldin
ummm im sorry but Pulisic won a champions league trophy, these two can just be jealous and be quite.
BETO 12 kun oldin
PULISIC could be involved in more one on one's and Johannsson needs to be called. The best striker for US. He still the most complete striker we have.
Sala Mence
Sala Mence 12 kun oldin
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Derek Romanek
Derek Romanek 12 kun oldin
Taylor Terribleman he’s trash. His takers are garbage. His commentary is bias and he’s not professional and doesn’t prepare.
Matthew Peterson
Matthew Peterson 12 kun oldin
I don’t know why they keep saying Stefan can play with his feet well. He takes forever to play the ball and often times turns it over. Horvath has been better out of the back
Tobias Estes
Tobias Estes 12 kun oldin
Gio is the better player. Weston is the better player. Y’all just want to elevate Pullisic
Pikachu uprising
Pikachu uprising 12 kun oldin
I still think Weston should be captain.
haruhoboi 12 kun oldin
USMNT need a good holding midfielders to make use of pulisic and reyna running inbetween defenders. They gave way to much ball away midfield during the finals.
Kendra Deuker
Kendra Deuker 12 kun oldin
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stationkidd 13 kun oldin
Taylor might be on to something when he talked about Pulisic’s role. For the USMNT, he has looked much better playing centrally than playing out wide. Which is weird because at Chelsea some of his best games were on the left wing. Since playing as a winger for the USMNT he score 3 goals which were all penalties and no assists. However when he’s playing in midfield(10 role) he scored 4 goals and 3 assists. It makes me wonder what his best role is for this team.
tripperdelaluna1 13 kun oldin
Horvath is the better of the two - always has been pound for pound. I love Steffan. He's quick and athletic with a flair for the dramatic. I just don't like to see this from a GK - some of his best saves are from his own mistakes. Horvath has more CL experience and was unlucky to see Brugge pick up Mignolet. It boils down to Berhalter feeling more comfortable with Steffan because they worked together at Columbus Crew.
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 13 kun oldin
Adams at full health will help a lot
Bikal Paudel
Bikal Paudel 13 kun oldin
Please listen to the fans and get a new coach. These coaches will ruin our chance with the best players we’ve ever had
Cesar Hernandez
Cesar Hernandez 13 kun oldin
I wanna see these guys go to San Pedro Sula and pull it off, then I'll believe it
Raheim Jones
Raheim Jones 13 kun oldin
Taylor Twellman does a great job of speaking a lot but really not saying much 😂
Christian S
Christian S 13 kun oldin
The only hero of USA was the sub Gk, I’m bummed Mexico lost but not bummed it was to that amazing GK seriously did you see him? Gk alone cast a shadow on pulisic and dest. Also Reyna is bigger than pulisic, he proved it in this game. Seriously why aren’t they talking about the Sub GK E. Horvath dude was a wall, that’s who the USA should be praising not wanker pulisic, or “need to join a big club to be recognized dest”.
Anthony santiago
Anthony santiago 13 kun oldin
Donovan no where near as good 😂 bro he is young already won a concaf and champions league 😂
Anthony santiago
Anthony santiago 13 kun oldin
Just pure hate from the us because he doesn’t play In the MLS
dopfehe nuhamgut
dopfehe nuhamgut 13 kun oldin
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Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia 13 kun oldin
That’s the same cockiness that prevented the US from qualifying to the last World Cup same will happen this next World Cup.
Todd Turner
Todd Turner 13 kun oldin
Mexico Bracketed him they had 4 player squaring him, the need to move him around to either get in space or draw defenders for other player.
Big Wave
Big Wave 13 kun oldin
Why does it have to be all about Pulisic? If this team will succeed, it needs more than focus on one talented guy. There are a few exceptions, but successful national teams are about the 11 and subs.
SA Preps
SA Preps 13 kun oldin
Taylor is not wrong. Really coming around on Taylor. He is becoming our best analyst we have in the United States.
Anything Fifa
Anything Fifa 13 kun oldin
How is Diego lainez not being talked about ???
Anything Fifa
Anything Fifa 11 kun oldin
@Darth Vader I said the same thing to a friend, I promise you I'm not exaggerating this kid will be one of the greatest players this generation.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 12 kun oldin
Dude looked like Messi lol
Andrew Patino
Andrew Patino 13 kun oldin
Pulisic is maybe the 3rd best player on that team.
Picho 555
Picho 555 13 kun oldin
Do you have to be anorexic to be a commentator on this show?
NITESHADOWshouske 13 kun oldin
Taylor Twellman, the joke of the of football analysts.
The Dog Roof
The Dog Roof 13 kun oldin
It cant be just because these players play in europe. To be a good team u have to be in form. Some of these players arent even in form
Ad Tastic
Ad Tastic 13 kun oldin
Pfft... Mo Salah's a winger, so is Messi, Neymar, Arjen Robben and Kevin De Bruyne. Front 3 system gives plenty opportunity for wingers to score goals and settle games.
rick green
rick green 13 kun oldin
Mexico fans arrested in connection with Saturday’s game were: Pablo Ibarra Fuentes, 30, Isaac Ramirez, 21, Nicholas Sellers, 32, Marilu Carrizosa, 46, and Baltazar Ramirez Rodriguez, 28. PERMANENTLY BAN THESE "PEOPLE" FOR LIFE FROM ALL FIBA EVENTS. @/threeyearbanonattendenceforl3homegames
Tai Huynh
Tai Huynh 13 kun oldin
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Jordyn Cobb
Jordyn Cobb 13 kun oldin
This dude just has nothing else to do in his life so he beats down other people lol
Anne 14 kun oldin
They need international coach
Outta Savageboy
Outta Savageboy 14 kun oldin
Honestly I’m not worried about the US team n Mexican fans aren’t either. I don’t even think most of the Mexican played are worried. You can see it the match the US victory is a lie Mexico dominated n should have score 3 more goals don’t blind yourself USMNT players little down once they face Mexico n you saw it here I could only name 2 that didn’t little down n that was Reyna n mckennie. Mexico is always gonna be better because we have natural talent n it’s part of the Mexican culture. Plus have y’all not seen the amount of talent(u20) that’s playing first min games.
Joseph Resse
Joseph Resse 14 kun oldin
Hercules Gomes was trash player
LightSound Geometry
LightSound Geometry 14 kun oldin
Berhalter needs to go
TomWatsonB1 14 kun oldin
Not sure Berhalter is going to get the best out of these players.
Gustavo Cervantes
Gustavo Cervantes 14 kun oldin
From a mexico fan born and raised. My respect to pulisic he cares. Arriba las Aguilas de America
Ernest Trejo
Ernest Trejo 14 kun oldin
I forgot he was playing until he scored
richard grace
richard grace 14 kun oldin
He was directly involved in 5 out of 7 of the usmnt shots on target.... but ok lmfao...and isn't his fault the midfield is complete garbage and he had to drop deep into it in order to get the ball and try to create
Rowan Hicks
Rowan Hicks 14 kun oldin
I don’t mean to sound like an idiot because I never paid attention, but what was wrong with Klinsmann?
randy torres
randy torres 14 kun oldin
Best two things Pulisic did were the penalty and trolling Mexican fans. Nice kid, good player, but definitely overhyped. So far, at Dortmund and Chelsea he's nothing more than a 45 minute player. In the Champion's League final, he played for a huge 25 minutes...
twoheadedboy 14 kun oldin
Berhalter needs to be responsible for the tactics. That left side was a mess. Pulisic and Dest were not used well in that formation. Pulisic was clutch when needed. Taking a penalty in that situation is way tougher than thinks. I never listen to what Taylor Twellman says.
Zach Harrison
Zach Harrison 14 kun oldin
"Pulisic not involved enough. Should he leave Chelsea?"
afaruqi 14 kun oldin
Love the American hype for an average "soccer" team.
Joseph Lopez
Joseph Lopez 12 kun oldin
@afaruqi to your point, we are an average team because we have an average coach with no international experience. It took over one year to find a coach and they pick a guy from MLS. We are wasting our talent because the US Soccer Federation are complete morons and believe money buys everything. The biggest issue is the Federation..forget the team
F1sker_ Karma
F1sker_ Karma 14 kun oldin
We will take average.
Benito Lopez
Benito Lopez 14 kun oldin
I Love you ❤️ Christian Pulisic 🤩🤩🤩🤩😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩⚽️🏆🥇
Carlos De La Cerda
Carlos De La Cerda 14 kun oldin
It's OK to call it soccer guys. Soccer Americas has a better, original ring to it.
Still Nature
Still Nature 14 kun oldin
The US midfield was non existent. If you need Pulisic to perform better he will need someone to win the ball in midfield.
KoG Productions
KoG Productions 14 kun oldin
Once again, Twellman has no clue what he’s talking about.
JordanKnowsWell 14 kun oldin
There's no point in sending your players to Europe when you employ a coach with no European experience, wake up before you waste a generation. Jurgen really worked wonders in the US
JordanKnowsWell 13 kun oldin
@Michael Stein Oh yeah Sweden... The absolute pinical of European football lol
Michael Stein
Michael Stein 13 kun oldin
Gregg coached in Sweden and played in Europe for many years, but I get your point.
Devin Billings
Devin Billings 14 kun oldin
Pulisic has proven himself on a world stage. Berhalter hasn’t. Case closed.
Jettplayzgames 14 kun oldin
7:44 expect Horvath to get more playing time after that performance, whether for Club Brugge or somewhere else
Jettplayzgames 14 kun oldin
Saying it’s Pulisic’s team is a bit of a stretch. McKennie was super impressive throughout while CP was rather quiet for long stretches.
IndyHulkSlamBam 14 kun oldin
Can someone explain me why Twellman has a job? I just don't get him at all. One of the worst color guys on MLS
3dgar419 14 kun oldin
Get a top tier coach and see what he does with them
chamberlain wonder
chamberlain wonder 14 kun oldin
Let me say this tailor, that united states mexico was brutal than UEFA. U saw that fight in that game last time too, do u?
chamberlain wonder
chamberlain wonder 14 kun oldin
Tailor go on with that cause is not right..u gara give pullistic huge credit for a job well done. Do u know how a person body can get so sore after UEFA champions hip still he won concaf championship on top of that.
JohneeFizter Bottom
JohneeFizter Bottom 14 kun oldin
Let’s see what happens in the World Cup. Too much hype.. 🥸🥸
Jonathan Saunders
Jonathan Saunders 14 kun oldin
Americans have lost objectivity...pulicic is not the player you think he is yet, and may never be...people forget he was on the bench when he left Dortmund...he was hyped for the same reason they wanted the super league...the money in europe is dried up, the opportunities for growth are in america and asia...he was hyped to influence the nbc, peacock , and paramount tv deals, and fan growth in america...his rise at chelsea is more a business decision than football one...and I like the kid but pump the brakes this team was beaten statistically by a mexico team without jiminez, chicharito, and vela...they relied on a couple VAR saves, lucky rebound tap in, a soft penalty, and a mexico choke...dest, reyna, pulicic, and even mckennie didn't look like guys who play top flight football every week...i was surprised...sargeant was busy but looked out of his depth...the big CB maybe a physical prototype for the position, but was making all types of suspect decisions out there football IQ wise...that defense was beyond porous...your average 1st string WC qualifying club would have put in 7 easy.... then you complain that football doesn't attract the best athletes in america from the other sports, but then you don't utilize them and waste them anyway with antiquated views of the game and tactics...football is not like other american metric driven sports...you can dominate every metric and lose 2-0...football outcomes come down to a handful of moments...a moment of brilliance on offense, a moment of mental lapse on defense, or a moment of intervention by the referee (correctly or incorrectly)...pace, power, and athleticism are the equalizers against superior skill and experience... because they impact the number of opportunities for those moments to occur through shock induction....the game clearly completely changed when weah and pefok came on...this was immediately evident by the increased creation of set pieces, hold up play, and aerial dominance...but these guys are on the bench?...weah just won ligue 1 over mbappe and neymar led star studded PSG!...might as well of played for Liberia or Jamaica pulicic runnin around like ronaldo celebrating being bailed out by the referee because of lack of quality in the box...penalties are converted historically around 83% of the time, not really difficult...NBA free throws are only 72%,...do you see people runnin around ripping off their shirts and doin knee slides when they make a free throw?...coming out of the 2nd weakest federation in fifa...hundreds of millions of people and tens of millions of dollars going against tiny caribbean islands and little central american countries?...the only thing remotely resembling competition should be mexico and canada...and Mexico is talking about moving to conmebol to make it even easier for you...the reality is this team has a long way to go to even guarantee that every four years...first thing america needs to do is develop an actual football culture and style of play of their own
Stephen Rogoff
Stephen Rogoff 14 kun oldin
Nobody expected........weeeeeellllllll.
Saul Aguilar
Saul Aguilar 14 kun oldin
Taylor twellman is a hater, he just hates on the national team cuz he never has the same career as them. He was a below average forward
dmoney668 14 kun oldin
Not Pulisic's fault it's BERHALTER. Playing UP the middle, leaving Musah and Weah on bench. Nonsense. Put CP in cm
Steven 9 kun oldin
Good except out Reyna in the middle. He did have a few shaky outings with us, but ultimately he is bigger and stronger than CP and CP can use his speed on the wing.
Bobbytheman98 14 kun oldin
Aye Taylor, you still hiding from Altidore
Stephan Mayala-Tamba
This guy should stfu
Tyler Doosen
Tyler Doosen 14 kun oldin
Make dest a winger and yedlin rb. Problem solved and problems created for the opponent.
I A 14 kun oldin
@fallenphoenix No, you're right. I learned that he tried for that position at Ajax, but wasn't very good at it. Although it said that he played right attacking mid in 7 appearances at Ajax.
fallenphoenix 14 kun oldin
Dest is not a winger. It wouldn’t work. He is a Right-Wingback but not a winger.
I A 14 kun oldin
I agree. Dest's hero is Ronaldinho, and even though he has to play right back at Barca, I think his heart is more set in an attacking role in the national team, and he also played winger at Ajax, I believe. Yedlin isn't a world class rb, but he is consistent enough and more than fast enough.
Immortalsidathara29 14 kun oldin
Reyna and McKinney are great!. Pulisic gets marked alot.
Steven Fernandes
Steven Fernandes 14 kun oldin
This is just south America. For the rookies. World cup is were u need to prove that your legit.
I A 14 kun oldin
@Steven Fernandes Ya, I know. But as far as morale for the mens' national team, I'm sure it helps just a bit going into WC qualifiers. I wish the USMNT could participate again in the Copa America, just like 2016 cause those competitions could really help sharpen the team, playing against countries like Argentina, Chile, Brazil. Higuain said it would be better if the countries in the Americas had something similar to the Euros.
Steven Fernandes
Steven Fernandes 14 kun oldin
@I A that cup is a joke. The rest of the world doesnt really care about that cup.
I A 14 kun oldin
South America? Why are we playing south American teams?
jaime payes
jaime payes 14 kun oldin
Taylor Twellman is an idiot...
Eli Chavez
Eli Chavez 14 kun oldin
As a Chelsea fan, Weston McKennie is my favorite U.S. player. He’s so underrated. He’s unbelievable and what character he showed against Mexico.
M City
M City 14 kun oldin
We need a higher level national coach!
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 14 kun oldin
Does Seb even know the rules? You can’t trip someone with your opposite leg because the other leg gets the ball first. That’s just a penalty
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 11 kun oldin
Wrong, if you trip someone using your opposite leg just to get to the ball first it's a penalty.
El Malo
El Malo 14 kun oldin
When the Ball Is touched "first" whatever contact that comes later wont be considered much, look It Up.
zachary kauffman
zachary kauffman 14 kun oldin
He should be a mid or striker
Broken Mafu
Broken Mafu 14 kun oldin
Tyler Adams Johnny soccer Cade Cowell will fix this issue once they're on the first team or in Adam's case healthy
Street Gato
Street Gato 14 kun oldin
Pulisic made those well-placed corner kicks that found McKennie several times that led to those goals
Dob Klzynskovik
Dob Klzynskovik 10 kun oldin
He also drew and converted the PK.
Franchize Tribe
Franchize Tribe 11 kun oldin
@Walter Amorim thx bro 😎 💯
Walter Amorim
Walter Amorim 11 kun oldin
@Franchize Tribe I always see ur comments about the USMNT around. U totally right! I liked ur comparisons and it correctly fits with what is happening so on.
Ric Legend
Ric Legend 11 kun oldin
Before he always using Acosta and Lleget for the corner kicks and nothing was happening till they stopped taking the corner kicks
Aaron David
Aaron David 12 kun oldin
@IndyHulkSlamBam I honestly forgot it.
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