Obuna 1.1 mln
Go FISH Global
Go FISH Global 5 soat oldin
Atlanta United...we need to get the players that our coach needs to carry out his plan. That was what we did For Tata.
More Monilyth
More Monilyth 5 soat oldin
mount for who? bruno? is he being serious lol
Peter Helmore
Peter Helmore 5 soat oldin
stevie , what about liverpools team ???????? MMMMMMM
Eric Chudyk
Eric Chudyk 5 soat oldin
Not impressed this should be the minimum expectation even if it’s our c team
Ketan Pagar
Ketan Pagar 5 soat oldin
Respect for Stevie for saying its not coming home 📈📈📈
NAPALM 5 soat oldin
💩 /// Gareth Southgate wanted black players to shoot the winning penalty /// 💩
Takua Ben dvarim
Takua Ben dvarim 5 soat oldin
Messi breathes = OH YEAH LET S GIVE HIM A BALON D OR 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 your bias is sooo disgusting
Wasif .Islam
Wasif .Islam 5 soat oldin
Prime Messi was the type finisher who could score 4 or 5 different kind of goals from the same position. He was the ultimate footballer. The guy with pace, dribbling, ball control, finishing. Scoring a goal was easier for prime Messi than prime Ronaldo. That’s why you saw prime see scoring over 90 goals in a year, which prime Ronaldo with all his skills could not do. Because prime Messi was a freak in football and prime Ronaldo was just the best human striker of all time.
c. l.
c. l. 5 soat oldin
why can’t they call him ole?
IT and Coding Made Easy
The truth is, he was brought to win the UCL....which hasn't happened ..they ve been winning the scudeto for 8years + B4 he came
niclas lindman
niclas lindman 5 soat oldin
Sweden win 🏅🏆🇸🇪
IT and Coding Made Easy
It's obvious he wants him to track back more ....let's call a spade a spade .
IT and Coding Made Easy
It's obvious he wants him to track back more ....let's call a spade a spade .
vicosea 5 soat oldin
English defenders and players in general are known to be very expensive for no apparent reason
niclas lindman
niclas lindman 6 soat oldin
Sweden win 🏅🏆🇸🇪
niclas lindman
niclas lindman 6 soat oldin
Sweden best Them in Final 🇸🇪🏆🏅
Visca El Barca
Visca El Barca 6 soat oldin
Fck Guillem Balague.
Akshay Padmashali
Akshay Padmashali 6 soat oldin
He looks like a pissed off baby.
Layla 6 soat oldin
Van Persie has better goals did it for club and country and the golden boots
Cesar E
Cesar E 6 soat oldin
I think Concacaf and Conmebol should combine. Let the best teams from all America represent in the world cup.
niclas lindman
niclas lindman 6 soat oldin
Sweden win Olympic 🏅🏆🇸🇪
Charlie Warren
Charlie Warren 6 soat oldin
This guy screams ‘I only watch the English leagues’
Layla 6 soat oldin
Americans are the only ones that trash talk. Are players supposed to say yeah the opposition will beat us? How can players not have confidence in themselves. Are the uswnt the only team allowed to have confidence that they’ll win every game. America are very lucky they won
AR 6 soat oldin
i hate this obsession with hazard, there’s no way he’s the worst transfer, especially when you look to Barcelona with pjanic, griezman, dembelle, coutiniho and briathwaite
Chris Ward
Chris Ward 6 soat oldin
Considering we won the champions league, and united couldn't even win europa league, hahaha, our whole team is better than there's! That's facts.
Gabriel Baller
Gabriel Baller 6 soat oldin
Canada Ladies beating brazil is not a upset. they usually draw vs eachother in general.
Daniel Semhan
Daniel Semhan 6 soat oldin
Boca junior vs River plate.
United84 6 soat oldin
The squads are very even. The only ones I’d say for sure is Kante. Chelsea would probably not take many of Uniteds either. Tuchel would be the best signing from Chelsea tbh
Necmuck 04
Necmuck 04 6 soat oldin
After reading these comments I feel like I have missed something regarding the US team
Tyler Tin
Tyler Tin 6 soat oldin
kovacic over MU Pogba but not France Pogba
Viktor Hellström
Viktor Hellström 6 soat oldin
Chelsea won Champions league and Utd nothing.
Moojik Muzik
Moojik Muzik 6 soat oldin
Father Steve Nicol looks ready to take confessions…where’s Sid when we need him??!!
Tharcisse 6 soat oldin
They should've at least mentioned Thiago Silva. I think he definitely makes the Utd lineup in a CL Final.
Noor Bashit
Noor Bashit 6 soat oldin
Jorginho was not even the best player in chelsea or in italy he was not the best player in ucl chelsea won kante was he was not best player in euro’s so how the f are ppl even talking abaout him winning the bollondor😂😂😂😂
Alex Benoit
Alex Benoit 6 soat oldin
Craig and Steve is worst host and nasty man
Marcus Trashford
Marcus Trashford 6 soat oldin
Remainder : Man utd are the Europe League LOSERS dont ever forgot that people
Paul Nakitare
Paul Nakitare 6 soat oldin
Man are punks😂😂😂
Marcus Trashford
Marcus Trashford 6 soat oldin
Remainder : Man utd are the Europe League LOSERS dont ever forgot that people
Nilova Achumi
Nilova Achumi 6 soat oldin
Messi is no doubt(absolute GOAT) far better then Maradona or pele, the world cup is not an individual sport anyway.
Marcus Trashford
Marcus Trashford 6 soat oldin
Remainder : Man utd are the Europe League LOSERS dont ever forgot that people
Marcus Trashford
Marcus Trashford 6 soat oldin
Remainder : Man utd are the Europe League LOSERS dont ever forgot that people
Michele 6 soat oldin
Nobody wants the 37 years old Ronaldo now so he had not any offer from any team...so he is forced to stay at Juventus...despite Allegri too doesn't want him
Vikas Hakda
Vikas Hakda 6 soat oldin
Except Kante no one is getting into this Man u team 😉 shut dafuq up Steve
Vilhelm Thomsen
Vilhelm Thomsen 6 soat oldin
Ronaldo showed us all (Im not really a big fan, but) at the Euros, that he is still the best 36 years old. He is worthy of (more) RESPECT!
Kaii Kaii
Kaii Kaii 6 soat oldin
Pele garrincha Ronald Romario rivaldo Ronaldinho roberto Carlos cafu
Callum Walmsley
Callum Walmsley 6 soat oldin
Finding myself watching ESPN less an less. They need quality pundits an out with the old and out of touch pundits. It needs a change
Kendog Weis
Kendog Weis 6 soat oldin
Should have waited to write that book... Would have had something to really cry about barney
Dev Gupta
Dev Gupta 6 soat oldin
So basically Allegri has said what is already known. He is just a goalscorer.
Bob Radford
Bob Radford 6 soat oldin
The real question is what sane manager in the world would leave out Grealish and Foden our two most creative players in the modern British football era. If only Pep were in charge, he would have played them both and we would have easily won it, but instead we are stuck with a conservative lefty woke manager who is more interested in our players kneeling than winning.
Kendog Weis
Kendog Weis 6 soat oldin
It came from a purple hair bigot
pbaylis1 6 soat oldin
Don't even call them the "Stars and Stripes"
Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby 7 soat oldin
This aged well
Lucas Sanchez
Lucas Sanchez 7 soat oldin
Silva, Jorginho mendy, James that’s it
Cyan Phoenix
Cyan Phoenix 7 soat oldin
Everyone has their goat and yet none are truly the goat. Most are just forcing their choices/opinions in hopes it will become an universal fact....tsssss
Bob Radford
Bob Radford 7 soat oldin
he is a 70s and 8os throw back to the Italian defensive thugs like Gentile and Tardelli they had back then. Very little ability but elbows and shirt pullers. Chiellini is no different.
Nyana nyana spice
Nyana nyana spice 7 soat oldin
I'll tell u what's stopping him from winning a ballon d'or. Its Barca. If messi doesn't play from the start of the season to December then lewa will continue scoring and messi would finish like 3rd. Remember messi is still not in a team and if barca don't sign him then he wont play any football and not win any award. Lewa would take it instead. But for now it has to be messi
Bob Radford
Bob Radford 7 soat oldin
Liverpool are a spent force. They scrapped into the Champions League only because Leicester lost their bottle again in the last stages of the league season. They may finish 5th or 6th this season at most.
Benj James
Benj James 7 soat oldin
I personally feel van persie had much more to his game
Tunde Adegbola
Tunde Adegbola 7 soat oldin
Foul! Messi cheated at the beginning with the handball. 😂😂 From a Ronaldo fan. 😂😂
JK WM 7 soat oldin
I bet those who says Messi isn't the G.O.A.T haven't seen any of the his matches or doesn't know about football..
nigel duckworth
nigel duckworth 7 soat oldin
David Silva did not get in the team either when he first joined City. Too small and not robust enough for the Premiership!! Kane is more important than Grealish. Haarland would be cheaper and is much younger. Unfortunately, Dias kept Haarland quiet during the 2 legs v Dortmund.
Carl T
Carl T 7 soat oldin
Averse Pepper70
Averse Pepper70 7 soat oldin
As a revs fan we’re doing fine even after that. We’re still on top the east in the mls.
Mohammad Mortoja
Mohammad Mortoja 7 soat oldin
It's ridiculous choosing Cavani over Harvetz!
K.S.M 8 soat oldin
Pique : 100%
Vik Sandhu
Vik Sandhu 8 soat oldin
Aubameyang was one of Europe's top strikers, but moved on too late in his career and ended up at a second-rate Arsenal side. Kane has just turned 28, and if he doesn't agitate for a move this summer, he's in danger of also making a similar move when he's 29 or 30.
K.S.M 8 soat oldin
Kadiatou Guirassy8422
Nonsense! Messi couldn’t do what Pele did. 3 World Cup.